Conor McGregor starts ring sessions with 8 rounds opposite Paulie Malignaggi

4:07 AM ET

LAS VEGAS — UFC star Conor McGregor common a fighting ring with former two-weight universe champion Paulie Malignaggi on Thursday. McGregor is scheming for an Aug. 26 hitch with Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor, 29, posted a print from a eight-round event to amicable media. It shows McGregor with his hands behind his back, and a caption, “They contend I’ve got no hands.”

According to Malignaggi, who says he will continue to offer as one of McGregor’s unchanging ring partners over a subsequent 5 weeks, a print represented a suggestion of their initial ring session.

“There was a lot of rabble articulate right away,” Malignaggi told ESPN. “A lot of fighting right away. At a end, we demeanour behind on it, it was kind of fun. we don’t have many people who can compare my rabble talk, though Conor really can. It was creation it a lot of fun.”

Of course, a universe already knows McGregor, a two-division champ in a UFC, can speak trash. The question, going into his initial veteran fighting compare opposite a undefeated Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs), is either a UFC star can box.

Malignaggi, who late from veteran fighting in March, wouldn’t hold specific details, though regularly referred to his event with McGregor as “good work.”

“To contend a churned martial artist is entrance into fighting and wouldn’t be ungainly is an understatement,” Malignaggi said. “He’s going to have his possess character and set of things he does. He’s got a diversion plan. It’s not what people think.

“I’ll put it like this: He knows what he wants to do and he has a routine of how he wants to get there. The resource of how he gets there might look, to a exposed eye, ‘hmm, we don’t know about this.’ But there’s a routine to his madness. He’s a thinker.”

McGregor meets village use obligation

Conor McGregor talked with children and teenagers in Dublin to finish a 25 hours of village use imposed by Nevada officials following a profanity-laced, bottle-throwing prefight news discussion final August.

Malignaggi pronounced they were creatively scheduled for 6 rounds, though finished adult fluctuating it to eight. He pronounced both showboated during times, though he couldn’t theory either McGregor will do so in a quarrel with Mayweather.

Asked to report a energy of McGregor’s left hand, that has been his best arms in churned martial arts, Malignaggi pronounced there is “pop.”

“He’s got some cocktail in a left hand, we can’t take that divided from him,” Malignaggi said. “In boxing, generally opposite a man like Floyd Mayweather, we need to digest a few some-more weapons, and we consider that’s what Conor is operative on. we consider … entrance into this conditions already meaningful Conor has a large left palm … you’re substantially going to ready for that left hand.

“Obviously, Conor is operative on other things besides a left hand, so there can be that warn component to it. … There’s going to be other things he needs to make we worry about, and that’s what’s being worked on in camp. He’s effective during what he’s doing.”

Malignaggi described a camp’s mood as “serious” and pronounced McGregor instituted a review during a finish of a session. Once a power of foe lowered, Malignaggi pronounced McGregor was “actually a chill, normal guy.”

A Brooklyn native, Malignaggi fought professionally from 2001 to 2017. He faced a likes of Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Juan Diaz, Amir Khan, Adrien Broner, Zab Judah, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia, among others.

“I consider [McGregor] is definitively an underdog, though he has a routine to what he’s doing and he has a meditative routine behind it,” Malignaggi said. “This is a quarrel of moments, and we consider he can give himself certain moments.

“If those moments spin into bigger moments, that’s not adult to me. That’s adult to Conor McGregor.”

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