College and breeze origins of 2016 Pro Bowl players

At Wednesday’s Pro Bowl breeze during Wheeler Army Airfield in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was selected with a No. 1 altogether pick by Team Irvin in the third annual 2016 Pro Bowl draft.

This is 74 spots progressing than where Wilson was comparison in a 2012 NFL Draft, when a Seahawks done him a sixth quarterback taken in that year’s draft. Any do-over of that year’s draft would place Wilson many closer to a No. 1 altogether mark than a No. 75 mark from 2012. Imagine how that would have altered a landscape of a NFL, that has been dominated by a Seahawks given Wilson’s arrival. That’s a contention for another time.

At this year’s Pro Bowl (Sunday on ESPN during 7 p.m. ET), Wilson is one of 4 players from Wisconsin, among 18 players from Big Ten schools, 11 players picked in a third turn and 13 players from a 2012 NFL Draft who were comparison for a league’s all-star event.

We’ve dissected a 2016 Pro Bowl rosters by NFL breeze rounds, breeze years, colleges and conferences. For clarity, a “Pro Bowl selection” includes all players voted to attend in a game, as good as those who were comparison to reinstate possibly harmed Pro Bowl picks or players holding partial in Super Bowl 50.

Here are some notable tidbits from a college football and breeze viewpoint for a 2016 Pro Bowl:

» It should as no warn to anybody who has even a walking believe of college football and a breeze that a SEC paced all conferences with a many Pro Bowl selections with 25. Following a SEC were a ACC (21), Pac-12 (20), Big Ten (18) and Big 12 (12). There are 10 Pro Bowl picks who came from non-FBS programs.

» Among schools, Georgia, LSU and USC any had 6 former players comparison to a 2016 Pro Bowl. The programs that paced a other conferences competence come as a surprise. The ACC is not led by Clemson — that played for a inhabitant championship this past deteriorate — or Florida State — that won a inhabitant pretension in 2013 and played in a initial College Football Playoff in 2014. Louisville and Pittsburgh have a many Pro Bowl picks for an ACC propagandize with 4 apiece. In a Big Ten, Nebraska, Penn State and Wisconsin any lead a approach with 4 Pro Bowlers apiece. Oklahoma leads a Big 12 with 3 Pro Bowl selections, that is a same sum as Central Florida of a American Athletic Conference and a eccentric Notre Dame.

» Shippensburg has a Division II football program. In a history, Shippensburg has sent 5 sum players to a NFL. Two of those players — Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes and Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn — will take partial in a 2016 Pro Bowl. That sum matches a series of Pro Bowl selections for Alabama, that has won 3 inhabitant titles in football over a final 5 years, including this past season. Coastal Carolina — a playoff unchanging during a FCS turn — also had dual Pro Bowl picks. However, conjunction actor — cornerback Josh Norman or fullback Mike Tolbert — will take partial in a Pro Bowl due to Super Bowl obligations.

» This statistic should also come as no warn … if we mangle down a Pro Bowl rosters by breeze round, a initial turn simply paces a other rounds. It’s by how many that competence come as a bit of a shock. There are 68 players who were comparison to a Pro Bowl — possibly by opinion or as an damage or Super Bowl member deputy — who were first-round picks. In all of a other rounds, there are 48 Pro Bowl players. If we take into comment undrafted players, there are 61 Pro Bowlers. There are some-more Pro Bowlers who went undrafted than Pro Bowlers picked in any other turn beside a initial turn and a second turn (14 players).

» There are 10 players comparison in the initial round of a 2011 NFL Draft who were comparison to this year’s Pro Bowl, a many for any initial round. The initial rounds of a 2014 NFL Draft and a 2007 NFL Draft are tied for second many Pro Bowlers during 7 apiece. That 2007 category has 4 Pro Bowlers that one could make a clever box for enshrinement into a Pro Football Hall of Fame — far-reaching receiver Calvin Johnson, using behind Adrian Peterson, cornerback Darrelle Revis and descent tackle Joe Thomas.

» The 2011 NFL Draft category also has a many Pro Bowl selections with 17, with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton — the No. 1 altogether pick in that breeze — heading a approach and featuring some well-developed talents such as A.J. Green, Justin Houston, Julio Jones, Von Miller, Richard Sherman, Tyron Smith and J.J. Watt. This creates sense, with 5 seasons in a joining a players from this breeze category are in a primary of their careers.

So, it should come as no warn that a 2010 NFL Draft category has a second many Pro Bowl selections with 15. The 2012 NFL Draft category and a 2014 NFL Draft category any had 13 players comparison to a 2016 Pro Bowl.

» Newton is among 4 No. 1 altogether breeze picks who were comparison to a 2016 Pro Bowl. The others are Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (2015 draft), New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (2004 draft) and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (2003 draft).

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