Conor McGregor quotes Rocky knave Ivan Drago in latest Floyd Mayweather training stay video

Conor McGregor appears to be holding impulse from a Rocky cinema forward of his veteran fighting entrance opposite Floyd Mayweather – and has been quoting array knave Ivan Drago in an try to dominate his opponent.

The rabble speak between a dual group is commencement to feverishness up, with a super-fight reduction than dual months away.

But McGregor has taken things adult a nick or two, by channelling a cold-hearted Russian knave of Rocky IV.

The Irish UFC luminary this weekend common another video from inside his training camp, along with a caption: “If he dies. He dies.”

That’s usually what Drago says during a commencement of a fourth Rocky film, while violence Carl Weathers’ impression Apollo Creed to a pulp.


Despite McGregor’s apparent love for Drago, a real-life Rocky has come out in support of a two-weight UFC universe champion.

Sylvester Stallone has sloping McGregor to win a Las Vegas showdown, and claimed that a much-criticised quarrel is in fact good for a competition of boxing.

“You know who’s gonna win. You know who’s gonna win!” he told TMZ Sports this week.

“I usually got a underdog. It’s good for boxing. [McGregor]’s a genuine life Rocky. But afterwards again … we live in fantasy.

“[Mayweather]’s gonna get hurt,” he added. “Nah, I’m usually kidding. Let’s put it this approach guys, it’s never been finished before. Never been finished before! So we never know.”

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