Conor McGregor let a profanities fly on his suit

10:05 PM ET

After Conor McGregor’s confidant conform matter during Tuesday’s news discussion compelling his Aug. 26 quarrel with Floyd Mayweather Jr., there’s usually one doubt on everyone’s mind: What will a reigning UFC lightweight champion wear on Wednesday?

McGregor showed adult to a initial stop on a media debate to foster a quarrel wearing what, from a distance, seemed to be a normal three-piece, pinstripe suit. But a close-up picture of a fit suggested that a pinstripes were done adult of a word “F— You” steady plumb over and over.

According to GQ, a fit was done by wardrobe tag David August, and a company’s CEO, David Aug Heil, told a magazine, “Conor has been a longtime customer and crony of ours, and we’re deeply respected to be a partial of this epic, ancestral story as it unfolds. With a force in sports and conform like Conor, it creates a pursuit sparkling to emanate singular looks that enhances his healthy certainty and power. He’s a disrupter in all he does, and we’re inebriated by his passion and drive.”

Although opinion is churned on either pinstripes — normal or McGregor’s tradition diagnosis — are in character these days, GQ had high regard for McGregor’s fit in general, essay “The … fit indeed fits a contestant unequivocally well, attack his shoulders during a right point, tapering in during a torso and display copiousness of frail white cuff.” McGregor wore a identical look, with normal pinstripes, during a news discussion heading adult to UFC 205 final year.

The Mayweather-McGregor press debate continues with stops in Toronto on Wednesday, Brooklyn on Thursday and London on Friday. Stay tuned to see if McGregor creates any some-more statements around his conform choices or if he boundary them to his mouth, that was also in epic and scurrilous form during Tuesday’s news conference.

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