Disgraced during Olympics Over Marijuana, Snowboarder Hopes to Ride to Cannabis Success

After returning home from a Olympics to Whistler, a lifelike ski city and review he afterwards called home, he enjoyed his newfound luminary for a while, even pity a corner backstage with Keith Richards during a Rolling Stones unison in Denver. But unhappy by his bullion award carrying unsuccessful to broach on a promises, he quit rival snowboarding in 1999. Deprived of a discipline, he incited inward. He became a recluse, vital in a camper by a lake.

Mr. Rebagliati says a Olympic bullion award he won in Nagano, Japan, has been a source of misfortune. Now, with a legalization of cannabis in Canada, he’s anticipating his fortunes are about to change.CreditAlana Paterson for The New York Times

He bought and sole genuine estate, primarily investing some of his snowboarding winnings, and he hoped to build a oppulance hotel. But he went into debt when a skill marketplace crashed after a apprehension attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and he was forced to eke out a vital as a builder. His initial matrimony finished in divorce.

Things became so bad, he recalled, that he incited a series 9 upside down on a residence pointer of his embankment to keep a “repo man” away. “There were times when we didn’t have income to buy food,” he said. “I didn’t even have dual pennies to buy weed.”

For a one-time Olympic golden boy, it was a steep fall.

Born in a Vancouver suburb he characterized as carrying “big houses and on-going politics” to a geologist father and an accountant mother, Mr. Rebagliati became a skiing expert before he was 10 and he was being neat for a Canadian inhabitant ski team. But he detected snowboarding during 15, around a same time he attempted pot for a initial time, and was immediately drawn to a sport’s relaxed pants and freewheeling, iconoclastic spirit.

Snowboarding, that was innate in Vermont and California in a late 1970s, was delayed to locate on. Mr. Rebagliati removed that during ski areas in California, snowboarders were mostly criminialized and ski patrols would call a military to protest that riders were trespassing.

When he was incompetent to find a snowboard in a ski emporium in British Columbia while he was in high school, Mr. Rebagliati built a temporary snowboard from plywood, slicing off a toes of his ski boots and regulating a middle tube of a bike as a tag to reason his feet in place. He and his friends would sight by unctuous into ski resorts in a Vancouver area before ski deteriorate began and hiking adult a mountains.

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