Confessions of a excessive Spurs fan

I grew adult in San Antonio, a vast city with a tiny city vibe. A family-oriented troops community, abounding in story and culture. Where many cities publicize splendid lights and complicated amusement, The Alamo City promotes Missions steeped in eremite and informative ties. The strong Hispanic village is proudly displayed by a humanities and dexterity that accoutre a city’s traveller attractions.

San Antonians applaud Mexico’s Independence days, Rodeo, Fiesta, and basketball. We are Spurs Nation. But to contend we was a Spurs fan from a commencement is a stretch. For one, NBA games weren’t ordinarily televised when we was a kid. For we younger readers, there were ONLY THREE CHANNELS. Not a lot of coverage and many of a games aired too late for me. Even during a Finals, many games were on fasten check if they were aired during all.

And many of a games that got courtesy were marquee games with marquee match-ups and marquee players. we was some-more in balance with what was going on with Los Angeles and Boston than we was with San Antonio. That is not to contend we wasn’t a Spurs fan, though my assemblage was in singular supply during my infirm years.

During a mid-80s, when a Spurs were in their dim period, tickets were not in direct and a final notation entice was not uncommon. In particular, I’d get a call from Jason, customarily an hour or dual before a game:

“Hey, my mom’s trainer isn’t regulating his deteriorate tickets tonight. She’ll expostulate us down to HemisFair if we wish to go.”

For an eleven year old, giveaway tickets and a float downtown was stone star treatment, not to be dismissed. For some reason, many of a games we witnessed as a 4th grader were Spurs vs. Clippers. Nowadays, a Spurs/Clippers diversion can fill a stadium. But in 1985, both teams had terrible records.

That’s how it was — until David Robinson. The Admiral breathed new life into a Spurs franchise. With a assistance of Sean Elliott, Avery Johnson, a Alamodome, and some snazzy fiesta coloring, we became a revolutionary Spurs fan in college. Crawfordsville, Indiana was pound dab in between Michael Jordan with a unstoppable Bulls, and Reggie Miller and his spectacle Pacers. And still, I’d come home any summer, collect adult my Pay-Per-View box and base a Spurs by a playoffs.

David Robinson dunks

And afterwards tragedy happened — we graduated from college and changed to California. Like a Prodigal Son, we took my inheritance, left a comfort of my homeland, and headed out into a land of distractions.

It was a dim time. Kobe and Shaq had total in Los Angeles and were about to pierce Phil Jackson in for a widespread epoch finale with a 3peat.

I wasn’t a fan of a Lakers, though everybody we hung out with was, that meant there was vigour to tumble in line. we consumed my resources and health by furious living. I’m not blaming anyone, we take full responsibility, and we acknowledge it was wrong. It took years to entirely rehabilitate, though we eventually done it back.

I was so mislaid that we usually took a impulse to grin and be unapproachable in 1999 when a Spurs felled a Knicks. we was in a center of Hollywood during Barney’s Beanery. And a throng we was with belittled me for not hating on a fact that anyone other than a Lakers won a title, generally a group that had knocked them out of a playoffs.

Bill Clinton

To assistance we know a inlet that we sank to, we contingency acknowledge that a center 3 titles didn’t even register with me. Just like a mislaid son, we totally mislaid lane of a Spurs and a NBA overall. But a seeds of my emancipation sprouted when a possibility reunion quickly reignited my attribute with my hometown team. we switched coasts for New York City, and on Feb 8, 2008, we went to Madison Square Garden with my father-in-law. Michael Finley strike a 3-point shot during a buzzer to send a diversion into overtime. we might have been a usually fan in a locus to burst from their chair in celebration. When a Spurs won in overtime, we walked out full of pride. But it was short-lived.

Fast-forward to 2013 — we was unresolved out with friends when someone said, “You’re from San Antonio, right? Must be vehement that a Spurs are behind in a Finals.”

I was floored. we had no idea. we immediately jumped into fan overdrive. First off, we indispensable to see if a games were accessible on a channel we had. We had an antennae to make a TV work (yes, Brooklyn was aged school), and a accepting was not great. It was a prosaic rectangle, about a distance of an iPad that we trustworthy to a wall. But vital underneath a moody settlement that consummated during LaGuardia meant accepting was spotty. we will always remember my wife, in her 8th month of pregnancy, channel taping and re-duct taping a small prosaic box so we could see any notation — seeking “How about that, how about now?” as she manipulated a antennae in a subsequent room.

I was hooked. Those dual weeks altered my life and reunited me with a Spurs, usually like that. So many so, that on Thursday, Jun 20th, immediately after that final game, we stood adult in my vital room and announced to my wife:

“We will pierce to San Antonio and lift this baby. Next year, a Spurs will be behind in a Finals opposite this same Heat. And a Spurs will WIN! And we will perpetually be means to tell my daughter that teamwork and faithfulness are improved than super teams and grand-standing.”

Photo taken during a shoot-around purchased by special offer by PtR
Jeph Duarte

Ten days after my daughter was born, we packaged her, my wife, and a restive dog into a Subaru Forester and gathering a 1826 miles home. First sequence of business was to make certain we had Fox Sports West so that we could watch any and any game. The second was to lots of Spurs clothing. And third, get prepared for a best deteriorate in Spurs history.

During parsimonious games, we literally sat on a corner of my seat. My power unfortunately gathering a whirly rescue dog to fits of stress as she’d gait around until a diversion was over. Now we were bone-fide Spurs fan as my mother watched along with me, removing as wrapped adult in a outcome as I.

We went to some games, got a full fever. Some students of cave whose families had deteriorate tickets brought me those overwhelming “Go Spurs Go” shirts that we could usually get during a lane during a finals.

A crony gave me his deteriorate tickets to watch Game 4 of a Finals (which were in Miami though manifest on a ATT Center Jumbotron). That was a diversion where Kawhi had that ill put behind dunk. My daughter, 11 months old, was there and when 18,000 fans jumped and hollered during that slam, her eyes were far-reaching and we saw a glimmer of a Spurs fan in a making.

And then, of course, they won. And on Father’s Day to boot, that totally certified my prediction. we started an designation book of a Championship register that we keep with me, usually in case.

I packaged all a shirts, journal articles, and outfit into a box and wrote “Elizabeth-Spurs 2014” on it. A time plug of a Spurs Championship safely tucked divided in her closet watchful to be unearthed with my daughter when her genetically compliant Spurs fandom is prepared to sprout.

And like my biblical change ego, not usually was we home, though we was welcomed. Spurs Nation never lets we go. There is a jubilee when a mislaid ones return- a reuniting of a Family.

Now it’s 3 years later, and a honeymoon duration has not waned. we attended a 2015 deteriorate opener and performed my Spurs Championship reproduction ring. we wore it on any diversion day via a season. My mother also got her ring and we combined it to my daughter’s Spurs time capsule.

In addition, my poetic bride sewed Spurs rags onto black Converse hi-tops. When we wore by them in reduction than a year, her mom got new hi-tops and sewed a rags on those.

My birthday generally falls a week before a deteriorate opener and for a many part, I’m given Spurs gear. Backpacks, sweaters, shirts, hats, and tickets, we am embellished out during all times.

And this summer we was invited to join Pounding a Rock, a biggest present a Prodigal Spurs fan could be offered.

Happy New Year. The Thread is open. Please share your Spurs knowledge in a comments territory and GO SPURS GO!

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