Dodgers: Possible Trade Destinations for Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp is a Dodger again, for now during least. As shortly as a former Dodger all-star was re-acquired in a trade with a Braves, Andrew Friedman attempted to pierce Kemp and as most of his agreement as possible. Here are a few teams that could be meddlesome in acquired Matt Kemp.

The strange understanding that sent Kemp to a Padres left a fan bottom separate on a preference to pierce a actor who they’ve seen grow into someone who should have won a MVP in 2011. Now we are in a same predicament, half of a fan bottom wants him to stay, and half wish him gone. It looks like a latter will expected be a ones that are happy with a outcome.

Clubhouse cancer, diva, damage disposed and defensive guilt are a phrases many complete when they consider of Matt Kemp. However, teams will be happy to demeanour over all of that as prolonged as he keeps doing what he does best. Hit a cover off a ball. His offense alone will get teams meddlesome in Matt Kemp during a right price.

Getting teams to punch on Kemp will take some convincing, though luckily a Dodgers have one of a best in a business, Andrew Friedman. He will expected get moved, and if he isn’t traded, it is tough to suppose him personification for a Dodgers again. So rather than recover him for zero they should get on a phone and start their sales representation to hostile teams.

When picking adult that phone, a initial call should be to an in-state team. The Oakland Athletics. A group scandalous for holding flyers on a actor that is aging, and nearby a finish of his career. The usually problem with traffic with this group is a volume of Kemp’s agreement a Dodgers will have to eat.

But even if a Dodgers can do this it will be improved than releasing him. This pierce would give them during slightest some assistance with staying underneath a oppulance tax, even if that assistance is minimal. Something is improved than nothing. This understanding would expected embody a actor to be named after and money considerations returning to a Dodgers for Kemp and cash.

Another group that could be a fit would be a Philadelphia Phillies. A group that has been bad these final few years, finally have some immature pieces to build around. They could use a maestro to play in one of a dilemma outfield spots. With a merger of Carlos Santana, Rhys Hoskins will be in a other dilemma outfield mark and Odubel Herrera will be personification core field.

Considering how inexpensive their register is since a lot of them are still on their strange deals, a Phillies would be means to take on some-more of Kemp’s Contract than a A’s. They would not take on a whole agreement since of that shining 2018 giveaway representative class.

The Phillies could be rather rival and competence have a shot to hide into a playoff mark and arrive a year early, most like a Twins final season. With a NL East being dominated by a Nats nobody else is really good.

The Mets are never healthy, The Braves are still in rebuilding mode, and good a Marlins are carrying a going out of business sale with their group apparently. So they could be intrigued with Kemp and adding his maestro bat into a really immature lineup and compete. This trade would expected embody a reduce finish awaiting and a Dodgers eating half of a Kemp contract.

The final group that could be a alighting mark is a Blue Jays. This group saw a misfortune box unfolding occur a final dual off-seasons. Two multiplication rivals landed a large fish. The Red Sox in 2016 with Chris Sale and a Yankees this year with Giancarlo Stanton. With an aging group who have failing contracts, this could be a final hoorah for a group from Canada.

One of Kemp’s vital flaws is defense. Luckily for a Blue Jays, they have utterly presumably a best defensive core fielder in ball with Kevin Pillar. He will assistance facade Kemp’s smirch by covering all that belligerent in a outfield.

The large reason for this understanding for a Blue Jays would be for a reason we settled earlier. This could be a final time for a while that a Blue Jays have any shot to make sound in this installed multiplication that has a Yankees and Red Sox who are going to really good for a really prolonged time.

Kemp is apparently no Giancarlo Stanton, though he can pierce even some-more abyss to an already flattering low lineup. The Blue Jays should take a prolonged tough demeanour during Matt Kemp. The Dodgers would have to eat some-more than what they would with a Phillies though still reduction than with a A’s.

If we wish to get crazy, we can get a bad agreement barter partial dual for another former Dodger, Russell Martin. This not usually would give them slim income relief, though it would yield a Dodgers with a leisure to pierce Grandal.  Moving Grandal’s agreement would save them some space in a cap. This is unlikely, though we never know with Andrew Friedman.

With any team, a Dodgers will have to eat a good cube of Kemp’s agreement if they wish to pierce him. If not they can make another bad agreement barter until they get what they want. Either way, Kemp is expected going to be moved, and these 3 teams are probable destinations for a veteran.

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