DeMarcus Cousins on a Golden State Warriors’ intensity for arriving season: ‘Scary’

LAS VEGAS (AP)  — DeMarcus Cousins ideally summed adult a intensity of a Golden State Warriors.

“Scary,” he said.

The rest of a joining expected agrees.

Cousins signed his agreement Friday to join a two-time fortifying NBA champion Warriors for this entrance season, one in that he’ll make $5.3 million. He isn’t certain when his surgically remade Achilles will concede him to start personification with his new team – being prepared for a start of training stay seems utterly puzzled – yet he can already prognosticate what competence occur when he earnings to form.

“Of march it’s going to take a lot of tough work, a lot of tough work and dedication, and also a lot of scapegoat from not usually myself yet other guys on a group as well,” Cousins told reporters Friday night during a NBA Summer League. “That’s something that we all are wakeful of and that’s something we supposed already.”

When he returns, something he says he won’t do until he’s behind to 100 percent, a Warriors could have a starting 5 stoical wholly of 2018 All-Stars – Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson during guard, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green during forward, Cousins during center.

It’s mindboggling even for Warriors manager Steve Kerr to consider about.

“We usually felt like we didn’t have adequate All-Stars,” Kerr deadpanned in an in-game talk with ESPN’s Mark Jones and Doris Burke during a Warriors’ summer joining diversion Friday.

Kerr told a story of his assembly with Cousins and how he asked him a following initial question: When 7 uninterrupted security go by and Curry and Thompson take all a shots, how will we feel?

Steve Kerr discusses what adding DeMarcus Cousins does for a Warriors.

If it was a test, Cousins upheld easily. He certain Kerr that wouldn’t be a problem.

“We wanted to make certain it done clarity for both sides,” Kerr said.

Cousins has been an All-Star in any of a final 6 seasons, averaging during slightest 24 points per diversion in any of those. With a Warriors, he knows a scoring numbers will expected dip.

Again, he apparently has no problem with that. He pronounced he can see some nights where he takes usually 4 shots, even yet that’s happened usually 4 times in his 535-game career.

“It might be some games where I’m a heading scorer,” Cousins said. “I demeanour during that as a positive. we don’t have to be a man each night. I’ve always wanted a group where all doesn’t rest on me and now I’m in that position.”

He’s going to be in playoff position as well. Cousins has never mislaid an NBA playoff game, since he’s never seemed in an NBA playoff game. His final postseason personification knowledge was with Kentucky and a run to a Elite Eight of a NCAA Tournament in 2010.

“I’m entrance in usually personification my part,” Cousins said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to assistance this group win. Of course, I’m in a position where I’m means to play for a championship and each NBA player’s idea is to win a championship. So I’m entrance in and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

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