Conor McGregor: a 10 many Googled questions about a male fighting Floyd Mayweather

Things get a small some-more thespian on McGregor’s chest, where he proudly displays a silverback gorilla, wearing a crown, with a heart in a mouth. “I only like a approach it looks,” McGregor once mused.

On his forearms, McGregor’s tattoos embody a rose bush, a time display 3.35pm, a dagger, a stick-figure in a fighting stance, a male in a tip hat, and a troops sign “slow is smooth, well-spoken is fast”.

Does it stop there? It does not. McGregor’s stomach is ornate with a tiger, and his name – lest he ever forget – and his nickname “Notorious”.

What did 50 Cent contend to Conor McGregor?

McGregor took a event on a New York leg of a promotional universe debate to dump a few star names. Most notably, he took a appropriate during 50 Cent while addressing a rapper’s good crony Mayweather:

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