Cubs and White Sox players plead a struggles, joys of fatherhood

On a day in early June, John Lackey’s locker in a Cubs blow new hall contains all a approaching equipment for a Major League Baseball player. Uniforms, hats, bats and gloves all have their place. But dual equipment don’t utterly fit. A neon immature bat approach too tiny for Lackey’s 6-foot-6 support rests opposite a locker, while a tiny span of blue swimming trunks hang subsequent to his pinstriped shirt and pants. They go to Lackey’s 7-year-old son.

“He creates himself during home,” a pitcher says with a smile.

In many clubhouses, children of players are welcome, though it isn’t always an easy co-existence. Adam LaRoche late from a White Sox after a group requested he limited his son’s time in a clubhouse.  In many cases, children are welcomed as prolonged as their fathers use discretion.

Cubs catcher Miguel Montero played locate with his son low in a left margin during Wrigley hours before Chicago’s Jun 6 win over a Marlins. With a report ball players keep during season, players conclude a coherence of bringing kids to work.

But in many ways, being a father isn’t any opposite for veteran players from a many fathers who will come out to watch them play on Father’s Day. For example, being a veteran ball actor doesn’t meant your 14-year-old daughter won’t be broke by you.

“She doesn’t wish me to dump her off in front of a school,” pronounced White Sox pitcher James Shields. “She gets all broke when we hang out with her friends. She’s usually being a normal teenager.”

During season, ball players have prolonged highway trips. When their kids are aged adequate to be in school, infrequently a family will stay in their off-season home, that isn’t indispensably in a same city as he plays in. Baseball wives, girlfriends and fiancees will take on a infancy of a family work.


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Things mostly change once ball deteriorate is over. After Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. and his teammates won a World Series final season, he took on caring for his one-year-old daughter Ava.

“When she couldn’t sleep, we couldn’t sleep. My fiancee was during work, we was in a offseason, so we would get up, do a bottles, change a diapers,” pronounced Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards, Jr.

Todd Frazier, third baseman for a White Sox, has dual kids. His 3-year-old son is starting to play ball with his dad, though Frazier says it’s his 17-month-old daughter who keeps him busiest.

“My daughter is giving me a run for my money. I’m on corner right now. When I’m here, I’m good, though when I’m home, we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Frazier said. “She runs everything. She wakes up, dada, mama, we wish a drink, we wish this. If I’m eating food, she has to eat my food. My son’s personification with a toy, she wants to play with that toy.”

There is one common thread among all a baseball-playing fathers. Their children might be a usually people in their lives who don’t caring if they strike 4 home runs or go 0-for-4.

“When we get home, they’re happy to see me. Win or lose, it’s overwhelming to see them. That’s approach some-more critical than what happens on a field, for sure,” Lackey said. “My seven-year-old child is removing into baseball, though a dual girls? They don’t care. They wish me to come home and watch Dora and hang out.”

Tim Anderson, shortstop for a White Sox, pronounced his daughter Peyton’s birth has helped him leave ball during a stadium.

“She’s always laughing. It’s so most from using adult and down a corridor laughing. She’ll hurl over in a morning and slap me on a back. If I’m sleeping, she tries to arise me,” Anderson said. “When we leave a locker room, we forget about baseball.”

White Sox second baseman Yolmer Sanchez echoed what so many baseball-playing fathers said.

“You don’t know if you’re prepared until your child comes. Every day, it’s something new,” he said. “I usually try to be a best father for him.”

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