Denny Hamlin guesses there’s a 50 percent possibility Carl Edwards is behind in 2018

Are a contingency of Carl Edwards returning to a Cup Series in 2018 about a same as a silver flip? That’s former teammate Denny Hamlin’s guess.

The 2016 Daytona 500 leader was asked about a prospects of Edwards returning to a Cup Series on Friday. And Hamlin put a chances during 50/50.

“I would only be guessing, though we would contend 50 percent,” Hamlin said. “I consider that Carl is a competitor. At his age, I’d find it tough to trust that he would only step divided and not do it ever again. we consider him withdrawal a window open in his press discussion to contend he’s not retiring, he’s only stepping away, we consider it depends. we don’t know. Has anyone found out either he’s carrying a good time right now or not? we consider that would tell a story about either he’s meddlesome in entrance behind or not. From what we hear from all a late drivers, it’s overwhelming for like a few months – afterwards we kind of get wearied a small bit.”

Edwards abruptly stepped divided from NASCAR in January. His depart came as a warn to scarcely everybody in and around a sport. He was a restart divided from winning his initial Cup Series championship in Nov before he was concerned in a pile-up with Joey Logano. The mutilate helped put Jimmie Johnson in position for his record-tying seventh championship.

When he announced his departure, Edwards declined to use a word “retirement” or any movement of it. When he was during Atlanta to assistance Daniel Suarez progressing this year, Edwards even brought his firesuit and helmet. But a fiercely private motorist has deflected all questions about his destiny given he stopped driving, either it involves politics or racing. If Edwards does come back, we’re substantially not going to know about it until it indeed happens.

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