Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight: The long, circuitous highway to a hate compare during UFC 229

The adversary between stream lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former titleholder Conor McGregor has been a quite luscious one entering Saturday’s perfection in their hate compare during UFC 229 in Las Vegas. 

From a transgression conflict on a train to a furious quarrel of difference between a dual in a aftermath, this exhilarated argument has been among a many heated in UFC story and will furnish a 155-pound pretension hitch that is already being hailed as a biggest pay-per-view a competition has ever seen.

Let’s take a demeanour behind during how we got here in a timeline on a events that constructed Saturday’s fight.

Sept. 9, 2014: The beginning famous open communication between McGregor and Nurmagomedov seemed to paint them as accessible acquaintances with mutual honour for one another, as this Twitter sell seems to indicate. The fact that both fighters were formulation a training eventuality together, including a run-in from UFC’s amicable organisation to hype it up, seems roughly weird 4 years later. 

Sept. 28, 2014: One day after McGregor’s marvellous first-round TKO of Dustin Poirier in their featherweight hitch during UFC 178 in Las Vegas, Nurmagomedov excitedly posted a design of a dual assembly backstage during a MGM Grand Garden Arena. McGregor replied to a twitter a following day by saying, “I adore it champ!! The Russian Bear!!” At a time, Nurmagomedov was usually 5 months private from a breakthrough feat over destiny lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos yet would go on to skip dual full years due to a knee injury. 

Dec. 10, 2015: Two days before McGregor, afterwards a UFC’s halt featherweight beltholder, knocked out champion Jose Aldo to harmonize a titles during UFC 194 in Las Vegas, a ardent Irishman addressed fans and media during a final press conference. Asked either he would cruise relocating adult to lightweight should he better Aldo, McGregor answered approbation and offer responded to that warrior he is targeting by saying, “I cruise Khabib [Nurmagomedov] will get a lightweight belt.” The criticism was an engaging bit of indication from “Mystic Mac.”

Jan. 5, 2016: As McGregor began to angle toward relocating adult in weight for a lightweight pretension shot opposite dos Anjos, Nurmagomedov showed a initial spirit of unpleasantries between a dual fighters during an talk with ArabsMMA. Considering he had soundly degraded RDA before injuries sidelined him for dual years, Nurmagomedov was noticeably unfortunate during a suspicion of McGregor holding an eventuality from him. “I cruise Conor is a good warrior yet if he thinks he can come to a lightweight multiplication and have a possibility of violence me, he is delusional,” Nurmagomedov said. “I’m a misfortune matchup for him in a UFC. This is given he is perplexing to pierce adult and quarrel RDA now. He wants to equivocate fighting me. If he comes to lightweight and fights me, we will give him a good welcome.”

March 5, 2016: McGregor’s lightweight pretension shot during UFC 196 fell detached dual weeks progressing when dos Anjos pulled out with a feet injury. Instead of rescheduling a fight, McGregor resolutely ostensible a last-minute hitch opposite Nate Diaz during welterweight. After winning a initial turn and bloodying Diaz’s eye, McGregor ran out of gas and was submitted mins later. The outcome combined massacre for a featherweight multiplication as McGregor, usually 3 months private from winning a title, would never urge it as he continued to pursue big-money fights during aloft weights. 

April 16, 2016: Nurmagomedov successfully returned from damage with a second-round TKO win over late deputy Darrell Horcher during UFC on Fox in Tampa, Florida. Horcher transposed a harmed Tony Ferguson, that noted a second time a due quarrel opposite Nurmagomedov was canceled. After a fight, Nurmagomedov challenged dos Anjos to a rematch yet pronounced summer was out of a doubt while he celebrated Ramadan as partial of his Muslim faith. McGregor tutor John Kavanagh afterwards responded on Twitter with an unresponsive acknowledgement about sacrament that understandably brought a warning from Nurmagomedov. 

April 19, 2016: One month after McGregor concluded to a welterweight rematch opposite Diaz during UFC 200, a Irishman scarcely tighten down a internet for a day when he refused to fly from training stay in Iceland to Las Vegas for a press discussion and went on to fast retire from a competition on Twitter. 

April 21, 2016: With UFC scrambling to furnish a new categorical eventuality for UFC 200 after Dana White pulled McGregor, Nurmagomedov told Match TV he was offering a spot. “Yesterday, a UFC called me with a offer to reason a categorical hitch of a dusk opposite Nate Diaz or opposite Georges St-Pierre,” Khabib said. “They wish that we will take a fight. But it is 4 days after a month of Ramadan, and it would be tough physically to quarrel 5 rounds. I’ll be behind in Sep and October.” White fast countered Nurmagomedov’s reveal, telling MMAJunkie, “To a best of my knowledge, that is totally inaccurate. we wasn’t in that meeting.” 

Aug. 16, 2016: A furious summer for a UFC saw an tenure change following a $4 billion dollar sale in July, dos Anjos dethroned around knockout by former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez and Diaz-McGregor II rescheduled for UFC 202. Alvarez began to publicly debate for a lightweight pretension invulnerability opposite a leader of Diaz-McGregor, that drew a madness of Nurmagomedov whose craving for a pretension shot continued to grow. “The Eagle” let out that disappointment with a twitter during McGregor observant a Alvarez quarrel was his. 

Aug. 20, 2016: McGregor outlasted Diaz around infancy preference in their UFC 202 rematch in Las Vegas. The five-round classical was now hailed as one of a biggest bouts in a sport’s history. Despite comments from McGregor in a issue that he elite a shot during a lightweight pretension next, White chose opposite stripping him of his 145-pound title. 

Sept. 19, 2016: Nurmagomedov’s annoy usually escalated a some-more rumors of an Alvarez-McGregor hitch raged on. The local of Russia told ESPN’s “Five Rounds” podcast that a suspicion of UFC giving McGregor a lightweight pretension shot is “No. 1 bullshit” deliberation he’s a champion in a reduce weight class. “I merit it. we am No. 1 ranked,” Nurmagomedov said. “Why UFC put me on No. 1 ranking if they don’t wish to give me pretension shot? Why do they make rankings? They can't give him a pretension shot given he’s never fought with a tip guys, like tip five, tip 10 in a lightweight division, and they wish to give him pretension shot?”

Sept. 20, 2016: With Alvarez reportedly stalling negotiations with McGregor by seeking for some-more money, White sent out a extraordinary twitter 3 days progressing in response to a fan by denying Alvarez-McGregor rumors and claiming Nurmagomedov will get a categorical eventuality container during UFC 205 in November. 

Sept. 27, 2016: After UFC announced McGregor would defence Alvarez in a categorical eventuality of a company’s initial uncover during New York’s Madison Square Garden, Nurmagomedov took to Twitter to cry that he had been used as a negotiating pawn

Oct. 5, 2016: One week after Nurmagomedov ostensible his possess UFC 205 quarrel opposite Michael Johnson, he appeared on “The Luke Thomas Show” on SiriusXM and finished some transparent threats toward UFC about what would occur should he not get a pretension shot in his subsequent fight. “If we don’t fight, we am gonna uncover how we have energy in Russia,” Nurmagomedov said. “I don’t quarrel in UFC never and UFC never go to Russia. Because UFC cruise Conor have power? we have power, too. we have power, too. This is not all about pay-per-view. we have power, too. we am gonna uncover this power.”

Nov. 11, 2016: Following a rite weigh-in during Madison Square Garden before UFC 205, Nurmagomedov and McGregor indispensable to be distant after fast carrying words. Oddly adequate a occurrence noted roughly a median indicate in a four-year debate for a dual fighters from posing together for a print backstage during UFC 178 to confronting off during UFC 229 in a biggest quarrel in association history. 

Nov. 12, 2016: McGregor stopped Alvarez around second-round TKO to turn a initial UFC warrior to reason dual titles simultaneously. After an aroused widen of 4 pay-per-view bouts in 12 months, McGregor also spoke about wanting during slightest 6 months off to support a pregnancy of his longtime girlfriend, Dee Deviln, who would give birth to their initial child, Conor Jack McGregor Jr., in May of a following year. McGregor left MSG on this night revelation reporters that he would need a square of UFC tenure to cruise ever returning to a Octagon. 

On a PPV undercard, Nurmagomedov incited in his possess noted opening by entirely winning Johnson after being rocked in a opening round. Late in a fight, with White examination cageside, Nurmagomedov famously paused during his ground-and-pound to tell a UFC president, “Don’t send me some-more of your feign contract, we need genuine contract. You already know we merit this so send genuine agreement and we will go finish this fight.” Moments later, Nurmagomedov mercifully finished a hitch around submission. After a fight, Nurmagomedov cut a promo on McGregor during his post-fight talk inside a enclosure with Joe Rogan, proposing a hitch in Russia by saying, “I wish to quarrel your chicken.”

Jan. 12, 2017: As McGregor remained idle from a championship picture, UFC requisitioned an halt pretension hitch during 155 pounds between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson for March. The much-anticipated showdown noted a third time a graduation attempted to make a fight. 

Jan. 28, 2017: With McGregor and late fighting star Floyd Mayweather doing their best to keep a review alive in a media, a suspicion of a fighting PPV compare between a dual began to pierce from anticipation to reality. Asked about a quarrel by TMZ Sports, Nurmagomedov pronounced he’s “the Floyd Mayweather of MMA” and reminded of his intuitions to face McGregor for a lightweight pretension as shortly as he returns. “Conor has to be clever given I’m going to pound Tony Ferguson and after I’m going to pound Conor McGregor,” Nurmagomedov said. “I cruise after this one, people will start to forget about this guy.”

March 3, 2017: One day before Nurmagomedov’s prolonged debate to a UFC pretension shot was ostensible to take place in Las Vegas, he was hospitalized due to a formidable weight cut and missed a weigh-in opposite Ferguson. Their UFC 209 hitch was canceled that day and Ferguson went on to contention Kevin Lee 7 months after to win a halt lightweight pretension during UFC 216. Nurmagomedov, meanwhile, was sidelined a residue of a year due to Ramadan and behind surgery. 

June 29, 2017: Two weeks after a Mayweather-McGregor fighting compare was announced for August, White began to widespread a word that McGregor was deliberation a UFC lapse after in a year. “You know what Conor told me? He said, ‘I wish Khabib in Russia,'” White told MMAJunkie. “Isn’t he f—ing awesome? He’s like, ‘I wish Khabib, in Russia.’ He’s awesome. Conor McGregor is a f—ing unicorn. There’s zero like him. He’s operative on fighting Floyd Mayweather and afterwards he’s articulate about fighting Khabib in Russia right after.”

July 15, 2017: Meeting with reporters in London on a final stop of a four-city general press debate with Mayweather, McGregor wouldn’t dedicate to a 2017 UFC lapse yet did contend his choices for subsequent competition were down to Diaz and Nurmagomedov. “There’s a few of them in a mix,” McGregor said. “A few of them need to lift their shit together, though, and get seductiveness going and get me interested. [Fighting Nurmagomedov in Russia] is positively one of a things we would like to do. Whether it’s next, we don’t know. we don’t even know how tighten a Russia thing is [or] either Khabib can lift his shit together. He missed weight.”

Aug 26, 2017: McGregor mislaid his pro fighting entrance around 10th-round TKO when Mayweather stopped a tired UFC champion on his feet. Although his opening exceeded a expectations of his critics, a reported $100 million that McGregor pocketed began to fuel conjecture that he might never quarrel opposite in UFC. The Mayweather quarrel constructed an strange 4.4 million PPV buys and helped UFC, according to White, furnish a biggest year financially in association story notwithstanding sagging PPV numbers due to a deficiency of McGregor and Ronda Rousey. 

Dec. 28, 2017: Two days before his lightweight lapse opposite Edson Barboza in Las Vegas, Nurmagomedov suggested that White betrothed him a lightweight pretension shot with a victory. Frustrated during his unconstrained office of a pretension shot, Nurmagomedov also reliable he’s deliberation slicing down to 145 pounds to face new featherweight champion Max Holloway. Asked by MMAFighting given he’s no longer seeking a McGregor fight, Nurmagomedov said, “To be honest, we don’t trust he will ever come behind yet maybe if income is there. He is a intelligent businessman and maybe it’s 50/50 yet we don’t cruise about him.”  

Dec. 30, 2017: Nurmagomedov returned from an 11-month deficiency to palm Barboza one of a many aroused and unilateral defeats for a quarrel that went a full three-round distance. The win during UFC 219 once again announced Nurmagomedov as a heading hazard to a lightweight climax as a champion McGregor’s destiny remained unknown. 

Jan. 1, 2018: Two days after Nurmagomedov’s win, McGregor common his exasperation with a opening in a array of tweets. “That Dagestani was dog shit a other night,” McGregor wrote. “You’s are all nuts. Game full of messy bums seeking to be slept. Pay me my value and Kings back. Truly truly truly get on your f—ing knees and desire me. Otherwise we don’t give a bollox. My whiskey is out this year and that’s Diddy bread. And that’s Diddy bread on tip of already Diddy bread. Now get your Diddy’s out and beg.” Nurmagomedov responded by typing “Shut adult #tapMashine” before posting a photoshopped design of himself roving a bear while chasing McGregor in an open field. 

Jan. 29, 2018: After signing on for a fourth try during fighting Ferguson, this time for a lightweight pretension in Apr during UFC 223, Nurmagomedov vowed to make McGregor wait should he pursue a possibility during convalescent his soon-to-be-stripped title. “[McGregor] can quarrel Diaz, and he can quarrel in boxing,” Nurmagomedov told RT Sport. “But, God willing, when we kick Tony Ferguson, I’m going to make him humble, and he has to lay in line. Everyone who wants to quarrel for a pretension during 155, [he says], ‘No way.’ When we turn UFC lightweight champ, I’m going to say, ‘Who is a genuine contender? Who has a five-, six-, seven-fight win streak?’ They have to quarrel for a pretension — not [McGregor].”

April 1, 2018: The fourth time was not a attract as Ferguson suffered a critical knee damage while doing media work during a radio studio to foster his pretension hitch with Nurmagomedov. With UFC unexpected scrambling to find a new opponent, Nurmagomedov finished a open defence to McGregor. 

April 2, 2018: After Holloway concluded to pierce adult in weight and on usually 6 days’ notice in sequence to save a UFC 223 categorical event, Nurmagomedov told TMZ Sports that McGregor strictly incited down an offer from UFC to face him. “My initial choice when Tony’s out, we tell, ‘Hey, where’s Conor? we need Conor. He’s champ. Bring this guy,'” Nurmagomedov said. “When UFC call [Conor], he say, ‘Oh, we am not ready.'” McGregor now responded on Twitter by crassly stating, “These fools put out some-more times than we do with my d—.”

April 3, 2018: The UFC 223 idiocy usually continued during a warrior hotel in Brooklyn, New York, when an indignant Nurmagomedov cornered McGregor teammate Artem Lobov in response to a video on amicable media in that Lobov called him a “p—-” for pulling out of fights due to injury. In an rumpus that was hold on camera, Nurmagomedov angrily pronounced in Russian (translation pleasantness of MMA Focus), “Don’t contend my name, we know me? You got it or not? I’m seeking you, contend it to my face. You pronounced I’m a pussy? Did you?” After Lobov twice denied creation a comments, Nurmagomedov sealed with, “How we didn’t say? Say it to my face. You pronounced I’m a pussy, didn’t you? How we didn’t say? Don’t contend such things anymore.” Nurmagomedov afterwards slapped him on a behind of a control before leaving. 

April 5, 2018: After jumping on his private craft from Ireland, McGregor and a vast environment snuck into media day during a Barclays Center usually dual days before UFC 223 to confront Nurmagomedov. McGregor went on to maniacally conflict a train in a loading wharf filled with UFC fighters and crew by throwing a barrow by a window and being ease from doing a same with a guardrail and rubbish can. The cracked potion caused injuries to fighters Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa (along with a UFC employee) and caused 4 UFC 223 bouts to be practiced or canceled (including Lobov’s after he was pulled for fasten McGregor’s entourage). Women’s strawweight champion Rose Namajunas scarcely pulled out of her co-main eventuality hitch due to romantic distress, that she claims she still suffers from as a outcome of a attack.   

The conflict was prisoner by UFC Embedded cameras and after used as a pivotal promotional video for Saturday’s fight. The same cameras interviewed a surprisingly ease Nurmagomedov as he exited a bus. “Just tell me where, where, and that’s it,” he pronounced about McGregor. “Why we need come here and uncover adult like we wish to quarrel or something like this? Send a summary … though security, though UFC, though nothing. Just send me a summary and let me know where and what time.” McGregor incited himself into military after that day and was charged with 3 depends of conflict and one count of rapist mischief. 

April 6, 2018: McGregor appears in shackles in a Brooklyn courtroom and was arraigned for a conflict on Nurmagomedov. He was expelled on $50,000 bail, that was posted by teammate Dillon Danis, and a decider ruled he was authorised to leave a nation brazen of his Jun 14 justice date. McGregor teammate Cian Cowley was also charged with one count of conflict and one count of rapist effect for his role, with bail set during $25,000.  

April 7, 2018: After a catastrophic few days that also saw Holloway announced medically non-professional to face Nurmagomedov due to a formidable weight cut and lightweight Paul Felder deemed incompetent to quarrel for a pretension as an unranked warrior by a New York commission, Nurmagomedov prisoner a dull UFC lightweight championship that was formerly nude of McGregor by winning a preference over Al Iaquinta. 

After a fight, Nurmagomedov told reporters during a press discussion that a McGregor hitch indispensable to happen. “We have to finish this beef,” he said. “You wish to fight, come. I’m going to make we humble. Just send me location. Now usually one champion, no some-more feign champions. You wish to fight, come here. Inside a enclosure or outward a cage, let me know. Without camera or media, like men. Send me location.”

White, who dual days progressing called McGregor’s actions “the many outrageous thing that has ever happened in UFC history,” also spoke during a UFC 223 post-fight press discussion and surprisingly began to alleviate his position by observant he talked to McGregor and there was “a mutual respect” between them. White also began to downplay a conflict in a pierce that led many to trust a Nurmagomedov-McGregor hitch was imminent. “At a finish of a day, there’s a lot worse that goes on in all a other sports,” White said. “So I’ll take a barrow by a window any day.”

May 26, 2018: During a press discussion in Liverpool, England, following Darren Till’s feat over Stephen Thompson during UFC Fight Night, White began to drive in a instruction of Nurmagomedov-McGregor apropos a reality. “Conor and we are going to accommodate in Las Vegas,” White said. “I’m flattering assured [a lightweight pretension fight] is a quarrel that Conor wants, and I’m flattering assured that is a quarrel Khabib wants. So yeah, we could see that happening.”

June 14, 2018: McGregor seemed fast before a Brooklyn justice and began a routine of defence negotiations in sequence to solve a matter swiftly. He also showed distress for a conflict by revelation reporters outside, “I bewail my actions that led me here today. we know a earnest of this matter and we am carefree that it gets resolved soon.”

July 5, 2018: Just days brazen of UFC 226 in Las Vegas, White strictly suggested that McGregor would not be trained by UFC for his actions in a conflict on a train carrying Nurmagomedov. “No, whatever happens to him in justice is gonna happen,” White told Yahoo Sports. “And let me tell we what, he’s been penalized financially. This is gonna cost Conor a shitload of money. He has been on a shelf for a while now, and will be for even longer until this is finished. There’s zero some-more we can do to him than what’s been finished to him by a law.”

July 15, 2018: Less than dual weeks before his final justice date, McGregor surprisingly showed adult on amicable media during a FIFA World Cup final in Moscow as a guest of Russian boss Vladimir Putin. Nurmagomedov was also in a track during a time and posted a design of himself nonetheless a dual did not accommodate and Nurmagomedov would go on to tell reporters he wasn’t meddlesome in a travel fight.

July 26, 2018: McGregor avoids jail time by pleading guilty to unfinished control for his purpose in a Brooklyn attack. Due to a defence agreement, McGregor’s defilement would not outcome in a rapist record, nor would it impact his immigration status. He was condemned to offer 5 days of village service, attend an annoy government module and compensate for a indemnification caused. “I usually wish to contend I’m grateful for a DA and a decider for permitting me to pierce forward,” McGregor pronounced outward of a courtroom. “I usually wish to contend to my family and my friends, appreciate we for a support.”

July 28, 2018: With McGregor privileged to lapse to a Octagon following his authorised proceedings, Nurmagomedov appeared in front of reporters during a UFC Fight Night label in Calgary. “I can’t trust we are going to quarrel given we unequivocally wish this guy, make him humble, a tiny bit learn him. [I wish to] not usually pound yet change his face, to change his face. With a face, we can change his mind to and this is what we want.”

July 31, 2018: During a brief stay in New York, McGregor was interviewed by TMZ Sports about negotiations for a Nurmagomedov fight. “It’s not official, yet we are close,” McGregor said. 

Aug. 3, 2018: One day before UFC 227 in Los Angeles, White took to a dais for a UFC 25th anniversary press discussion in that he announced most of a tumble quarrel schedule, highlighted by Diaz and Poirier during UFC 230 in New York. Asked if a Nurmagomedov-McGregor quarrel was close, White intentionally told a distortion and pronounced no. He after sealed a press discussion by throwing to a video of a warn exhibit that Nurmagomedov and McGregor were requisitioned for UFC 229 in Las Vegas. Angered during what he suspicion was a miss of respect, Nate Diaz stormed out of a museum during a video and outward told reporters he wouldn’t quarrel on Nov. 3 (although he went on to change his tune). 

Sept. 5, 2018: During a quite still month as both fighters began training stay and stayed divided from vocalization publicly, McGregor began to taunt Nurmagomedov on amicable media including a heading to a print of himself that read, “If he dies, he dies afterwards I’m paid twice.”

Sept. 20, 2018: Meeting face-to-face for a initial time given McGregor’s Apr 5 train attack, a dual fighters common a same theatre during New York’s Radio City Music Hall for a sole press discussion before a fight. One-liners and heated threats dominated a nearby 45-minute event, that was hold on a theatre of a museum in front of a tiny organisation of media and an dull assembly behind them due to White’s preference to anathema a open from attending for confidence reasons. While a fighters avoided any earthy contact, a power between them was real, with McGregor revelation Nurmagomedov, “If we got off that bus, you’d be dead.” White went on to call it a “darkest” press discussion he had been detached of. 

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