Colin Montgomerie: Tiger Woods would’ve won some-more but apparatus changes

There is zero improved in sports than an aged former star riffing on an aging former superstar. Colin Montgomerie is a European Tour fable (No. 4 all time in wins), and he recently talked Tiger Woods (a lot of Tiger Woods) with Michael Bamberger of

The topics were bountiful, and all of them were interesting. It is one thing for those of us in a media to consternation what competence have been (and what was) with Woods. It is an wholly other thing for somebody from inside a ropes (really inside a ropes) to let it fly.

You should go review a whole piece, though a partial that stranded out many to me is that Montgomerie pronounced Woods would have 20 or some-more majors if golf apparatus had not changed. Twenty or more!

“What competence Woods have finished had a diversion never changed off a balata round and a wooden wood?” wondered Montgomerie. “Many golf fans would contend he would have won less. we trust he would have won distant more. He has a 14 majors. Without a apparatus changes, we trust he’d have good into his 20s now. Because now everybody has clubs where they can do what he could do.”

This is a fascinating idea. That a complicated driver, manacles and wedges actually harm an artist like Woods. we don’t indispensably disagree. It’s a same judgment as Dustin Johnson winning a lot when courses are soaked. When we move a margin backwards, a longest hitters have an even bigger advantage.

For example, from 150-175 yards away, a opposite in proceed shot vicinity to a hole between a most-accurate golfer and a 50th-most accurate on a PGA Tour this year is only 5 feet. Take that behind to 175-200 feet and it moves to 7 feet. The closer everybody is to a hole, a worse (on a really tiny scale) it is for large bombers.

Montgomerie also remarkable in a essay that he would not trade careers with Tiger (I trust him).

“I never won a major,” Montgomerie told “Tiger won 14. But would we trade my career for Tiger’s? No. we started out this diversion a flattering good golfer and finished in a Hall of Fame. we feel we have overachieved.”

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