Conor McGregor Is Exactly The Rich Showy Asshole You Think He Is

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UFC megastar Conor McGregor is on a cover of GQ’s latest issue, and a magazine had Zach Baron form him for a cover story. The story kicks off with McGregor rolling his eyes during a $27,000 add-on he racked adult during a oppulance wardrobe store before display off a aeroplane hangar’s value of comically ostentatious cars. Over a march of 4,000 difference and a day spent with McGregor, it becomes extravagantly transparent that he is a plainly absurd figure who has spin rich and absolute to such a grade that his day-to-day life bears no similarity to yours or cave or anyone outward of a richest row of society.


This is a form of a male who can’t remember what outlandish islands he’s been to: “We’re only flowing. We’re on a earth. We’re only roving from place to place. I’m fucking everywhere.” He speaks in staccato boasts about his bona fides and all he says sounds like a line in a biopic about Conor McGregor created and destined by Conor McGregor.

Some examples:


“It’s all in a nutsack. It’s all in a ball sack. we only have certainty that comes from my large ball sack, and we know when we pound you, you’re going down. And that’s it.”

“I’m dropping $27,000. It’s about my eighth time in a final week. And we can’t drop, like, a slot block in? Are we fucking serious?!”

“They all wish to be me a little. That’s a Drake line. All them boys wish to be me a little. And it’s loyal as fuck.”

How do we feel about that?

“I mean, we don’t censure them. If we wasn’t me, I’d wish to be me, too.”

“Honestly, my fist is bigger than his head. we sleep people. we put people unconscious. I’m observant facts. If we strike that man, his conduct is gonna go into a bleachers. You know that? If we impulse that small conduct of his, it’s gonna go purify off his shoulders and adult into a bleachers.”

“I’ve only climbed to another spin of this, that we can only strech out and get whatever we desire, during any moment,” he says. “That’s where I’m during right now.”

At a finish of a piece—after Conor jaws off about how he whooped Nate Diaz’s donkey and he’ll whoop Floyd Mayweather’s ass, after a joking hazard to chuck Baron out of a automobile onto a Pacific Coast Highway, after he speaks with intense bend about a ideally dark-skinned genuine estate owners moving him to clean adult his personal brand—McGregor quickly deigns pronounce about broader governmental issues. Well, arrange of.

Baron asks him about a notion of a fighters’ union, and in standard McGregorian bombast, he says that fighters should try and concentration their will on achieving their goals by certain appetite rather than watchful for someone to repair their problems for them. It worked for him, so anyone who final improved diagnosis is subverting their possess certain will.


He takes a identical position when articulate about Trump and protestors. His comments about America’s new boss have gotten as many play as anything (save maybe his enterprise to demeanour during a asses of Kardashians like museum pieces) in a unavoidable assembly and greeting cycle that comes with a large tentpole form like this. His take on protesting a boss aligns with his views on a fighters’ union:

“When we start blaming others for your situation, like we see all these people screaming during these politicians”—he was in New York to quarrel Alvarez, he says, right after a election. The streets were full of anti-Trump protesters. “And we was like, ‘It’s a wrong mind-set!’”


So you’re observant it doesn’t matter if it’s Donald Trump or if it’s somebody else?

“No! It doesn’t. People like to censure others. we consider a chairman should only demeanour during their possess situation, demeanour around them, find out what they wish to do, and find and go and do that. And that’s it. we was in New York when all of that was going down, a protests in New York with a Trump thing. It’s like, ‘Trump, out!’

Right. Donald Trump competence not impact my life or your life much. But we consider it competence be really opposite for other people.

“Yeah, though we consider it’s indeed him that’s gonna…? Everybody’s only indicating during him, and we don’t know. Rather than putting your appetite into indicating a finger during somebody else, figure out what it is we need to do and do it, and do it right, and get it done, and get your conditions right. And if a chairman does that, afterwards their life will get better. Standing on a fucking picket…I don’t know.”

On one hand, McGregor’s row that a leaders in energy can’t impact your bland life or differently fuck we over if we have a certain mindset and simply find what we wish to do afterwards do it is breathtakingly genuine and wrongheaded. Urging people who could have or are carrying their lives busted to stop “blaming others for your situation” is dangerous tongue that obscures all demeanour of ghoulish people and institutions who are actively worsening people’s lives. But McGregor’s apolitical interest to pulling oneself adult by one’s bootstraps is a arrange of take you’d design him to have, since it some-more or reduction worked out that approach for him.



McGregor used to work as a plumber, scraping by on gratification checks in Ireland. Instead of protesting The Man, he became a fighter, and is now one of a many famous athletes in a universe and helped a UFC take a final step from border bloodsport to $4.2 billion business. Of march he’s going to sneer during a idea that a politician can impact your life. He punched his approach out, and now lives a life though fear, repercussions, or financial difficulties. That doesn’t make what he pronounced any reduction incorrect, though it’s a good sign not to spin to McGregor to accept recommendation on how to equivocate being dejected by a gears of a machine, and not to put too many batch in how he sees a world.


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