Comics take swings during ‘skinny’ Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant during …

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor and Cubs fan Jeff Garlin was a last-minute blemish as horde of Anthony Rizzo‘s Laugh-Off for Cancer on Thursday night during Studio Paris, though a uncover didn’t miss for zingers during Rizzo and his teammates’ expense.

Former Cub David Ross attended a event, that lifted $500,000 for families battling cancer, as did late NBA star Shawn Marion and, of course, many stream Cubs, including Joe Maddon, Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, Carl Edwards Jr., among others.

From this year’s “top Cubs headlines,“ Brad Morris, one of a replacement hosts for Garlin, who reportedly threw out his back, said, “Speaking of vital renovations, a Cubs relocated a bullpen underneath a bleachers. This year a bar skeleton to spend even some-more income assisting a bullpen immigrate a strike zone.” After some “oh’s” from a audience, Morris said, “I did not write that one.”

After observant that Rizzo’s rendezvous to Emily Vakos threatens a Rizzo-Bryant bromance, co-host Matt Hovde cracked, “Don’t worry about Kris, he’s fine. We all know he’s already happily married … to Bryce Harper. That is a compare done in heaven, if sky were a place that gave bad haircuts.”

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