Cubs Carl Edwards Jr. skipped White House revisit for ‘dinosaur museums’

Going to a White House after we win isn’t all it’s burst adult to be — generally if a organisation has already done an appearance. All you’re unequivocally going for is nonetheless another print op. It’s okay, though there are improved things we can do besides grin in a vast organisation while someone binds a tradition jersey.

Carl Edwards Jr. knows what’s up. According to a Chicago Sun-Times, he’d rather check out some cold museums. “I’m perplexing to go see like a dinosaur museums, ” Edwards said.

And who wouldn’t wish to check out some overwhelming dinosaur bones? There are so many forms of dinosaurs that it would take perpetually to check them all out. So given you’re in town, we competence as good take a time to gander during a stately skeletons of a Earthly antiquated past. There are tyrannosaurus rex, diplodocuses, triceratops, and a garland of others.

Edwards has his priorities straight. If we don’t take a time to learn about a past, how will we ever have a future?

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