Derrick Rose wanted no partial of a Knicks’ skeleton for him

Kyrie Irving wants a Knicks. Derrick Rose did not.

The divorce was mutual when Rose supposed a Cavaliers’ maestro smallest for one year, $2.1 million final week.

The Knicks, who kept in hit with Rose until a end, never offering him a veteran’s minimum, according to an NBA source.

Knicks coronet believes newly acquired maestro indicate ensure Ramon Sessions will be improved matched as a manager to 19-year-old Frenchman Frank Ntilikina. The classification also believes Sessions competence forge improved chemistry with Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony — if Anthony is not traded.

In a end, Knicks boss Steve Mills might have been sloping Rose had mislaid interest, too. Rose crossed a Knicks off his list after point-guard-of-the-future Ntilikina was drafted and roughly all of their top space was spent on Tim Hardaway Jr. — creation a transparent joining to rebuild.

Rose doesn’t pronounce French and wanted no partial of mentoring.

“Did we skip something?,” Rose’s representative B.J. Armstrong asked The Post. “Is there something going [on] in New York we didn’t see? We all would determine they are on a opposite timeline than Derrick — a immature group with good immature talent there and perplexing to build something for a future. They’re not on a same timeline as players who are a tiny comparison and experienced.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Derrick’s best basketball is right now. The Knicks aren’t prepared to contest during that turn right now. It could be three, 4 years.”

Rose, entrance off his fourth medicine after personification a prolific 64 games, turns 29 on Oct. 4. While a Rose marketplace waned significantly since of his latest surgery, Rose could have selected another destination, one that paid some-more than a vet’s minimum. But a aggressive indicate ensure wanted to join a bar that goes into subsequent deteriorate as a three-time fortifying Eastern Conference champions.

“Derrick chose what he pronounced he’d select from a beginning. He didn’t deviate,” Armstrong said. “He pronounced he only wanted to win. People didn’t trust it. He’s done a lot of income in his career. Now he only wants to win. The man averaged 18 points a diversion in a triangle and we know how a diversion is played right now.”

The Knicks sought a manager for Ntilikina and Rose found a thought uninspiring.

“You’re a manager when we no longer can play,” Armstrong said. “This joining we get paid to perform. You don’t get paid to be a mentor.

“That child [Ntilikina] was drafted in [the] lottery. He’s got to play. One of a many desired things in a NBA is experience. The child needs to play. The new [collective negotiate agreement] is assembled to build by a draft. … Let that child play and make mistakes and see what we have in four, 5 years. Maybe a child turns out to be Steph Curry.

Frank NtilikinaGetty Images

“I wish it was different. Derrick desired New York. Loved it. Had no problems with any of a people there. But nobody’s removing younger and knows what their basketball will be like in a future.”

That a discontented Irving has put a Knicks on his wish list is stunning. According to Armstrong, Rose hopes Irving stays put as Rose is calm to be his backup.

“What actor doesn’t wish a best teammates he can have?’’ Armstrong said. “Derrick wanted to play with that team, Kyrie included.”

While Armstrong was tighten to his former Bulls manager Phil Jackson, he has famous new ubiquitous manager Scott Perry a lot longer. Both were lifted in Detroit during around a same time.

“He’s got a resources of believe and believe and his communication with people is exceptional,” Armstrong said. “He’s had a event to build teams in large and tiny markets. You got a good one, no, a good one in Scott Perry.’’

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