County caps word payouts for employees

Levy County is on a high finish of spending on health word for employees among Florida counties, and it’s proof dear to keep adult with rising word costs while still charity rival remuneration packages to partisan and keep a workforce.

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At a Board assembly on Jul 18, a County Commission voted unanimously to top a health word payouts for non-elected county employees who pointer adult for insurance.

The fortitude also increases worker income while bringing word costs for a county some-more in line with similar-sized counties, as Levy is comparatively low on a spectrum in worker compensate in a state.

The Board voted to max out a payouts for worker word during $9,512 per employee, while augmenting a normal income of full-time employees by $2,180. The income increases will be offering in tiers, with a top paid employees saying $1,000 some-more per year, and a lowest gaining $3,000 in per-year salary.

Commissioner Matt Brooks offering a motion, and it was seconded by Rock Meeks.

The fortitude doesn’t change a coverage options, so employees can keep their stream plans.

But employees wishing to keep a highest-paying family devise will have to compensate almost some-more out of slot – approximately $5,500 some-more per year, according to county sum – as a $9,512 top will request to both singular and family plans.

The change doesn’t impact employees of a Levy County Sheriff’s Office, that has a apart insurer from a county. It will impact inaugurated officials’ insurance, though they will not see a lift from a resolution. Finance Officer Jared Blanton told a Board that a top would impact 3 Commissioners, as they’re on higher-paying family plans.

At final count, Levy County spent an normal of $12,488 per worker on insurance, with family skeleton costing around $6,000 some-more on normal for a county. That former series puts a county fifth in a state among a 46 (of 67) counties who responded to a new survey. Alachua, Marion and Citrus were No. 15, No. 22 and No. 41, respectively, in word spending per worker according to that survey. The 4 counties forward of Levy have between 10 to 40 times some-more employees.

The many new sum word spending for a 199 non-elected employees who pointer adult for word was $2.485 million.

Blanton presented a Board with 3 options for word caps and compensate raises, and summarized some of a issues a county faces when it comes to insurance. He pronounced a multiple of necessity spending and rising word costs as good as Levy County’s comparatively high word spending and low income is hampering a county’s ability to plan and power in a deficit.

Using income to partisan and keep employees is some-more predicted for county losses and gives a county some-more control over costs. Blanton combined that income are a some-more effective apparatus than word coverage during attracting employees.

A county worker during a assembly pronounced a county’s word coverage skeleton are a vital reason her and other employees select to work for Levy County.

Board chair John Meeks pronounced a Commission will have to reevaluate after a resolution’s effects on worker recruitment and influence turn clear. Retention is generally an emanate for a Department of Public Safety, not only in Levy County, though for internal governments everywhere.

“It ain’t going to be fair, depending on where we stand,” Meeks pronounced “but it’s a preference we have to make. We won’t know a full consequences until we make it.

“There’s light during a finish of a tunnel, we believe, in removing out of a necessity spending,” Meeks added. “But that light could really be extinguished with a 10 percent boost subsequent year (in word costs).”

Prioritizing aloft word remuneration over aloft income also creates remuneration reduction merit-based, a county argues, as employees with some-more costly family skeleton mostly cost twice as most as those on singular plans, while income are suppressed by a altogether word costs.

“We wish to be satisfactory to a employees, on a other hand, we don’t wish to taxation a residents out a nose,” Commissioner Lilly Rooks said.

Blanton pronounced a stream Board has hereditary a problem of high word costs, and has finished an “admirable” pursuit in insulating county employees from bill woes.

“We can still revoke (insurance) appearance a satisfactory bit and kick any county around,” Blanton said. “But people that are opting for a family coverage will compensate a cost out of pocket.”

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