Conor McGregor is losing fans in Ireland since of his egotistic persona, ex-teammate says


Conor McGregor’s voice dominated many of a UFC 229 press conference. The UFC criminialized fans from a eventuality and usually authorised media.

LAS VEGAS — While Conor McGregor still enjoys outrageous support from his countrymen, there is a poignant and flourishing shred of Irish multitude that has been incited off by his over-the-top, outrageous and infrequently aroused antics.

Myles Price is a former teammate of McGregor. In a early partial of this decade Price was regarded as a best lightweight in Ireland, while McGregor was seeking to arise by a ranks. Price remembers McGregor as being a churlish co-worker who reacted feeble to possibly ring defeats or criticism.

Yet a growth of McGregor’s egotistic persona and furious outbursts in a lead-up to his UFC 229 strife with Khabib Nurmagomedov have not only caused Price to shake his head, though also to grow endangered about a summary being portrayed to immature masculine members of a Irish operative class.

“It is unequivocally dangerous,” Price, who will quarrel in a surging Bellator classification early subsequent year, told USA TODAY Sports. “It is tough flourishing adult in Ireland and a lot of immature lads demeanour adult to Conor’s function as a approach to repair their problems.

“Conor is utterly narcissistic, he cares about mercenary things and he wants some-more and some-more and more. Conor does his thing for selling reasons. But if we act like Conor, and we don’t have that fighting ability and that knockout power, we are going to get yourself in trouble. Conor is going to have this large army of recognition and fame, though all those things blur eventually when we forget about your morals.”

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Price sparred with McGregor before a former two-weight champion’s entrance into a UFC in 2014, before eventually withdrawal a SBG training organisation led by manager John Kavanugh. He still has friends on a organisation though never unequivocally got along with McGregor and says partial of a reason for his depart was that McGregor was surrounded by “yes men”, a conditions he believes is even some-more conspicuous now.

McGregor fast satisfied on entering a UFC in 2013 that he could benefit a outrageous following — and make himself a lot of income — with function essentially directed during attracting courtesy by any means.

His methods are ardent and inflammatory, true from a Floyd Mayweather playbook, and don’t lay good with many in Ireland. When McGregor threw a barrow during a train window carrying Nurmagomedov progressing this year and captivated military attention, his repute  fell further.

“There are a lot of people in Ireland that would like to see Khabib win,” Price added. “A lot of people consider like me, that he is not unequivocally good for Ireland since of a approach he goes on and he creates us demeanour bad. There are copiousness in Ireland who wish to see Conor get a small bit of common pie.

“The Irish fans are illusory and a Irish people are pleasing people, unequivocally respectful, unequivocally common and down to earth and only unequivocally passionate. Conor is roughly like a exception.”

In an intriguing twist, Price is now training as partial of a American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) in San Jose, Calif., where Nurmagomedov bases his camps. Yet while a 26-0 Russian, along with two-weight champion Daniel Cormier, are a best-credentialed members of a group, there is no set hierarchy.

“Khabib is a unequivocally common guy,” Price said. “They fun with me about being Irish, though he’s not one of those guys who is looking down on anyone since of his status. He takes constructive critique unequivocally well. Sometimes when we tell people what their flaws are we take it privately and it is kind of an romantic thing for them. He doesn’t like carrying all these ‘yes men’ to tell him he is good all a time,

“He is not going to desert his beliefs only to be some-more renouned in people’s eyes.”

The cooling towards McGregor is corroborated adult by a delayed drip of Irish fans entrance into Vegas this week. Previous McGregor clashes have seen a immeasurable liquid several days before quarrel night. Not so this time.

“There are a lot of people who have left off Conor a bit, if we are being honest,” Andrew Riordan, an MMA fan from Dublin, pronounced on Wednesday. “The train conflict was bad form. And also it is tough to see Conor as a working-class favourite when he is flashing all his imagination cars and watches.”

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