Conor McGregor Seemingly Ends Retirement After Calling Rival’s Muslim Wife Ethnic Slur in Tweet

Just days after announcing his retirement, Conor McGregor might be returning to a octagon after all.

McGregor — who announced his retirement from churned martial arts on Mar 25 — sent out a array of tweets toward opposition Khabib Nurmagomedov on Tuesday that pounded a fighter’s Muslim faith.

In one of a posts, McGregor enclosed a design of Nurmagomedov on his marriage day seated subsequent to his wife, whose face was entirely lonesome in normal garb. The 30-year-old fighter, who has been scrutinized for his tongue in a past, called Nurmagomedov’s mother “a towel” — that is deliberate an racial offence — and deleted a tweet. Screenshots of a messages, including a slur, were posted to Yahoo Sports.

Nurmagomedov — who is Russian and a righteous Sunni Muslim, according to a Washington Post — responded with a twitter of his own that referenced a former UFC champion allegedly being investigated for a passionate conflict that occurred in Ireland final year. Authorities in a nation have questioned McGregor, though he was expelled and has not been charged, according to a New York Times.

“You are a deceiver who is not obliged for your actions,” review Nurmagomedov’s response, in part. “Justice will find you.”

The subsequent day, McGregor stoked a abandon once again by job Nurmagomedov’s mother a “goat” in a twitter that he, once again, fast deleted.

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But on Wednesday night, McGregor seemed to strike a sentimental tinge in a summary on amicable media that settled he wanted to “move forward,” after he was heavily criticized by fans for a prior comments.

“I wish to pierce forward, with my fans of all faiths and all backgrounds,” McGregor wrote in a tweet. “All faiths plea us to be a best selves. It is one universe and one for all.”

Then he added, “Now see we in a octagon.”

McGregor’s repute did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s ask for comment.

If McGregor earnings to a UFC, it would put an finish to his second retirement in 3 years — he formerly told a universe he was timid around Twitter in Apr 2016, afterwards fought again several months after during UFC 202.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov have an endless — and exhilarated — history. The dual were during a core of debate final year when McGregor flew from Ireland to New York to confront a warrior in a parking garage of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, that resulted in viral video of McGregor outstanding a windows out of a bus. He would after obey to a New York City Police Department.

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The dual fighters afterwards faced off during UFC 229 in a highly-anticipated compare that finished with a post-fight brawl that saw Nurmagomedov bound over a enclosure to conflict one of McGregor’s teammates. During a skirmish, dual other group entered a ring and punched McGregor. Nurmagomedov kick McGregor in a fourth-round acquiescence to win a lightweight title.

McGregor many recently done headlines in Mar when he was arrested in Miami Beach after he allegedly damaged, afterwards stole a phone of a fan attempting to take a print with him. He was charged with strong-arm spoliation and rapist effect after a occurrence at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

“Last evening, Conor McGregor was concerned in a teenager rumpus involving a dungeon phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement,” McGregor’s invulnerability attorney, Sam Rabin, told ESPN. “Mr. McGregor appreciates a response of law coercion and pledges his full cooperation.”

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Apr 10.

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