Dodgers Position by Position Breakdown: Left Field

 Part-Time Beast Mode?

Words in new seasons used to report a Dodger outfield embody nonetheless positively aren’t singular to “overcrowded,” “logjam,” and “cramped.” With Matt Kemp surprisingly still on a roster, many of that denunciation total to be used again as a biggest position of foe this year could be left field.

With a difference of maybe Yasiel Puig manning right field, a Dodger outfield this arriving deteriorate total to again underline a flurry of relocating parts. Left field, in particular, could underline some-more transformation than any other position for a Dodgers. First, we have Joc Pederson, who total to accept a lion’s share of opportunities opposite right-handed pitching on days he isn’t in center. A postseason swell helped Pederson’s prospects to acquire some-more personification time in 2018. He still won’t play opposite lefties though, as he has a career OPS of only .599 opposite them.

Then we have a lapse of Matt Kemp, for now. Everybody seems to be repelled that Friedman and Co. haven’t shipped Kemp out of city nonetheless after appropriation him in a income desirous trade. It’s been stated over and over only how bad Kemp is defensively nowadays. Thanks to a accumulation of injuries, he has done an evidence for being a misfortune every-day defensive outfielder in all of ball a final few seasons. To get an thought of only how bad it has gotten, in 2016, Kemp constructed 35 homers and 108 RBI, nonetheless was value 0.0 WAR overall, mostly due to his defense. He was value -18 defensive runs saved in 2016.

Still, we shouldn’t forget that Apr is a month of Beast-Mode. In his career, Kemp is an Apr Masher, attack .315/.370/.567 by a month. He struggled a bit final year opposite them, nonetheless Kemp has traditionally strike lefties well. Perhaps Kemp’s defensive struggles can be dark during times in a part-time purpose opposite maladroit pitching and some righties. He could locate a breather late in games by Kike Hernandez, who also can play each outfield position. Kemp also total to be a team’s primary splash hitter as it stands on days he isn’t in a field.

Kemp doesn’t figure to be on a group during a dog days of summer. He could still, and sounds like really good could be traded before a deteriorate starts. Still, should he remain, a hot-start could assistance lift his trade value a smidge, creation a high charge of transfer some of his income on a energy inspired American League group a bit some-more feasible.

Thanks to his arm and speed, Andrew Toles total to get personification time all over a outfield. He also possesses startling power, as was also on gait to strike around 20 homers final year before a season-ending damage after a dermatitis 2016. Top descent awaiting Alex Verdugo also total to accept personification time in left field. Like Toles, Verdugo posses a good arm and a ability to work a count.

If he proves himself opposite vital joining pitching, Verdugo could be an engaging choice for Dave Roberts as a hit hitter in a lineup that total to underline a vast series of strikeouts. It’s doubtful that he creates a group out of Spring, nonetheless let’s remember that Toles also surprisingly worked his approach into a lineup after a unreasonable of injuries in 2016. Being young, talented, and rarely regarded, if Verdugo hits, he will positively play too.

All this and we still haven’t gotten to Trayce Thompson, who showed guarantee for a prolonged widen in 2016 before succumbing to a harmful behind damage that busted his 2017 season. If he can infer entirely recovered, Thompson’s right-handed energy and athleticism could make an intriguing choice for some personification time in left field.

The Dodgers possess a brood of minor-league talent (besides Verdugo) able of one day personification left. Just a few of those names embody Starling Heredia, Yusniel Diaz, D.J. Peters, and Jeren Kendall, nonetheless they sojourn mixed years divided from a show. Still, as usual, a Dodgers have some-more outfield abyss than they know what to do with. This stays generally loyal in left, even after a depart of Andre Ethier and Cody Bellinger reckoning to stay comfy during initial with Adrian Gonzalez being a Met. If a damage bug decides to again strike a Dodger outfield, they seem to have adequate gifted options to continue many storms.

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