Conor McGregor: UFC contingency ‘entice me’ after Floyd Mayweather fight

9:58 PM ET

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is attempting to use his precedence to get a bigger square of a pie.

Appearing Wednesday in Dublin during a opening of his documentary, “Notorious,” McGregor pronounced he wasn’t returning to a Octagon unless he sum a pretension of UFC owners to his name.

“They’ve got to tempt me now given we came from a billion dollar fight,” McGregor told reporters. “They’ve got to tempt me. we wish equity. we wish ownership. we wish to be a loyal partner, identical in a approach we was in a Floyd fight. we was a upholder and we was a fighter, and that contingency continue for me to continue.”

McGregor, who hold his possess in a detriment to Floyd Mayweather in his veteran fighting entrance in August, formerly pronounced a 3 UFC fights he fought in 2016 finished him a sum $40 million. He perceived a guaranteed check of $30 million for his quarrel with Mayweather, and his sum payday substantially approached $100 million after bursting a square of it with a UFC.

Last year, McGregor started pulling a equity angle, though UFC boss Dana White pronounced during a time that a usually approach McGregor would turn an owners was if he bought in.

Perhaps not anymore.

“Conor is Conor,” White told ESPN on Thursday in New York. “If anybody deserves that stuff, it’s freaking Conor. Conor is a genuine understanding and he’s a outrageous superstar, a tellurian luminary and we will get a understanding done.”

McGregor appears to have precedence given he has valid to be a UFC’s biggest star. His final fight, during UFC 205 in New York in Nov 2016, generated $17.7 million in sheet sales, roughly 8 times a embankment of a normal UFC quarrel card.

Beyond that, a UFC has had a worse time formulating other stars on his turn and also recently mislaid dual of a biggest stars over a 13-month period, Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones, who unsuccessful a second drug exam after UFC 214 and faces adult to a four-year suspension.

Despite a struggles, a new cash-out of White’s partners, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, reportedly resulted in a new gratefulness for a classification of $5 billion, adult from a $4 billion WME-IMG paid for it final July.

What could motivate White, who finished some-more than $300 million in a UFC sale some-more than a year ago, is that his income is tied to a UFC’s destiny profits.

“I don’t ever get whatever about anyone entrance behind or either they wish to retire,” White said. “I pronounced heading adult to a Mayweather quarrel that we competence never see Conor again when we get a ambience of that kind of money. we feel like he does wish to fight, so we’ll figure it out.”

McGregor, who started offered a training module and announced a branded whiskey after a Mayweather quarrel pronounced he has “many entities and many other interests than can lift on.”

The year anniversary of McGregor’s final UFC quarrel is in 10 days.

Said McGregor: “I’m already set.”

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