Doctor praises Tiger Woods for seeking assistance in handling medications






Tiger Woods says he’s receiving “professional help” to conduct remedy for behind pain and a nap disorder. The golfer’s acknowledgment comes 3 weeks after he was arrested in Fla. on guess of pushing underneath a influence.


Tiger Woods tweeted on Monday that he is removing “professional help” to conduct drugs as he deals with his behind pain and nap issues forward of an Aug. 9 prosecution for his DUI detain final month.

But what kind of assistance exactly? Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, pronounced he’s receiving in-patient diagnosis during an undisclosed facility. But a sum on Woods’ “help” are sparse.

Dr. Antonio De Filippo, a medical executive of Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach, Fla., specializes in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and obsession medicine. He pronounced it’s intensely correct to find conference for medication drug management, generally given Woods’ insomnia due to behind pain from 4 vital new surgeries.

“As we saw with Tiger, it’s not odd to have bad reactions to medications, generally when they are total together,” Filippo told USA TODAY Sports. “So it’s unequivocally smart, in Tiger’s situation, to have a captain to expostulate a boat or assistance him get (back on course).”

Woods, a 14-time vital champion who is recuperating from Apr 19 behind surgery, was charged with driving underneath a influence after Jupiter (Fla.) military found him defunct in his Mercedes-Benz on May 29. Woods told officers he had a greeting to several medication drugs, including Vicodin and Xanax, that led to Woods unwell several slight DUI tests notwithstanding no participation of ethanol on a breathalyzer.

“A lot of times, it has to do with timing and a multiple of a drugs so tighten together,” Filippo said. “And that can occur with only nap medicine. There are a series of ways he could be impaired.

“But these bad decisions and a myth of being out merrymaking are not specific to Tiger. I’ve had (patients) who had bad fitness formed on a timing and multiple of medications, and afterwards I’ve had to explain (to authorities) what happened or could’ve happened from a drugs.

“This frequently happens where people are wrongly vilified like it’s all their fault. There’s some responsibility, obviously, though some of these folks are held in a bizarre place and unequivocally need help. You can contend not to drive, though afterwards my (patients) will ask, ‘How do we get to work and live my life?’”

Filippo praised a 41-year-old golfer’s majority for seeking help.

“Anybody that uses (heavy) forms of substances can turn hooked to a indicate where they need someone to manage (drug usage),” he said.

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