Conor McGregor net worth: How has he done his money, who sponsors him, how most will Floyd Mayweather quarrel …

Not usually is Conor McGregor a highest-paid warrior in a story of MMA, he is also one of a world’s tip 25 top earning athletes.

Earlier this year, Forbes named McGregor as a world’s 24th highest-paid athlete, interjection to dual outrageous pay-per-view (PPV) successes during UFC 202 and 205, as good as a array of remunerative sponsorships and endorsements.

But McGregor hasn’t stopped there, and a 29-year-old will now quarrel Floyd Mayweather in what is moulding adult to be a many remunerative eventuality in a story of quarrel sports.

The quarrel looks set to see McGregor some-more than double his net worth, resolutely substantiating him as one of a biggest superstars in universe sport.

And McGregor is also approaching to pointer a raft of new sponsorship deals on a behind of participating in a record-breaking quarrel with PPV aristocrat Mayweather.

But what is his estimated net worth? Who are his sponsors? And accurately how most income does he mount to make by fighting Mayweather?

Here, we tell we all we need to know about McGregor’s unusual financial muscle.

What is McGregor’s estimated net worth?

Forbes named McGregor as a world’s 24th highest-paid contestant in 2017 — a place above tennis actor Kei Nishikori and one behind lane and margin luminary Usain Bolt.

According to Forbes, McGregor done $27m (£21m) from his UFC quarrel purses, with his gain surfaced adult by $7m (£5.5m) in endorsements and sponsorships. That gives him a sum net value of $34m.

In their form of McGregor, a American business repository combined that a Irishman stands to dramatically urge his net value this year.


“McGregor’s biggest payday awaits in a intensity fighting compare with Floyd Mayweather that could attract 3 million or some-more PPV buys,” Fobres said. “McGregor is set to acquire $75 million if a hitch comes to fruition.

“The Irishman has let many of his publicity deals relapse as he gears adult for a spotlight and potentially bigger deals that would come with a Mayweather fight. He did pointer new selling pacts with Anheuser-Busch and Beats by Dre in a open of 2017.”

Who sponsors McGregor?

In May, it was announced that McGregor had concluded an publicity understanding with Beats by Dre.

It’s a pleasing day! we am now strictly a @beatsbydre athlete! Shoutout to a good Jimmy Iovine, Bono @U2, and also my hermit @Champagnepapi as we began operative this understanding during his uncover in L.A. It is an honour for me to join this prestigious team, alongside some of a worlds biggest athletes and musicians. Welcome to a Mac Life. #BEHEARD

A post common by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on May 26, 2017 during 2:16pm PDT

He is also sponsored by a series of other companies, including Monster Energy, Reebok and Bud Light. McGregor has also worked with a oppulance automobile association Rolls Royce, and was given a cusod done automobile by a association in 2016.

Recently, McGregor has posted cinema on his amicable media feeds display him wearing Nike training equipment, augmenting conjecture he could announce another remunerative sponsorship in a days forward of a Mayweather fight.

Didn’t Mayweather contend McGregor was value distant reduction than $34m?

He certain did. Back in January, when a dual group were still variable over how most they stood to acquire from a super-fight, Mayweather tweeted a screenshot of a website that valued McGregor’s net value during $2.5m (£1.9m). In contrast, a website valued Mayweather during a cold $650m (£502m).

But all was not as it seemed. As McGregor’s legions of fans were discerning to indicate out, a screenshot did not take into care a Irishman’s gain past UFC 196. And given McGregor has learnt a bulk of his income given that event, that poses a problem.

At UFC 202, McGregor set a new record for a top quarrel purse in MMA history, that he afterwards equaled during UFC 205. He took home $3m (£2.3m) for fighting during any event.

And that’s though holding into care all of a sponsorship deals a Irishman has sealed given UFC 196, that took place behind in Mar 2016.

How most does McGregor mount to acquire from this fight?

If a PPV stays roughly in line with a Mayweather v Pacquiao fight, a Mayweather v McGregor quarrel purse is approaching to be value around $390m (£300m). Total revenues are duration approaching to surpass $500m (£390m).

Somewhat unfortunately, a dual group sealed a confidentiality agreement when they sealed their contracts, definition a accurate separate will not be revealed.


We know that Mayweather is removing some-more however, with estimates trimming in a 70-75% region.

Boxing Kingdom were one of a initial sites to put their neck on a line with a some-more specific prediction, with Mayweather slated to make $400m (£307m) from a fight, and McGregor $127m (£98m). That’s a lot, though a separate ratio could good be in that severe region.

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