Conor McGregor’s Instagram “Apology” Following Violent Bus Attack Is Seriously Pathetic

  • Conor McGregor posted a thinking print of himself on Instagram, along with a heading about training lessons
  • The warrior was charged with 3 depends of misconduct conflict and one could of transgression rapist effect after vigourously crashing a UFC 223 media day
  • The conflict left dual fighters injured

    Don’t worry, everyone: Conor McGregor is doing usually excellent after vigourously aggressive a UFC bus.

    McGregor recently crashed a UFC 223 media day, allegedly throwing a palm barrow by a window of a train and injuring dual associate fighters in a process. UFC mislaid 3 scheduled fights, and McGregor was charged with 3 depends of misconduct conflict and one count of transgression rapist mischief.

    Now, McGregor has kind of, arrange of, not really apologized for his actions in a many Conor McGregor approach humanly possible.

    Behold, a sorry-not-sorry gram:

    “It is usually a doctrine if we learn from it. we learn each day,” McGregor wrote alongside a print of himself staring mournfully off into a distance, while literally twiddling his thumbs.

    It is usually a doctrine if we learn from it. we learn each day.

    A post common by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Apr 13, 2018 during 5:27pm PDT

    Well, that really settles that.

    The matter around Myspace print from circa 2003 constitutes McGregor’s initial open difference given withdrawal Michael Chiesa with “severe” facial lacerations and flyweight Ray Borg pang “multiple cornea abrasions.” Given McGregor’s outspoken nature, we will substantially get many, many some-more difference on a occurrence in a future, though for now we can all rest easy meaningful Conor McGregor is training a profitable doctrine from a day he left strawweight champion Rose Namajuna so shaken, she walked a mile behind to her hotel by herself.

    While McGregor seems calm with withdrawal this one to a sullen Instagram post, it’s engaging to note he has seemingly apologized for his actions in a past. Some situations have been some-more critical than others, like his use of a homophobic offence final year (“I didn’t meant no disrespect“). There was also a time he jumped into a Bellator octagon post-fight and shoved a arbitrate (“I unequivocally apologize“), and a time he got punched by Floyd Mayweather too many times (“I’m sorry“).

    And afterwards there’s McGregor’s many famous apology, from a post-fight talk during UFC 205.

    “I’ve spent a lot of time… slating everybody in a company,” he told Joe Rogan.

    He continued:

    Backstage I’m starting fights over everybody. I’ve ridiculed everybody on a roster. we usually wish to contend from a physique of me heart, I’d like to take this possibility to apologize to positively nobody. The double champ does what a fuck he wants!

    The double champ does what a fuck he wants, indeed. It’s usually a doctrine if we learn from it, and there’s a lot we can learn about McGregor from that quote right there.

    So what do we consider of McGregor’s “apology” this time around?

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