Developing a Lakers Young Core

When Miles Simon was personification college basketball during Arizona from 1994-98, “player development” wasn’t many of a thing.

The proceed we worked on your skills detached from central organisation practices or games was to call adult some buddies, conduct to a gym, and collect sides.

But things have grown extremely over a final 20 years, as some-more and some-more income has poured into girl sports, specialization so augmenting in hunt of trophies and scholarships, formulating a flourishing marketplace for experts to learn younger athletes.

That’s extended to a NBA turn in new years. In 2017-18, any NBA organisation employs a possess coaches that specialize in actor development. When a Lakers had an opening final June, they called Simon. A high propagandize star during Mater Dei in Santa Ana, Calif., Simon auditioned for a pursuit and energetically took it once Luke Walton finished a offer.

Perhaps famous best as a Most Outstanding Player of a 1997 Final Four, Simon was drafted by a Orlando Magic in a second round, yet shortly left to play in Israel, Italy, Turkey and for a Dakota Wizards of a CBA, whom he led to a pretension in 2002 as a MVP and Playoff MVP. Simon tore a ACL’s in both of his knees, however, and late in 2004.

We sat down with Simon for an extended review about how he got into actor development, what it’s like coaching underneath Walton, and got into specifics about a 3 players he’s worked out divided given they were drafted final June: Lonzo Ball; Kyle Kuzma; and Josh Hart.

Below is a transcription of a conversation:

MT: After several years as a veteran basketball player, we know we spent 3 years as an partner manager underneath Lute Olson during your alma mater. How did that rise into actor development?

Simon: It’s been crazy, yet fun. Towards a finish of my career we suffered dual ACL tears, and after a second, we attempted to come behind and play yet we couldn’t during a turn we was used to. So we called it a career and knew we wanted to get into a coaching side of things, and we was propitious that a mark non-stop adult on a Arizona coaching staff. we worked with a guards there, from Chase Budinger to Jerryd Bayless and Marcus Williams, and when Coach Olson stepped down, a whole staff altered and we went into broadcasting. But we still had a passion for a game, and wanted to be around it as prolonged as possible, so we started doing actor growth on my own. we changed behind to Orange County, started operative with some high propagandize kids and teams. Where it unequivocally took off for me was an event in a summer of 2009 to work during a Vince Carter Nike Skills Academy. A manager indeed forsaken out, and we got in, and a people that worked during Nike unequivocally favourite what we did with a high propagandize and college guys. It continued on from there where we started building some relations with guys I’d recruited to Arizona, like Landry Fields, who finished adult going to Stanford. we worked him out for a pre-draft, that got me into a actor development. I’d like to contend we helped take him from maybe being undrafted to an early second-round pick. So we kept doing a Nike camps and a actor development, and also coaching AAU Basketball in a Nike EYBL for a California Supreme. The Nike people favourite adequate of what we did that a summer after a Miami Heat mislaid to a Dallas Mavericks, we got a call from a crony that works on a NBA side of Nike, and they suspicion we should work with Chris Bosh. So we had to accommodate with a few people that were creation that preference with Chris, and afterwards they set us up. He was my initial large client, and we worked with Chris for 5 or 6 summers. Then, we got invited to manager USA Basketball for a U16 and U17 levels as an assistant, and we won bullion medals for dual loyal summers. So it’s usually progressed over several years, and afterwards when a pursuit non-stop here with a Lakers, (Lakers partner coach) Jesse Mermuys, who we worked with during Arizona, called me and asked if we was interested. we said, ‘Of course.’ we came and interviewed for Luke (Walton), and we indeed did a examination for him. we brought Travis Wear* – who I’ve lerned given he was in high propagandize – and 3 weeks later, Luke offering me a job.
*Like Simon, Wear attended Mater Dei High School.

MT: So, we were a Final Four Most Outstanding Player as a youth during Arizona in 1997, and a comparison a subsequent year when Luke was entrance in, right? we assume we hosted him on his recruiting trip?
Simon: Yeah we finished in a open of 1998 and he came in that fall. we hosted him and Richard Jefferson on their recruiting trips … got them both to commit.

MT: Any good Luke stories?
Simon: Well, given he redshirted one year, he was a comparison in 2003, when we was personification in a CBA. we was carrying some tendinitis in my knee, and my manager was Dave Joerger, now a manager of a Kings. we asked Coach Joerger if he could recover me given it was removing after in a season, given we wanted to go home and rehab my knee so we could play abroad for a final integrate months and try to make some genuine money. So it was Luke Walton Senior Day, and we suggested to one of my buddies that we go to see that diversion (against Oregon) and hang out. And we met my mother during there that day, in McKale Center, where she happened to be visiting her younger sister. She was vital in Orange County during a time, as was I. So it all connects. Life comes full circle. A lot came from a University of Arizona for me. But really, we wasn’t in hold with Luke on a monthly basement or anything, usually some-more accessible acquaintances and Arizona alumni.

MT: we know from talking to Coach Mermuys that we guys creatively had a tie by one of your teammates…
Simon: Yeah, when we was playing, one of Jesse’s best high propagandize friends was a travel on and my college roommate, named John Ash. Jesse used to hang around with John, who’d hang with me, and we’d go to their high propagandize and play collect up. Then as we left, John – who was younger than me – became good friends with and lived with Luke, and that’s how Jesse’s attribute started to form with Luke.

MT: Jesse is around my tallness (5’9’’) yet I’m guessing he hold his possess during those collect adult runs.
Simon: He’s a tough dude. He wasn’t a many means male yet he played a hardest out of anybody. He has a good passion about him for a diversion and for a players, that are things we unequivocally admire about him.

MT: we wish to get behind to a developmental side of things with you, yet to tie a Arizona crawl up, what’s it been like being here underneath Luke and with Jesse and everybody.
Simon: It’s awesome. It’s a best knowledge possible. It’s all that we could ask for or consider of and more. Being around a best players in a universe on a daily basis, and we have such a good organisation of guys to be around. It’s finished my pursuit fun, easy and also challenging. These guys wish to get better, so we have to stay on tip of your diversion to also get better. The rival nature, a organisation atmosphere, a lot of a coaches personification during a high turn – Luke and Brian Shaw and Mark Madsen are all champions – so listening and training from those guys … being around Magic Johnson, my favorite actor flourishing up, to see a rival inlet and a glow with him. It inspires me to try and continue to do improved not usually for a players, yet a Lakers organization.

MT: In serve to actor development, we know we also do some “traditional” coaching, like violation down opponents. How do we change diversion coaching vs. development?
Simon: we adore both. They’re equally important, and one thing Luke does a good pursuit of is giving any manager good responsibility. Whether it’s operative with players, scouting reports or holding opinions and vouchsafing them voice opinions. That allows Luke’s partner coaches who have never been conduct coaches to learn how to be a manager and also benefit a honour of a players given they have a voice. Watching a film and doing my scouting reports is a best on-the-job training that we can presumably have, given we have 30 of these unequivocally good coaches in a NBA. There’s usually 30 of those jobs in a world, so to demeanour and collect during what they’re doing, try to out diversion devise them and get your organisation prepared to try to win is a fun thing to do, and is super challenging.

MT: What have we seen and schooled privately from Luke?
Simon: He’s unequivocally even keeled. He’s good suspicion out in all he says and does. His credentials is unequivocally tip notch. How many film he watches and his courtesy to detail. His eye for a game. The things he sees on a justice … it always seems to me like he doesn’t skip much. If we’re personification full justice and a actor misses a shade or a possibility to outing to a edge or, ‘You could have finished this additional pass,’ or ‘You missed this defensive rotation.’ He sees scarcely everything, and usually understands a game. He’s roughly like a basketball savant. He has a good feel for what’s going on, and a players, and partial of that substantially comes with him personification during such a high turn for a prolonged time and being around a championship genius or culture. He’s really, unequivocally interesting, fun to watch and good to learn from. He’s also inquisitive, that is how we learn, by seeking questions and afterwards holding it in and being means to request it.

MT: Growing adult in Bill Walton’s residence substantially didn’t harm his basketball IQ, either. One thing that’s stood out to me from distant is his ability to acquire a trust and honour of players by being real, and critical, yet never disrespectful. Seems like that’d be a wily change to strike.
Simon: Sometimes we have to be means to find that center belligerent where we can tell a male he messed adult yet usually reaming guys, and they know you’re upset, yet we go about it in a man-to-man way. And these guys have that honour for Luke, given of his demeanor. He picks and chooses his spots where he can unequivocally get on a guys, yet he talks to we like a man, eye-to-eye, and not a kid, even yet some of these guys are unequivocally young. we consider a guys really, unequivocally honour that.

MT: OK, behind to a growth side. we consternation how we found your character for improving players. How many came from your personification career, how many from a several coaches we had all over a world?
Simon: My character grown from playing, a most. we consider about what we did as a player, and we wasn’t a best ballhandler or shooter, yet we could get things finished on a court. we try to have a feel of what we consider a players are doing now. That goes from (Kyle) Kuz, to Zo (Ball) to Hart to whoever I’m operative with. What can we give them that they can request onto a court?

MT: Each examination is personalized for and tailored to that specific player…
Simon: Yes, given any and any actor is different, and they need opposite ability sets. I’m meditative about their strengths and how to intensify those – what got them on a building in a initial place. And afterwards their weaknesses, how can we urge on a ballhandling they need, or training how to fire off a shade or a collect and roll. It’s looking during fasten of those guys, and as I’m examination fasten or a workout, observant where they can grow. When we was flourishing up, there wasn’t as many actor development. You kind of usually went out and hooped. The initial time we did some individualized workouts was when we was going into a draft, and a male named Howard Avery from Portland who used to sight Damon Stoudemire and Terrell Brandon. That was my initial intro into individualization of a game. Now we usually request my possess stuff, power and all those things. we take any actor and try to mangle them down to assistance them improve.

MT: I’d suppose it’s a large advantage to work with a team, given you’re around a guys daily, as opposite to assembly for a few hours any other day over a summer? What some-more can get achieved that way?
Simon: Being around any day is big, given I’m indeed coaching them in games, and afterwards have genuine diversion film to watch and mangle down for them. Like, ‘Hey Kuz, lately, we haven’t been removing to a rim. You’ve been settling for jumpers.’ So I’ll work on shutting out to Kuz and creation him put it on a building and finish, given these are a thing I’m observant diversion to game. If he hasn’t been attacking, holding his regulating hook, removing to a tainted line, we wish to do (drills) that residence that so he can take these things and exercise them. And that smoothness is important. we got hired in Jun final year, these guys got drafted in late June, and flattering many went loyal to Summer League. Josh was hurt. Zo was harm going out of Summer League. They took time off. Then all of a remarkable you’re in preseason. So this is their initial full summer of a loyal NBA offseason. And we talked to Luke, Magic and Rob, ‘This is a plan, this is what we see that they need to work on,’ and afterwards they gave some of their input: ‘Yes that’s right, we can supplement this on to it,’ so we have a loyal outline going brazen of what they need to urge on.

MT: How did we finish adult with those 3 players?
Simon: we had Tyler Ennis a small bit during a year, yet those 3 are a staples. It fell that proceed given we was a new guy, and (assistant coaches) Brian (Keefe) and Jesse had other guys. So we started with Kuz, Lonzo and Josh.

MT: To get behind to a indicate we finished about Kuzma settling for jumpers over a march of a diversion or two, how do we literally go about a subsequent several hours to try and make an impact?
Simon: First it’s examination a sold film of Kuz, J Hart and Zo after a game. Maybe dual to 4 mins of their clips with them. “Hey, this is what we did well. You came off this shade well. You ran in transition. Your help-side invulnerability was good. Hey Kuz, we usually kept picking and popping when we had a possibility to hurl to a basket with a male on your back.’ So I’ll uncover them, and speak by it. Depending on a day (if it’s a day off or a behind to back) I’ll spend 10 or 15 mins on a justice operative on step-up collect and rolls where we chuck it, we wish him to hurl out of a slot. We’ll usually get reps in, and be training him, ‘This is what we see, this is what we feel, when he’s on your back, go to a rim.’ We’ll request that roughly right away, and afterwards when it happens again in a subsequent game, now he feels like he’s usually seen it. Kuz has such good hold around a rim, he can’t usually spend all his time sharpened threes. He can fire regulating hooks and floaters; he’s a good layup maker. He has a good midrange game. Sometimes players, not that they do it intentionally, take a easy proceed out in settling for burst shots and remove aggressiveness.

MT: How do we keep a organisation judgment in mind while doing sold drills?
Simon: We’ll do drills out of scenarios of where players will be within a offense. If it’s collect and pops, we’ll do opposite things out of it, like in a game. Sometimes we’ll fire out of it, infrequently we’ll cocktail and come behind for a DHO*, infrequently we’ll pitch a ball, make him pierce and go set another pick. We’ll work out of a smoothness of what we’re doing offensively and where they’re removing their touches.
*Dribble palm off.

MT: An example?
Simon: Josh Hart didn’t get a ton of touches bringing a round adult a building final year, so I’d never unequivocally have Josh pierce a round adult a building in drills. But this offseason, we wish him to learn to hoop a round more, and run a collect and roll, run a drag … or given he’s such a good rebounder, if he gets a defensive rebound, instead of outletting to Zo, Zo is going to run and Josh is authorised to pull this year given he’s some-more gentle with his handle.

MT: OK, let’s concentration directly on a 3 players we worked a many with, stability here with Josh Hart, who finished some large gains during a season. What did we see?
Simon: I’ll even go behind serve to a summer before he was drafted. we was a conduct chairman during a Nike Skills Academy by then, and he was there as a college advisor entrance off their National Championship during Villanova. That was my initial time removing to see him work divided after he’d put his name in a Draft and pulled it behind out. we usually desired his work ethic. They pronounced he was a controversial shooter, yet we watched him for 3 or 4 days, and he was sharpened a heck out of a ball. we thought, this dude can positively play. He was one of a hardest workers, was tough defensively, was physical, all these things. So we had this prior relationship, and when we drafted him, we was really, unequivocally excited. we texted him right divided and pronounced ‘Hey I’m with a Lakers now, can’t wait to work with you.’

MT: Where did we see him grow via a deteriorate that started solemnly for him until he got behind from a G-League and started a few games and eventually unequivocally took off?
Simon: we consider a NBA was an eye-opening knowledge for him, given he was so successful in college, arguably a National Player of a Year, with a title, afterwards he’s a 30th collect and he’s not playing. Kuzma and Lonzo from his breeze category have these good Summer Leagues, both MVP’s, where Hart was hurt. we consider he put a lot of vigour on himself, and he was slumping with his shooting, and his invulnerability wasn’t that great. So we go on a initial highway trip, and when we get back, he was down on himself. Coach (Walton) sent him to a G-League, and they were going to Iowa a subsequent morning after we landed late during night from Phoenix, and Luke tells (Josh) he’s going. And it’s funny, given a coaches watch everything. Luke and a staff watched Josh’s games to see how he would respond to being sent down. He was usually OK, yet when he came back, we consider it gave him good viewpoint about how we have to work any day, and how we have to pierce it any time we have an event on a justice either we get to fire a round or not. At initial we acquire it with defense, afterwards with some-more minutes, a some-more shots you’re going to get. He solemnly started to figure it out, and got that start in Cleveland and got a double-double* and he was huge. And that was what we approaching from him, not a double-double, yet a appetite and personification hard. And given it was Cleveland, we should also be personification that proceed opposite obtuse teams. It has to be any day.
*Hart had 11 points and 10 rebounds with 2 assists, 1 take and 1 retard in 33 mins in a start for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope that L.A. mislaid 121-112.

MT: He put it on tape, so lifting a expectancy level…
Simon: And we can still remember one thing in sold when we were going by a tough widen when we were in Orlando and Josh wasn’t personification that great. we did some investigate and took a prior 5 drafts before his, and looked during a guys drafted between No. 25 and 30, that is 30 guys total, to see how many guys were still in a NBA. It was reduction than half. we consider it was 13, and dual days later, another male got cut, so it was 12. Most of a guys that remained were tough working, tough dudes like Jimmy Butler and one of a Plumlee brothers. All these guys we can tell work tough any day. So we showed it to him, and pronounced (if we think) you’re guaranteed to be here forever, demeanour during this. I’d also shown it to Luke, and he suspicion it was unequivocally good. So I’m not observant that specific thing sparked Josh, yet we have to uncover these guys what a existence can be and how quick it can happen. Because when he started removing in that starting lineup, he was phenomenal.

MT: What’s one other aspect of operative on his ballhandling this offseason that we consider will interpret to games subsequent year?
Simon: He’s a good loyal line driver, yet when you’re personification opposite a improved players, a starters, and we’re meditative playoffs … can we make a play where we start pulling left, and Russell Westbrook cuts we off, can we cranky behind over and get another finish? Or is your pierce close down? Josh’s ballhandling is pivotal any and any day. He’s a good three-point shooter, so that’s a enhancement, and a ballhandling is a addition. Luke was examination a examination a other day, and Luke doesn’t skip much, and J Hart was knocking down 3 after three. Luke pronounced his shot usually looks unequivocally liquid right now, where progressing in a year he had a small hitch.

MT: Watching these playoffs, we notice how earning a trust of a manager to be left on a building in all situations is so important, and I’ve been thinking, ‘Yeah I’d trust Hart and Kuzma,’ that isn’t too common for picks No. 30 and 27. You don’t know it until we indeed see it, we guess, yet what’s your take?
Simon: we consider we would too. Whenever we get to a playoffs, and hopefully it’s subsequent year, it will be a training knowledge during first. But you’re perplexing to ready those guys for those moments, even yet we can’t copy it. You wish them to have a comfort turn in their skillset to make shots or make plays and do things in high-pressure situations.

MT: Moving over to Lonzo … Jesse Mermuys was articulate to me during a deteriorate about how implausible Lonzo’s basketball instincts are. How do we rise a actor like that any differently, if during all?
Simon: His instincts are off a charts. His feel for a game. The things he sees forward of everybody else are usually not things that are taught. Not a lot of people in a universe have them. The passing, obviously. He can see and make passes that others can’t. Defensively, unequivocally off a ball, he’s so prolonged and his expectation is unbelievable. The steals that he gets. The blocks. The timing he has defensively. Those are all usually healthy gifts. It’s unequivocally fun to watch those things given that’s a male we usually put out on a building and he can make plays where we can’t trust he’s 20 years old. The no-look passes, a full-court passes where he’s delivering it 80 feet right where Brook Lopez put his hand.

MT: And so, while he positively has many opposite areas in that he can urge physically and technically, he still led a organisation in net rating as a 20-year-old rookie personification a toughest position to learn in a NBA. What comes subsequent in his development?
Simon: It’s step by step. This offseason, partial of his devise is apropos a improved ballhandler, and carrying a comfortability with a ball. He’s so used to removing a rebound, holding one or dual dribbles infrequently and flitting a ball. That’s great, and there are going to be times he does that, yet there will also be times where we need his hoop to be better. Guys are pressuring him in a halfcourt and on collect and rolls, or he’s going to have a round late in a clock. Can he mangle his male down and get in a paint not usually for a shot for himself yet for his teammates? He’s tall, so can he play a small closer to a ground? So his hoop is one of a many vicious things.

MT: Let me postponement we there for a second. How do we tie adult somebody’s handle, specifically?
Simon: Every day, it’s 7 to 10 mins of ballhandling. Sometime it’s stationary, infrequently on a move. we proceed it with a genius of shooting. People contend sharpened is flesh memory, where we have to do it over and over again. Ballhandling … if we wish to be means to do a crossover, between-the-legs move, it’s flesh memory. So we’ll do X volume of those any day, so your muscles know that’s what’s entrance when we proceed you, and afterwards we usually turn gentle with it. It’s doing a same things over and over again any day. And it becomes unchanging for players, so as a actor growth coach, we have to find ways to keep it fresh. So I’ll have 3 or 4 opposite ways that we can use a same move, so they don’t get bored. I’ll do it on a move, or into a shot, or maybe a subsequent day I’ll do it stationary.

MT: Some people competence assume that given Lonzo was an amazing/championship high propagandize actor and had a superb year during UCLA and was a No. 2 pick, that he’s already entirely polished. But we consternation if given he’s so means athletically and in terms of hoops IQ, he didn’t have to do some of a some-more technical/skill things to win during those levels. Ditto for Julius Randle, who was substantially always bigger and stronger than everybody he played against.
Simon: Yeah, we coached opposite Julius, and he captivated people. Played brag ball. And for Lonzo, a proceed he played with his brothers and for his father was a fastbreaking character where Lonzo was a passer, and he didn’t have to take a lot of dribbles. Lonzo was faster and longer and some-more athletic, so he could get to a spots he wanted to with many some-more palliate yet carrying to do many with his handle, given he was usually some-more gifted. Now he’s personification with guys of equal or improved talent, so we have to do a small bit more, and adjust.

MT: So what are some of a other things you’ll concentration on with Lonzo?
Simon: There are a lot of facets going into his summer plan, from a ballhandling into being a improved finisher during a rim. At times he could get to a rim, yet he was flitting adult some layup opportunities after not carrying as many success early in a year. we remember vividly final summer, Steve Nash came in here and was operative one day, and Lonzo worked with him, and we asked Lonzo what were some of a things Nash said, (as) I’d usually been examination from afar. Nash told him, ‘When we started to score, that’s when my assists became improved and easier … when we initial came in a league, all we wanted to do was pass and make everybody happy. But when we figured out how to score, and make my layups, do all those things, that’s when we started to normal 20 and 10.’ That’s a thing we’ve been revelation Lonzo. At times, even if we skip a layup, it’s OK given you’re sketch a large and we’re substantially going to purify it up. But we have to get in there and take them, and you’ll finish adult creation them. Some of that will come as he gets stronger and some-more mature and go by contact. And afterwards there’s going off any foot, regulating any hand, runners, floaters … we consider he has a lot of this stuff, and as a deteriorate went along, we started operative on his layup package, and it got improved before his damage during a finish of a year. It’s something he’s got to unequivocally combine on.

MT: Brandon Ingram positively grew a ton from his rookie year to final year in terms of finishing during a rim. Meanwhile, articulate about actor growth is creation me consider of Kobe, and all a large hours he spent honing literally any partial of his diversion even some-more than a rest of a pros.
Simon: Every skill, any day. From what we understand, he kept his things flattering elementary and simple. A lot of still ballhandling. And you’d contend Kobe’s hoop was unequivocally good. People weren’t hidden a round from him; he could do relapse moves wherever he indispensable to, generally when he was young. Crossing people over, removing to a rim, to his pull-up J. That’s flesh memory. Turnaround jumpers over and over again. Threes, over and over again. The exercise and a time is how we get better.

Only one proceed to get improved #LakeShow

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MT: To lapse to Kuzma before we go, we remember early in a deteriorate when Kuz was scoring so easily, yet Luke wanted him not to omit a rest of a game. And that got a lot better. What did we notice operative with him daily?
Simon: Kuz is a lot of fun to work with given he has a craving and lust to be improved any day, and that’s in all aspects, not usually offense. Watching film, how can he get improved defensively, what is he doing wrong, how can he stop a certain player. His march went from being Rookie of a Month in Oct./Nov., scoring outrageous numbers, yet he knew he wasn’t good defensively. And we’d uncover him in these clips, where he wasn’t assisting from a diseased side and he was stranded to his guy. Or if he wasn’t resilient or removing behind on defense. You had to uncover him, ‘Hey this isn’t good enough.’ But a one thing we can do with Kuz is manager him hard. He’s unequivocally usurpation to all coaching, and so are (Lonzo and Hart), yet we can tell Kuz whatever we want, and he’ll be receptive and try to request it.

MT: And he of march had to make a transition to training dual opposite positions, starting during a 4 and afterwards relocating over to a 3 after in a deteriorate with all a injuries on a wing…
Simon: Yeah, he was a loyal 4 in college and never played a wing, yet he started personification a lot of 3 here. Now he’s anticipating this comfort turn carrying to urge threes, and it’s a whole opposite round diversion fortifying collect and rolls where your male is environment a screen, as opposite to fortifying a ballhandler. It’s this new set of manners he had to learn on a fly, and he really, unequivocally did get better. He wanted to see a film on it to understand, so it was unequivocally fun to manager him and watch his march as he became some-more than usually a scorer as a deteriorate went on. He was also one of a improved playmakers when he wanted to be, so I’d uncover him that. Sometimes he’d fire contested shots given he believes he’s going to make them all, when he could have finished a additional pass, yet now we’ve seen him make behind-the-back passes for dunks, so we know he sees it. We can tell him, ‘That’s a bad shot, we had Julius for a dump off or Josh in a corner.’ And he takes that. So to see his march was great, given he’s a male that had to learn a new position a many out of anybody else.

MT: Is Kuz gripping adult a work in China right now?
Simon: It’s cold given he’ll send me video of him operative out in China, doing some ballhandling into a shot. And he’ll usually content me, ‘It’s entrance along. It’s removing there.’ And we’re usually 3 weeks into summer workouts. we can already see a improvement. It’s not usually him. we can see a bond combining with Kuz and Josh, and there was already a Zo bond. These immature guys are flourishing together, and we speak about a playoff games roughly daily. ‘This is where we wish to be. We wish to get to a championship. We gotta spend this time in a gym to keep removing improved and pulling ourselves.’ So they’ve been removing after it hard, and between us, they don’t have to be here (at a UCLA Health Training Center). We can’t charge them to be here. But to have them in a gym and for them to have certainty in a coaching staff and a strength staff to get them improved is unequivocally big.

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