Dodgers: If Matt Kemp Cannot be Moved They Should Just Use Him

Matt Kemp is no foreigner to a proportions of Chavez Ravine. The initial 9 years of his career were spent personification for a Dodgers where he was a two-time All-Star, dual time Gold Glove winner, dual time Silver Slugger recipient, and runner-up in a MVP voting in 2011. And, after 3 years divided from Los Angeles, Kemp finds himself on a Dodgers register nonetheless again and it competence not be a bad thing if he only stayed there.

When Matt Kemp was acquired by a Dodgers, there was no goal to keep him. Andrew Friedman finished it transparent from a get-go that he wanted to trade or recover Kemp and would even embody a awaiting or dual to tempt a group to take on a $40 million dollars that come with a 33-year-old left fielder. But, with no trade marketplace developing, it competence be in Friedman and a front office’s best seductiveness to only reason onto Kemp and make him a seasoned maestro off a dais that now giveaway agent, Chase Utley, once was.

There is no doubt that a ideal pierce is to get Kemp onto a new team. If a front bureau can lift off a spectacle pierce then, by all means, do it. But, a existence is, any trade involving Kemp during this indicate would be impossibly formidable to lift off especially since of a income he is still owed. Matt Kemp is now sitting on a outrageous agreement that he sealed only after his MVP runner-up season. Over a next, and final, dual years of that deal, he is due $40 million that nobody, including a Dodgers, wish to pay. Most of a time teams are looking to get “bang for a buck” and Kemp’s $40 million is as distant from that as possible.

So, given a fact that a trade is doubtful and a need for a Chase Utley deputy still during large, Kemp indeed seems like a ideal fit.

Put a income aside for a second. The Dodgers are underneath a oppulance taxation for a initial time in years and that includes Kemp’s sight of a contract. Matt Kemp is not a bad ball actor by any widen of a imagination. Last year, he hit .276 with 19 home runs and 69 RBI’s. His inhuman WAR of -1.4 looks so bad not since of his descent outlay though since of his defensive inability.

Kemp is not what he used to be in a field. The 33-year-old who was once a gold-glover is no longer regulating into walls robbing home runs like he so famously did when he played in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, he has turn some-more of a guilt than anything as his invulnerability has lead to runs for a antithesis and injuries and DL time for Kemp.

All of those things, a good bat, and a bad invulnerability are a recipe for a good dais presence. Picture someone who Dave Roberts could go to for a large at-bat or even to come in for a few innings of invulnerability and substantially get a pursuit done. Kemp would roughly unequivocally do a improved pursuit than Utley did final year with a bat and if he were to get a same volume of defensive reps as Utley did, he competence not demeanour so bad or be harm as often.

Something else to keep in mind here is Kemp plays left margin a symbol that is in a way, vacated for a Dodgers. With Ethier gone, Pederson’s abilities still adult in a air, and Toles a outrageous doubt mark, a Dodgers competence be means to take comfort from a fact a Kemp is means to fill in if needed.

The final thing that contingency be addressed is not a stat or an on-field skill, it is his attitude. Kemp has a flattering bad repute for regulating his difference only a small too much. He has pronounced things like “Los Angeles is not a ball town” and he has also finished remarks about a guys he was teammates with. That, in no approach figure or form, fills a hole Utley leaves. If Kemp is to stay in LA it would have to be with a new attitude. He would need to comprehend that he is not a luminary he once was and would need to learn to coach a immature and arriving players now on a roster.

In a end, it would be a genuine contrition to see a Dodgers only dump Kemp. They would be profitable him a income he is due upfront and would not even get to see him pitch a bat. If there unequivocally is no marketplace we unequivocally do trust that Kemp is a good fit for a Dodgers bench. If things unequivocally do not work out and a front bureau has given him a genuine shot, releasing him feels some-more acceptable. But, for me, Matt Kemp competence only be a really costly blessing in disguise.

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