Conor McGregor’s manager blasts Floyd Mayweather and boxer’s ‘bullying’ gym as he reveals quarrel is close

CONOR McGREGOR’S manager has vowed not to shake hands with “low life” Floyd Mayweather.

John Kavanagh admits he has no honour for a mythological warrior though insists that a quarrel is tighten to being reliable for September.

Conor McGregor's manager has strike out during Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor’s manager has strike out during Floyd Mayweather

McGregor and Mayweather’s highly-anticipated hitch has been in a works for months now.

But nonetheless a Irishman has sealed his finish of a deal, Mayweather’s stays blank.

And Kavanagh has now called on a warrior to get on with his business, adding that only since there’s an agreement doesn’t meant there’ll be any honour shown.

John Kavanagh has slammed Mayweathers gym and called a warrior a lowlife

John Kavanagh has slammed Mayweather’s gym and called a warrior a ‘low life’

Kavanagh told “To me, Mayweather is a low life. He’s a male I’d never wish to have any hit with. Regardless of a outcome of this fight, we won’t be jolt his hand.”

The tutor also claimed that Mayweather’s gym is full of bullies, adding: “[In April] we highlighted his story of domestic violence. That’s a fact. we have no time for any male with a lane record of such behaviour.

“From what I’ve seen of his gym, it appears to be a form of atmosphere in that bullies thrive. The improved warrior bullies his training partner. That’s not how it should work.”

McGregor looks set to get in a ring with Mayweather in September

McGregor looks set to get in a ring with Mayweather in September

However, it does seem an agreement is around a corner, with Kavanagh noting: “The quarrel is tighten to being concluded and it will be during a weight really tighten to 145 pounds – maybe only a integrate of pounds above that. Conor will uncover once opposite that creation weight, if necessary, isn’t an emanate for him.

“Everything has been concluded from Conor’s perspective, from numbers to order set. we don’t know what’s holding Mayweather so prolonged to pointer a agreement though we’re 100 per cent prepared to go.

“The round is in his justice now. We’re training for a fight, Sep has been mentioned, so we’re only watchful for a news with any flitting day.”

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