Dodgers Must Try to Find Taker in Matt Kemp Trade

Matt Kemp’s homecoming certain does not feel like one. Reacquired final Dec in a now infamous salary reallocation trade with Atlanta, Kemp returned to a Dodgers with no fanfare, no press conference, and no Fan Fest appearance! Dodger fans and a media, both local  and national, have both reached a accord that Kemp will not suit up for a Dodgers come opening day.

What if Kemp is still a member of the  Dodgers on opening day, however?  What value could he yield to a Dodgers?  Does his trade value transcend his value to a Dodgers on a field?

Matt Kemp arrived in L.A. in 2006 as a young, jaunty core fielder with 40/40 potential.  In 2011, arguably his best deteriorate as a Dodger, Kemp bashed 39 home runs, stole 40 bases, strike .324, led a joining in OPS+, won his second of two Gold Gloves, and should have won NL MVP.  That deteriorate was one of a improved descent seasons in Dodger history.

A serious shoulder damage in 2012, and ankle injury in 2013, henceforth hampered Kemp’s mobility.  Defensively, Kemp is a shade of his former self.  Last deteriorate Kemp was ranked as one of a misfortune defensive outfielders in a joining when noticed by a lens of modernized metrics.  Could Kemp’s descent form equivalent his bad defense?

Kemp is entering his age 33 season. His age joined with his damage story usually advise continued regression. Last year for a Braves Kemp strike .276 with 19 homers and 115 games played.  Kemp’s OPS+ was 103.  He is clearly in decrease and has difficulty staying healthy and on a field.

To his credit, Kemp come behind from both of those injuries postulated with a Dodgers and played in 154 games in 2015, and 156 games in 2016. we consider it is reasonable to design about 130 games out of Kemp with LA should he hang around and turn partial of Dave Roberts’ outfield rotation.

Considering what he did final year, and a insurance he would have in a Dodgers gifted lineup, Kemp could hit 22-25 homers, and substantially hover between .270-.280.  Will that be adequate to equivalent his horrible defense? Possibly, however, we consider a DH purpose for Matt Kemp will maximize his attack ability during this theatre of his career. He could play about 155 games as a DH and strike 35 home runs again.

The Dodgers would get some-more value from Kemp as a trade chip afterwards they would by carrying him reason down LF. Freeing adult a infancy of his salary, due to him over a subsequent 2 seasons, would give a Dodgers a payroll coherence to supplement some some-more pieces between now and a July Trade Deadline.

To accomplish this, a Dodgers will have to chuck in dual or 3 mid-tier prospects in any trade. Think Omar Estevez, Caleb Ferguson, and Edwin Rios (I used these prospects as examples since they all play positions where a Dodgers have good abyss and are therefore expendable).

Q: What AL teams would be a good fit for Kemp?

CHICAGO WHITE SOX:  The ChiSox have a need for a RH energy bat to fill a DH spot.  A maestro further like Kemp would supplement some knowledge to a ChiSox roster.  However, The White Sox are in a reconstruct mode for during slightest one some-more season, and might not see a need to take on Kemp’s income notwithstanding a awaiting haul. Chances:  Slim.

KANSAS CITY ROYALS:  The Royals may yet re-sign Eric Hosmer.  However, either they do or don’t, they still will have a hole in a lineup during DH.  If they don’t re-sign Hosmer, Kemp would assistance equivalent some of a descent prolongation mislaid with Hosmer’s departure. Chances:  Fair, depending on Hosmer’s status.

MINNESOTA TWINS:  The Twins are in need of a DH, RH energy bat, and maestro player to strike in a center of their lineup.  They also are in a window of contention, and in my opinion, are a best fit for a Kemp trade.  Kemp would really urge a Twins lineup, and boost the team’s odds of creation a postseason. Chances:  Perfect fit–let’s make a deal!

It stays to be seen either Kemp will be a Dodger on opening day.  we trust Kemp is some-more profitable as a trade chip.  As we mentioned in an progressing article, we wouldn’t suggest powdering off a aged #27 jersey in your integument only yet.

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