Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Jersey Is Still Doing Well Even Though He Doesn’t Have an NFL Home

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick No. 7 of a San Francisco 49ers in a initial half opposite a Seattle Seahawks during a 2014 NFC Championship during CenturyLink Field in Seattle on Jan. 19, 2014 (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have an NFL home, though that hasn’t finished his recognition as a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. For a few months this year, he was heading a 49ers in jersey sales.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, a giveaway representative quarterback—a standing that means he’s still accessible if a New York Jets or a Cleveland Browns acknowledge that they need an ascent during that position—led a 49ers in sell sales from Mar by May. we theory it doesn’t matter that Kaepernick is no longer with a team; his impact was felt over a 5 seasons he starred during quarterback.


Kaepernick has turn an NFL renegade given his wordless criticism opposite secular and amicable inequality by kneeling during a inhabitant anthem final season. Once a deteriorate was finished, Kaepernick opted out of his agreement given he knew that a 49ers were going to cut him, so he wanted to get a burst on a giveaway representative market. He has been a giveaway representative ever since.

Many, including me, trust that Kaepernick’s criticism has resulted in his being “whiteballed” by a NFL.

Here’s how Business Insider describes Kaepernick’s giveaway agency:

Despite a fact that many vigilance callers have found new homes over a past 6 months, Kaepernick stays unsigned. Both a film and a statistics contend that a Nevada product is good adequate to be on an NFL roster, and his supporters trust he has been “blackballed” by NFL owners who cite defective quarterbacks to a intensity daze of contracting such a divisive player.

To reinstate Kaepernick, a 49ers staid on maestro Brian Hoyer, a journeyman who’s played for 6 teams in 9 seasons. After a delayed start to a year, he was plain opposite a Rams, attack 23 out of 37 targets for 332 yards and a span of touchdowns in a furious 41-39 loss.

Brian Hoyer. Yeah, good fitness with that, 49ers. Also, can we all only determine that Kaepernick should be sealed to an NFL team, and he isn’t personification given a NFL is run by a garland of aged abounding white guys who are fundamentally doing old-rich-white-guy shit?

Read some-more at ESPN and Business Insider.

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