Did Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Sign for a Rematch?


Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have concluded to quarrel a rematch, to be fought underneath mutated churned martial humanities rules.





In Apr 2018, a editor-in-chief for a sports news site formed in a United Arab Emirates delirious a gossip indent surrounding a probable second hitch between late fighter Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and churned martial artist Conor McGregor. (The initial hitch took place in Aug 2017, when Mayweather stopped McGregor in a tenth round.) 

Omar Al Raisi of a Sports Journal tweeted on 8 Apr 2018 that a dual would accommodate in a modified-rules MMA format with “4 unit gloves, no shoes, 5-five notation rounds in 155 division,” adding that a manners would include, “No kicks, no take downs, no elbows, no knees. Certain things will be authorised like a clinch”:

Other outlets picked adult on Al Raisi’s unsourced twitter for their own reports.  Two days later, however, Al Raisi backtracked on that matter in a story featuring an talk with late fighting champion Vinny Paz:

The Sports Journal reported yesterday that there have been negotiations, that was reliable by Dana White himself, for a rematch between Floy Mayweather and Conor McGregor, solely this time in a UFC Octagon with ‘modified rules’. we would like to explain that no understanding is in place, nor any agreement is signed, usually initial talks.

He combined on Twitter:

Let me clarify. Nothing is authorized or signed. The mutated manners MMA quarrel is something that has been discussed.

No one has an seductiveness for another fighting hitch we all know Floyd won’t burst into a full MMA fight.

Modified manners generates seductiveness and Conor has improved chances.

Meanwhile, White dismissed that story on his possess Twitter comment saying, “None of that is even tighten to true. Dumbest shit i have ever heard.”

Al Raisi told us:

I never pronounced Dana White has reliable my reporting, we have never oral to him or any of his group members. What we pronounced was — Dana White reliable on camera, to a reporter, that he has an offer for Floyd to quarrel in a UFC, he also indicated that it was a really vast offer.

Al Raisi also said, “Some members of a media took my difference a bit wrong,” citing an interview he gave to SiriusXM radio hosts Gerry Cooney and Randy Gordon in that he said, “Number one I’m not claiming that a quarrel is confirmed, positively not.” He added, “Both parties have not agreed. There’s no coop to paper. These are certain things that were discussed. It went behind and forth.”

When asked to brand when White reliable a offer to Mayweather Al Raisi told us, “He pronounced it in one of a interviews we watched, we can’t remember for that media opening it was for.”

White did tell ESPN in Dec 2017, “We’re meddlesome in doing something with Floyd.” In Apr 2018, he said of a awaiting of Mayweather fighting in a UFC event, “Yeah, we could see this happening,” though that it would go “very badly” for him. Al Raisi pronounced of White’s matter refuting his initial post:

Well, he is ostensible to contend that, he pronounced something identical when a news started to come out on Mayweather vs McGregor’s fighting fight. Remember? Dana White is a really intelligent business man, and he knows what to do. He has built this competition of MMA and hopefully we will see him come over to Boxing and do a same.

Rumors of a rematch between Mayweather and McGregor have swirled given their initial encounter, that was hold underneath fighting manners on 26 Aug 2017. Mayweather won that quarrel after scoring a technical knockout opposite McGregor in a tenth round, bringing his record to 50-0.

More recently, White publicly criticized McGregor for what he called a “coordinated attack” during a UFC press discussion in Brooklyn, New York on 6 Apr 2018 — dual days before Al Rani’s initial post about a purported negotiations. McGregor was arrested and charged with one count of rapist effect and 3 depends of misconduct attack for allegedly throwing objects during a bus, causing injuries to dual fighters sitting inside and causing their particular contests to be canceled.

“This was a genuine bad career pierce for him. Right now? No. we mean, do we wish to be in business with Conor McGregor right now?” White said. “Do we wish to follow this man around for interviews and buy his fights. Do you?”

McGregor was expelled after posting $50,000 bail. He is due behind in justice on 14 Jun 2018.

Update [13 Apr 2018]: Correction – remarkable that a Sports Journal is formed in a United Arab Emirates.

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