Conor McGregor Reveals He Almost Returned to UFC in May But ‘Something Came Up’

McGregor pronounced his lapse didn’t occur given “something came up.”

Conor McGregor suggested that he roughly returned to UFC final month until “something came up.”

In an Instagram post, McGregor discussed his No. 4 mark on Forbes’ highest-paid athletes list for 2017 and how he would have landed aloft if he fought in an “agreed May 12th hitch in Rio de Janiero.” McGregor went on to contend that a quarrel did not occur given “something came up.”

The quarrel would have many expected been with Rafael dos Anjos for a halt welterweight championship. McGregor could have potentially won a pretension in a third category in a fight, that no UFC warrior has accomplished.

McGregor has not fought for UFC given Nov 2016, nonetheless he mislaid to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a fighting compare in Aug 2017.

He was nude of his featherweight belt that he won in Dec 2015 opposite Jose Aldo and his lightweight belt from a second-round TKO of Eddie Alvarez in Nov 2016 after he did not urge them.

The “something” that presumably came adult could have been an Apr occurrence where McGregor attacked a bus after being nude of his lightweight belt. The occurrence happened during a UFC 223 media day eventuality during a Barclays Center. McGregor was charged with 3 depends of attack and one count of rapist effect and is due in justice on Jun 14.

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