College football resume rankings: Alabama stays behind LSU after convincing victory

As we demeanour during a latest resume rankings following Week 10, it’s transparent to me that this is one of those weeks when we have to remind we from a tip that these rankings aren’t designed in a normal demeanour of “best group during No. 1, subsequent best during No. 2,” etc. These rankings are dictated particularly to arrange a resumes of teams formed on who they’ve beaten and who they’ve mislaid to. Essentially, we’re perplexing to impersonate what a College Football Playoff cabinet sees when it compares teams as it compiles a ranking.

The reason we wish to get that out of a approach from a start is given Alabama kick LSU 29-0 final week, knocking a Tigers from a No. 1 mark in a resume rankings to No. 3 … one mark forward of Alabama. This is due some-more to Alabama not carrying a good win until violence LSU, Louisville being an contemptible disaster and Texas Aamp;M not being utterly prepared for primetime. LSU, meanwhile, competence have dual losses, nonetheless both were “good” losses. It also has wins over Georgia, Mississippi State and Auburn boosting a resume during a moment.

The good news for Alabama is that it’s Alabama, and a resume doesn’t matter as most as a fact it crushes everybody it faces does. The customarily time Alabama’s resume will turn a cause is if it manages to remove a game. Plus, with LSU personification Arkansas this weekend and Alabama personification No. 16 Mississippi State, a Tide can acquire a smallest of 4.1 resume points with a win, while LSU can customarily acquire one point. That would pierce Alabama past LSU by a good domain in these rankings.

If we aren’t informed with how a indicate complement works in these rankings, you can review an reason here.

Onto a rankings.


1. Notre Dame9-025.0

2. Michigan8-122.7

3. LSU7-222.6

4. Alabama9-022.1

5. Georgia8-122.0

6. Clemson9-015.4

7. Ohio State8-115.3

8. Washington State8-112.7

9. Texas6-312.0

10. West Virginia7-19.9


  • West Virginia is in a identical mark as Alabama in that it customarily kick Texas, nonetheless it’s behind a Longhorns in these rankings. This is due to factors mostly out of West Virginia’s control. The Mountaineers play a back-loaded report this season, nonetheless with conjunction TCU or Oklahoma State ranked, it hurts them here, as does a fact a diversion with NC State progressing this deteriorate was canceled due to a hurricane. The good news for West Virginia is that it still gets Oklahoma to finish a season, and if it wins out, it’ll get possibly Oklahoma or Texas in a Big 12 Championship, charity another possibility to boost a resume.
  • Ohio State is in an peculiar position. It’s customarily during No. 10 in a CFP Rankings, nonetheless it is No. 7 in these rankings interjection to wins over TCU — that was ranked No. 15 during a time — and Penn State. Still, given of a 29-point detriment to Purdue and a fact a invulnerability has been next what we customarily expect from an Ohio State team, it’s mostly being created off by a ubiquitous public. But this is a group that’s still really most alive in a playoff race. A win over No. 18 Michigan State this weekend would be value a smallest of 4.1 resume points, and a Buckeyes still get Michigan in Columbus to finish a unchanging season. I’m customarily as doubtful about this group as everybody else, nonetheless being ignored competence be a ideal mark for Ohio State to be during a moment.
  • I don’t consider it’ll come as a warn to anybody, nonetheless formed on these resume rankings, Washington State’s going to need a lot of assistance to strech a College Football Playoff. It’s ranked No. 8 both here and in a CFP Rankings, nonetheless it’s 12.7 resume points are 9.4 points behind Alabama during No. 4. Looking during a rest of Washington State’s schedule, I’m not certain we see a event to make adult that kind of belligerent though a lot of waste elsewhere. The cabinet did it a preference by putting Washington during No. 25, nonetheless right now that win would be value 3.1 points. If Wazzu reaches a Pac-12 Championship Game, it’ll be confronting a Pac-12 South group that will not be ranked. 
  • There is some good news for UCF this week, nonetheless it comes during a poignant cost. UCF is still customarily during No. 14 in a resume rankings with 7.0 points, nonetheless it’s a highest-ranked Group of Five group given Houston mislaid and fell from No. 12 to No. 21. The problem is that Houston’s detriment roughly assures that UCF will customarily have one possibility of personification a ranked group this season: Cincinnati. With both Houston and South Florida losing to SMU and Tulane, respectively, there’s small possibility possibly will enter a CFP’s rankings this season. we mean, demeanour during how a cabinet is treating Group of Five teams to this point. So 8-1 Cincinnati is a best gamble for UCF to get a win over a ranked opponent, nonetheless that won’t be scarcely adequate to acquire a playoff bid. So it looks like UCF is once again personification for a New Year’s Six bowl, during best.

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