Dodgers: The Three Options for Matt Kemp and What Each Mean


The Dodgers front bureau repelled a ball universe when they traded divided 3 of their many unwieldy contracts, along with Charlie Culberson, in sell for Matt Kemp.

The idea was transparent in that a group wanted to giveaway income to move them next a oppulance taxation for a initial time in years. In doing so, Kemp was a name that they would get behind and, during a time, Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi had no goal of gripping a former Dodger super-star.

Almost dual weeks after that trade was made, Kemp is still on a Dodgers’ register and with a approach things have made adult so far, he will not be relocating anytime soon. The trade marketplace for Kemp is predictably tiny if not self-existent though it stays that a Dodgers would like to trade him.

Whether a trade is in a cards or not, a Dodgers unequivocally have 3 options when traffic with Matt Kemp and they are as follows: trade, DFA, or only keep him. All 3 of these choices have their pros and cons and we will be closely examining any of a three.

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