Dodgers Emailbag: Matt Kemp To The White Sox?

Matt Kemp. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The shortest offseason in Dodgers’ authorization story is roughly over. Wintering in a dim room though a calendar handy, we know this to be loyal because, when stirred to contention questions for this column, not a singular reader used a difference “World Series” or “I’m not over it” in a sentence.

Los Angeles fans are fixated on Matt Kemp (and on a outfield in general), on a revolution and on Pedro Baez; same as always. With mixed questions on any topic, it’s my pursuit to respond, commencement with a one-time Dodgers’ authorization player, a man wearing series 27.

Answer: It’s delightful to learn that The Mahatma is profitable courtesy to The Howard. I mentioned the South Side, Kansas City and Cleveland as possible destinations for Kemp in an early Jan column, and still trust such a deal to be workable. More importantly, it’s not about transfer a full $43 million left on Kemp’s contract. Or even half of it. That’s not happening. But a assets of $10 or $12 or $14 million is doable, and I’d put a chances of it function before Opening Day during 90%. As for a Chisox, all we can do is guess. So I’ll chuck out a number: 20 %.

Answer: I’ll take my chances on a plain bounce-back deteriorate for Logan Forsythe during second bottom with Chris Taylor returning to core field. I’m not disturbed about “regression” with Taylor, by a way, and find it engaging that so many analysts around a nation have uttered that regard about CT3, though not about Austin Barnes, who’s also had one excellent deteriorate during a vital joining level.

Barnes logged 213 during bats in 2017; Taylor 514. In tools of 6 teenager joining seasons, Taylor strike .314/.400/.458/.858. He was a good hitter then; he’s a improved hitter now, and we design him to strike for average, on bottom commission and power. He competence not transcribe final season’s 21 prolonged balls, though afterwards again, he usually might.

Answer: we don’t know about a “before camp” partial of it, though before or during Spring Training, sure. If Andrew Friedman can pierce Kemp in brief order, afterwards Yu Darvish may find his approach from a suburbs of Dallas, Texas — where he’s training with one Clayton Kershaw — to Camelback Ranch by Feb 13, when pitchers and catchers report. If not, afterwards shortly thereafter. And if not Darvish, afterwards another right-hander. More on that in another column.

Answer: One, starting pitcher health. It was a problem in 2016, an emanate in 2017, and it competence be again in 2018. Two, a Zack-Greinke-like series two; a man we can count on in October. Three, a healthy, 155-game opening from Corey Seager, who indeed improves on an already absurd .305/.374/.502/.876, 26-homer, 86-RBI 162-game career average.

Answer: As many as we protest about Grandal with a upheld balls — and he’s going to be among a joining leaders again in 2018 — I’m a organisation follower in a two-catcher system. we trust Dave Roberts to brew and compare Barnes and Grandal. And a travel year is a good time to have a man like Grandal on your side. We’ll see Farmer splash attack and stuffing in behind a image in box of injury.

Answer: In Miami.

Noah Syndergaard. (Photo by Chris Williams/icon Sportswire) (Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire/Corbis around Getty Images)

Answer: Kershaw is as encouraged a actor as exists on earth, so no. But if a Mets are forced to occupy 12 starters in 2018 (or if Jacob deGrom is a usually staffer to conduct 120 innings), as was a case in 2017, they’re going to be an comprehensive mess.

Can Matt Harvey spin his career around in New York, or anywhere for that matter? we have no idea. Is Noah Syndergaard entrance behind from a seven-start 2017? Is Steven Matz recovered from bend surgery? we have no idea. And conjunction do a Metropolitans, wherein lies a problem. And oh, by a way, Sandy Alderson is a many overrated ubiquitous manager in history. we find his continued participation in a large chair in Queens to be utterly a mystery.

Via Facebook: Nick Barraza, sent his doubt in video form.

Answer: The Dodgers have pronounced that tip awaiting Walker Buehler is going to be used essentially as a starting pitcher in 2018. We’ll usually see about that. They’ve pronounced a same thing about Kenta Maeda, who was an impulse operative out of a bullpen final October. We’ll see about that too.

Walker tossed 98 vital and teenager joining frames in 2017. He’s going to be singular to 130 or 140 this season, that translates to a smallest of 21.7 six-inning starts and a limit of 28 five-inning outings, that sounds about right.

Via email:

Question. From Jerry Braden: “Why would a Dodgers be negotiating with Chase Utley for a 2018 contract?  Yeah, we get a good hall participation and all that, though Utley has shown he is in a high career decline. His 0 for his final 33 in postseason does not supplement many to his new resume. For me, pointer him to a teenager joining agreement and if something happens with a trade involving Forsythe, afterwards he can behind adult Taylor.”

Answer: The 0-33 won’t cause into a club’s decision. A register mark will. An evidence can be done for one some-more deteriorate for Utley in L.A. But an evidence can be done for a third catcher, a man who can play a small outfield and third base, like a previously-mentioned Farmer, or a even some-more versatile Tim Locastro, who strike .303/.383/.454/.837 with 34 steals in 41 attempts, while personification all over a margin in Tulsa and Oklahoma City final year.

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