Counting down 10 mistakes done by WWE’s artistic group in 2017

10. Jason Jordan suggested as Kurt Angle’s son

I didn’t slice on this story when it initial happened and even today, I’m open to a suspicion of it presumably operative out usually since I’ve been a fan of Jordan’s going behind to his singles run in NXT when he had difficulty removing over. The problem with this is that when people looked during Jordan and his former tab group partner Chad Gable, it was Gable who reminded people of Angle a lot more. Plus, Gable has some-more of a celebrity than Jordan and could finish adult violation out as a singles star.

The reason it’s not aloft on a list is since a story is still comparatively early. If this leads to Jordan branch heel presumably early subsequent year and afterwards that leads to some compare with Angle that is awesome, afterwards it could be a best thing for Jordan. we usually don’t know if that’s a devise for Jordan or if they are going to stay a march with him as a face.

9. Rusev not being pushed after being altered to Smackdown

Rusev was not requisitioned that good on a Raw code when they did a breeze in Jul 2016. we suspicion a pierce to Smackdown would work good for him since it’s a softened uncover that would make people forget about a shitty Raw engagement he dealt with.

In Apr of this year while rehabbing from an injury, he pronounced he wanted a WWE Title shot. At a time, Randy Orton was WWE Champion on Smackdown, so it finished sense. Instead, things altered with Jinder Mahal winning a WWE Championship (more on that later) and bad Rusev was left looking like a fool. The angle was totally dropped. Rusev was put into a argument with John Cena during Battleground that finished with Rusev putting over Cena in a unequivocally tedious Flag Match.

I’m a large Rusev fan. we suffer his stream pairing with Aiden English and a approach they always speak about “Rusev Day” as if it is any day. The problem is people giggle about things like that rather than take Rusev some-more severely as a hazard to win a vital title.

8. No explanations given for “trades” in April’s Superstar Shake-Up

Shortly after WrestleMania this year, WWE did a Superstar Shake-up. In standard WWE fashion, they didn’t indeed try to explain what it was. What they attempted to tell us in a storyline is that some wrestlers from Raw would be altered to Smackdown and clamp versa. The names usually showed adult on a TV shows that week and that was it. Smackdown became a worse uncover after a shake-up, nonetheless partial of that is since of who they pushed that I’ll get to later.

Did Charlotte Flair get traded for Alexa Bliss? We don’t know. Maybe Charlotte got traded for Alexa and Mickie James? Who knows? WWE finished no try to explain anything.

Guys like Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt switched shows. Both of them reason vital championships progressing in a year, so it seemed like a satisfactory trade, nonetheless again WWE didn’t try to tell us that they were altered for any other. It was usually “Wrestler A is on Raw” and “Wrestler B is on Smackdown” as if zero matters.

I usually wish WWE’s artistic group to be better. At slightest make an try to explain something. Think of it like veteran sports leagues such as a NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. Players possibly get drafted, sealed as giveaway agents or are traded for another actor or a breeze pick. In this case, WWE was fundamentally simulating a trade deadline, so what they should have finished is pronounced this wrestler was traded for that wrestler, nonetheless they didn’t try to explain it all. All we ask if that we try. It’s not that difficult.

7. Baron Corbin’s unsuccessful Money in a Bank cash-in

It was no warn that Baron Corbin won WWE’s Money in a Bank compare this year. He was a male that many of us could see as a destiny WWE Champion since he’s taller, has a good demeanour and usually fits a form of wrestler that WWE likes to push. Back in January, if we would have asked me to collect one male on Smackdown to win their initial WWE Title, Corbin would have been a initial name we picked.

Corbin was finished to demeanour like a dope on a Aug. 15 book of Smackdown when he attempted to money in a MITB agreement on Jinder Mahal and finished adult losing on a dreaded roll-up interjection to a daze from John Cena. By a way, Corbin mislaid to Cena during SummerSlam too. These days, Corbin is walking around with a United States Championship, so it would be wrong to contend he was “buried” too much. It usually turns out that he did by distant a misfortune Money in a Bank cash-in in history.

Is Corbin in a softened symbol currently than he was a year ago? Sure, he’s holding a US Title and he kick AJ Styles for it, nonetheless his Money in a Bank disaster sticks out as a defining impulse for him.

6. Roman Reigns should have incited heel after WrestleMania

I am not a initial wrestling fan on a internet to contend that Roman Reigns should have incited heel during some indicate in a final 3 years, nor will we be a last. It’s something a lot of us think. Prior to this year’s WrestleMania, we wrote a column here on The Comeback about 4 scenarios for a Reigns vs. Undertaker compare during WrestleMania. The heel spin suspicion was suggested and people desired it. Some of a best feedback we received. Of course, WWE didn’t do it. Instead, Reigns kick Undertaker, left a ring after a compare and Undertaker had his impulse alone to sell a suspicion that he was done. The subsequent night on Raw, Reigns was booed heavily for 10 minutes, pronounced “this is my yard now” and that was it.

There was no change for a Roman Reigns impression after WrestleMania. Reigns spent many of this year wrestling Braun Strowman in any kind of compare we can consider of and while we enjoyed many of those matches, there wasn’t many swell for Reigns. The reunion of The Shield has been fun. It’s unequivocally usually a approach to get people to hearten and keep him out of a Universal Title picture. By a way, final time Reigns was in a Universal Title compare he took a pin during SummerSlam in a Fatal 4-Way, nonetheless we don’t design WWE to pierce that up.

We know what a trail is with Reigns. He’s going to face and expected kick Brock Lesnar for a Universal Championship during WrestleMania in what will expected be Reigns’ fourth true WrestleMania categorical event. Yawn. Boring. I’m not even a Roman hater since we conclude his talent, nonetheless some changes would be nice.

5. Braun Strowman should have been featured during WrestleMania and won a Universal Title this year

I suspicion WrestleMania this year was disappointing. The uncover was 7 hours prolonged with a five-match categorical uncover and a two-match Kickoff Show so if we watched a whole thing, chances are we might have depressed defunct during some point. Who books an eventuality for 7 hours? WWE, that’s who.

In further to that, we felt like a label was unequivocally lacking in terms of featuring newer, fresher talent that could gleam on a large stage. The name that unequivocally stood out was Braun Strowman, who was pushed heavily streamer into 2017 and we figured he would have a large win during WrestleMania. Instead, he was in a f’n conflict stately on a Kickoff Show won by Mojo Rawley. Mojo Rawley! Are we teasing me? What a joke. Looking behind on that, it’s terrible booking. Strowman shouldn’t have been in that match. The fact that he was and didn’t win it was awful.

Strowman has been one of a best performers on WWE TV this year. His alleviation has been incredible. It would have been good if he was rewarded for it by doing some-more than simply being featured in categorical eventuality matches occasionally. When Strowman faced Brock Lesnar for a Universal Title during No Mercy, we suspicion Strowman should have won and Lesnar should have finished an damage angle to put over Strowman. That would have let Strowman work as a Universal Champion for a few months to give him some-more credit as a tip guy.

If WWE wanted to go with Lesnar fortifying a Universal Championship opposite Roman Reigns during subsequent year’s WrestleMania, they could have had Lesnar win it behind from Strowman during Royal Rumble 2018 and got to that same point. we comprehend that a story WWE wants to tell is that Lesnar can kick everybody solely Reigns, nonetheless they did that during a responsibility of spiteful Strowman.

The engagement of Strowman in ubiquitous has been good. we usually consider he could have been an even bigger name had he been featured some-more during WrestleMania and if he was means to slay The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

4. Shinsuke Nakamura losing mixed WWE pretension matches to Jinder Mahal

The many expected categorical register call-up this year was Shinsuke Nakamura going from NXT to Smackdown. It happened on a initial Smackdown after WrestleMania in April. Nakamura kick Dolph Ziggler several times and even kick John Cena purify to acquire a WWE Title shot during Mahal during SummerSlam. When they set that compare up, we figured Nakamura was going to win. Mahal’s WWE Title run wasn’t that exciting, so Nakamura had to win. Oops. we got that wrong. When they did a compare during Hell in a Cell in October, once again we suspicion it was time to lift a block on Mahal as champion. Once again, we was wrong there. Mahal was still WWE Champion and this time, his win was even cleaner than during SummerSlam.

It’s extraordinary to me how Nakamura has turn usually another male in WWE. He had this special aura about him in NXT. They stable him a lot by not carrying him remove many matches, nonetheless here he was losing mixed WWE Title matches to Mahal. If it was me, Nakamura wouldn’t have even got a WWE Title shot until subsequent year’s WrestleMania. Just keep him bustling doing other things. we can’t explain since WWE requisitioned Nakamura a approach they did this year. It undone me a lot.

3. Bayley winning Women’s Title too early and losing momentum

I’m not certain what WWE was meditative with Bayley. They brought her adult to a categorical register after SummerSlam 2016. The devise from that impulse should have been that she won a Raw Women’s Title during WrestleMania 33 in 2017. Simple, right? Nope. Not this company. Instead of watchful until WrestleMania, she won a Women’s Title from Charlotte Flair on a Feb. 13 book of Raw. we didn’t remember a date by heart, nonetheless if it was WrestleMania, we would have famous when it was. That’s a point. Instead of giving her a special “WrestleMania moment” that WWE mentions all a time, she got it on Raw.

Bayley finished adult maintaining a Raw Women’s Title compare in a four-way during WrestleMania that was usually an normal match. If she won a pretension there, it would have been many some-more memorable. That was followed adult with Bayley’s terrible argument opposite Alexa Bliss, that saw Bayley remove a pretension to Bliss in her hometown of San Jose since for whatever reason, WWE loves engagement people as losers in their hometown. Remember when Bliss did that “This is Your Life” blueprint about Bayley? One of a misfortune segments of a year.

It’s no warn that Bayley hardly gets a greeting on WWE TV these days. The usually time a fans unequivocally adore her is when WWE is in England, where a fans sing a “Hey Bayley” song. For a many part, though, her throng reactions have left divided and she’s hardly on a radar on Raw these days.

The engagement of Bayley on a categorical register seemed so easy, nonetheless WWE’s artistic group managed to screw it up.

2. Bray Wyatt’s argument with Randy Orton that didn’t assistance possibly man

Bray Wyatt is substantially a misfortune requisitioned wrestler on any uncover and that’s been a box for a few years. What’s unhappy is that Wyatt won his first WWE Championship progressing this year during Elimination Chamber in a compare that we suspicion was one of a best this year. On a Smackdown that followed, he had a good triple hazard compare with John Cena and AJ Styles where he won clean. Finally, WWE was pulling this male and utilizing him as a categorical eventuality talent. Sadly, it didn’t final too many longer.

Randy Orton won a Royal Rumble, so that set adult a Wyatt vs. Orton compare during WrestleMania. Originally, Orton didn’t wish to plea his then-ally Wyatt, nonetheless it was all a device as Orton burnt down Wyatt’s home and it incited Orton face again. That led to a WrestleMania compare for a WWE Title that saw WWE try to do something opposite by utilizing this aerial cam that showed a ring full of insects. It was so cheesy. They didn’t do it again since of how many people hated it. Orton won a WWE Title from Wyatt in a 10-minute match, so Wyatt’s WWE Title power lasted reduction than dual months.

If we suspicion WrestleMania was bad, a House of Horrors compare during Payback that followed was even worse! Once again, it was WWE’s artistic group perplexing something with Wyatt that unsuccessful miserably. Wyatt finished adult winning a match, that wasn’t for Orton’s WWE Title, since by that indicate WWE wanted Mahal to kick Orton for a title. Mahal even cost Orton a match. The whole thing was a mess.

This was a misfortune argument of a year and Wyatt hasn’t been means to rebound behind even while feuding with a good performer on Raw.

1. Jinder Mahal’s beast lift as a WWE Champion on Smackdown

I don’t consider anything comes tighten to this choice. There’s no softened sign that WWE can do whatever they wish with any wrestler during any time than what they did with Jinder Mahal this year. You might remember that during WrestleMania, he finished second to Mojo Rawley (what a choice that was) in a conflict royal. Mahal got altered to Smackdown, was put into a multi-man compare to establish a No. 1 contender to a WWE Title and he finished adult winning, interjection to a debuting Singh Brothers assisting him.

Mahal kick Orton for a WWE Title during Backlash on May 21 to turn a 50th opposite male to reason a WWE Championship. we could hear people groaning usually typing that!

The categorical reason since WWE put their many desired championship on Mahal was since they wish to grow their product in India. Since Mahal’s family is from India (he grew adult in Calgary), we can see since they suspicion that way, nonetheless since not devise it better? If Mahal had an considerable display in a Royal Rumble, it might have helped. Perhaps he could have won some midcard feuds to uncover that he had softened as a performer. Instead, they usually bearing him to a categorical event, fundamentally told a assembly to trust in this male and we could tell a people didn’t buy into it. Smackdown became worse this year mostly since we went from saying a good WWE Champion like a Dean Ambrose or AJ Styles to Jinder Mahal. It usually didn’t work.

That’s since we was so blissful AJ Styles won a WWE Championship from Mahal final week. The 170-day power of Mahal as WWE Champion should be remembered as an examination left wrong. we don’t even censure a performer. He attempted hard. It was usually a matches were next normal (aside from when Styles kick him since Styles is a best in a ring), promos were repeated and he had “go away” feverishness rather than genuine heel heat.

By a way, bringing behind The Great Khali to assistance Jinder Mahal keep a WWE Title opposite Orton in a Punjabi Prison compare during Battleground was a terrible pierce too. So bad. One of a misfortune matches of a year.

If WWE had a devise to put a WWE Title on him, they should have designed it out for 6 months. Have a Mahal kick a plain midcard performer in a argument for dual months, put him over a somewhat bigger name, afterwards an even bigger name and unexpected people can buy into him being during Orton’s level. By doing what they did, WWE didn’t let a impression develop. That harm him and it also harm a peculiarity of Smackdown.

Here’s anticipating 2018 has fewer mistakes from a engagement viewpoint and some-more symbol out moments that we speak about in a auspicious way.

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