Conor McGregor is acquire during Bellator Dublin notwithstanding enclosure advance during final eventuality says teammate Richard Kiely

Conor McGregor is acquire during Bellator Dublin in dual weeks time notwithstanding his actions during a MMA promotion’s final Irish event, a teammate has revealed.

The Notorious famously jumped into a enclosure after Charlie Ward’s quarrel with John Redmond during Bellator 187 in 2017, pulling a arbitrate and causing pandemonium during a 3 Arena.

But his SBG Ireland teammate Richard Kiely, who takes on Mickael Bucher in a prelims, has pronounced that he would be happy to see him there again to support his associate fighters when they take to a pad on Feb 23rd in a capital.

“The thing with Conor McGregor, and it’s one thing he has in common with me, is that if we try to tell him what to do he’s going to do his possess thing anyway,” Kiely told Irish Mirror.


“If we told him what to do, or clamp versa, both reactions would be a same, ‘I’ll do what we want’.

“From Bellator’s perspective, we consider they would adore him to be there, and if he wants to spin adult and support us, brilliant.”

McGregor’s antics lifted a form of a event, where Kiely fought then-BAMMA champion Alex Lohore for a Welterweight Championship.

And some of his closest friends, including Peter Queally, Charlie Ward and Kiefer Crosbie, will be fighting on a label in only underneath a fortnight.

Bellator MMA star Richard Kiely
(Image: ©INPHO/Gary Carr)


Kiely added: “If he wants to be there, he’s somebody who has spearheaded a growth of MMA globally, never mind in Ireland, and he’s a teammate, so by all means go for it.

“For his possess consequence we wish he doesn’t burst over a enclosure again or anything like that, we didn’t determine with what he did.

“But we won’t indicate a finger or chuck stones during him, I’ve finished things we shouldn’t have too. we kicked a man during a weigh-in!

Charlie Ward celebrates knocking out John Redmond with teammate Conor McGregor
(Image: INPHO/Gary Carr)


“I shouldn’t have finished that, and we went into a enclosure looking for Terrance Brazier as good when we was 1-0 so people in potion houses shouldn’t chuck strones.

“The inlet of his character, only like mine, is that something is going to occur again down a road. That’s because people are interested, either we like or dislike a likes of me or Conor, we could never credit us of being boring.”

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