DeAngelo Williams: Cowboys, Browns, Panthers, Jaguars shouldn’t call

Free-agent using behind DeAngelo Williams is still “waiting on a phone call” to join a group for a 2017 season, though there are 4 teams that he’d rather not hear from.

Williams, who scored 17 touchdowns as Le’Veon Bell‘s backup for dual seasons in Pittsburgh, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter in his Know Them From Adam podcast that he’d rather not play for a Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars or Dallas Cowboys.

While his reasons for not wanting to play for a Browns and Jaguars were business-related, they were quite personal per a Panthers and Cowboys.

He pronounced a Panthers are on his do not call list since of a proceed they rubbed his recover in 2015. He ran for 6,846 yards and 46 rushing TDs in his 9 seasons with Carolina.

“I had no problems with removing fired, though there are things that went on there that we didn’t like — and we still don’t like to this day,” Williams told Schefter. “… There’s no indicate in me going behind there. You’re an ex for a reason, right? You don’t go behind to exes, and that’s only where I’m during there.”

Williams, 34, who grew adult as a fan of a San Francisco 49ers, wants zero to do with a Cowboys — especially since of their fans.

“My fandom for a group we was lifted as will not concede me to go to a Cowboys,” Williams told Schefter. “I’m an ’80s baby … and a 49ers ruled a ’80s. The Cowboys rather did something in a ’90s; we even exclude to give them that. …

“The Cowboys, they win. They only don’t ever uncover adult during a playoffs. They always disappear in a playoffs. I’ve got a good depiction of a Cowboys’ fan base. During a unchanging deteriorate final year, they were on cloud nine. You couldn’t tell them anything since they were going to win a ‘ship — that’s all they said. Fans only got intensely super annoying. Then, a notation they lose, they possibly got cheated, somebody was harm — a excuses start flowing. It’s only extraordinary to me. That fan bottom only in ubiquitous can’t hoop defeat. Still, to this day, they contend that a Dez Bryant locate opposite a Green Bay Packers was a catch!”

Williams understands if NFL fans are held off ensure by his blinding faithfulness to his favorite group flourishing up.

“I’m a loyal fan, and we totally get it,” Williams said. “And some would be like, ‘You’re stupid, you’re crazy.’ And afterwards a fan bottom of a [Cowboys] is going be positively livid, though who cares? That’s since we’re fans.”

Williams crossed off a Browns and Jaguars since he wants to go “where winning is something that’s expected, not something that people get vehement about.”

“[The Browns] don’t have a story of winning,” Williams said. “I’m not certain about all of a championships they won before a Super Bowl was a Super Bowl, though in my lifetime, we haven’t seen them have a winning season.”

And a Jaguars?

“I can’t consider of anything certain about that classification outward of a fact that they have pools in a stadium,” he said.

Williams done $4 million over dual years with a Steelers, and he is open to returning to a team. A knee damage cost Williams 9 games in 2016, though a maestro is now healthy and could start to pull seductiveness as training camps proceed in late July.

“I’m not statute [Pittsburgh] out,” he told Schefter in an progressing podcast.

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