Dodgers’ Matt Kemp Stoked for Machado We’re Legit World Series Contenders

Dodgers’ luminary Matt Kemp says he’s “really excited” for his good friend, Manny Machado, to join a Blue Crew — revelation TMZ Sports a patrol has a genuine shot to win a World Series. 

“Great ball player, crony of mine,” Kemp told us during a airfield in D.C. … “I consider a city of Los Angeles is unequivocally vehement during a moment.”

Kemp also admits he knew about a Machado trade during a All-Star diversion on Tuesday — when he took a selfie with Manny on a field. 

We also asked Kemp if he had any recommendation for LeBron James on how to succeed in L.A. — and Dodgers fans are REALLY gonna like his answer. 

By a way, a Dodgers are 53-43 and tied for 1st in a NL West. Kemp thinks they’re only removing going. 

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