Colin Kaepernick’s Free Agency Coverage Exposes Liberal Sports Media Bias

The 5 many lonesome giveaway agents in 21st century sports are: 1. LeBron James (twice) 2. Peyton Manning 3. Bret Favre 4. Kevin Durant and…5. Colin Kaepernick. The initial 4 group are initial list gymnasium of famers in a NFL and a NBA who all immediately altered pretension contingency to a large grade when they assimilated new teams. James brought titles to Miami and Cleveland, Manning took a Broncos to dual Super Bowls, winning one, Kevin Durant might good assistance a Warriors retrieve a climax this year and Bret Favre scarcely took a Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl as well. The heated coverage of all 4 of these group during their giveaway agencies was directly attributable to their football and basketball talents.

The fifth is Colin Kaepernick, who, even if he were sealed tomorrow, might not take a snap in an NFL diversion this fall. In a whole story of sports giveaway agency, no one has ever been lonesome some-more who mattered reduction than Colin Kaepernick.

So how did this happen? How did a male who was beaten out by Blaine freaking Gabbert in a offseason final year and inaugurated to leave a San Francisco 49ers of his possess resoluteness this past open after going 1-10 on a football margin as a starter, turn a biggest story in a NFL offseason? How are a 3 biggest football giveaway agents in a 21st century now Manning, Favre and Kaepernick and how has Kaepernick now perceived some-more media courtesy as a giveaway representative than possibly Manning or Favre did? And what does a sports media courtesy to Kaepernick tell us about a grade to that sports in 2017 have been overshoot by domestic considerations?

Let’s plead all of these questions below.

But first, let’s start here: it is undoubted that a heated media coverage of LeBron, Manning, Durant, and Favre during their giveaway agencies was about initial list gymnasium of famers posterior championships. While we might have suspicion helicopters following Peyton Manning on his group visits, moody tracking of Bret Favre as he came out of retirement, a preference philharmonic of LeBron James streamer to Miami followed by his open minute on his lapse to Cleveland, and Durant’s Jul 4th proclamation that he was fasten a Warriors after years of conjecture about what he would do in giveaway agency, all represented overcovered giveaway representative stories, a impact on a margin and probity of these 4 group fit each impulse of breathless explanation they received. These were large giveaway representative sports stories. The same was also true, by a way, of before giveaway agents in sports who perceived breathless media coverage, possibly it was Reggie White, Shaquille O’Neal, Barry Bonds, or Deion Sanders, all 4 of these guys altered a championship arena of their particular sports as well.

None of that’s a box with Colin Kaepernick or a media coverage surrounding his giveaway agency.

The heated coverage of Colin Kaepernick is about inequitable left wing sports media, 96% of whom voted opposite Donald Trump in a 2016 election, blatantly rooting for Kaepernick to be sealed and job out a NFL, NFL teams, and NFL crew for a fact that he stays unsigned. Unlike LeBron, Manning, Favre and Durant, a group that eventually signs Kaepernick will wish that he never takes a margin for a singular snap. This isn’t about sports on a margin during all, it’s about a left wing sports media regulating Kaepernick to allege their possess domestic beliefs.

Indeed by a time Kaepernick signs with a group it’s probable that usually LeBron James will have perceived some-more media coverage of his giveaway group than Kaepernick. And usually about each essay we will have review or Tweet we will have seen from someone in sports media will have been praising Kaepernick and ripping a NFL for not signing him. It isn’t usually that Kaepernick’s giveaway group isn’t a story honourable of a courtesy it receives, it’s that usually about all of this media courtesy will be pro-Kaepernick.

The sports media has totally deserted a thought of objectivity in stating when it comes to Kaepernick.

Now we don’t have a problem with politics intersecting with sports — we frequently write about both from a radical assuage viewpoint that is conjunction left nor right wing in a viewpoint — what we have a problem with is sports intersecting with usually left wing politics. Which is given this will substantially be a usually mainstay we see job out a left wing sports media for their mania with Kaepernick’s giveaway agency. Never have we seen so many in a sports media expel off all pretensions of objectivity in preference of wild rooting and publicity of Kaepernick.

If we doubt my topic about a left wing sports media descending all over themselves to regard Kaepernick, go hunt Kaepernick’s name with any other giveaway representative quarterback who has been sealed this offseason, many recently Ryan Fitzpatrick. The magnanimous sports media is on their knees vagrant teams to pointer Kaepernick and excoriating a joining for his continued unemployment. With each giveaway representative quarterback signing, a same left wing voices arise adult on amicable media and declaim their same left wing pablum, it’s trait signaling brought to a football field, domestic battles being fought on a gridiron. There is no contestant that has ever mattered reduction and been lonesome some-more than Colin Kaepernick. How bad is it? Colin Kaepernick creates a NFL coverage of Tim Tebow, another regulating quarterback who NFL defenses figured out, demeanour officious spartan.

The elementary law is this: Colin Kaepernick isn’t a giveaway representative given he protested a inhabitant anthem final fall, he’s a giveaway representative given he protested a inhabitant anthem final tumble and he isn’t a unequivocally good quarterback. If Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees took a knee during a inhabitant anthem and became giveaway agents, each NFL group would line adult and make an offer for their services. That’s given Super Bowl winning quarterbacks during a rise of their quarterbacking abilities are rare.

Hell, Aaron Rodgers could take a knee protesting America’s diagnosis of ISIS and someone would still pointer him. Do we know why? Because Aaron Rodgers is a best quarterback in football. If your favorite group sealed Rodgers after he protested America’s diagnosis of ISIS, you’d be sitting during a internal bar saying, “You know what, we hatred ISIS, though we like winning football games. we don’t give a damn what Rodgers says if he throws 5 touchdown passes on Sunday!”

This isn’t singular to football, by a way, this is how America works. So prolonged as your talents surpass your problems we will always be employed. There’s a reason Johnny Depp can splinter out during a filming of a many new “Pirates of a Caribbean,” it’s given no one else can play Captain Jack Sparrow like him. Same with Robert Downey, Jr. personification Tony Stark in “Iron Man.” Hell, Michael Jackson substantially molested a garland of kids and many people ignored it given he done “Thriller” and no one else could moonwalk like him.

And it’s not usually celebrities either, demeanour during your possess businesses, a male or lady who sells a many houses can get divided with a ton some-more than a chairman who sells a 35th many houses. we knew a named partner in a law organisation who got held banging his secretary on a discussion room list over a weekend. Guess what? He was during work on Monday. You know why? Because a law organisation would have collapsed though him.

You might not like it, though this is how capitalism works, a manners are opposite for a people who are a best during what they do. And unfortunately for him, Kaepernick’s not unequivocally good during what he does. In a past dual seasons Colin Kaepernick has finished reduction than 60% of his passes and left 3-16 as a starting NFL quarterback. At 29 years old, Kap’s gotten worse each year given 2013, his initial full year personification quarterback in a NFL. This suggests NFL defenses have figured out that if we keep Kaepernick from running, he can’t kick we from a pocket. He’s not as quick as he used to be and he’s taken a lot of large hits over a years. Being a regulating quarterback coming 30 years aged is not a good recipe for success when each NFL quarterback with prolonged tenure success has had to denote he can win flitting a football from a pocket.

No one gave a damn about what LeBron, Durant, Manning or Favre, a 4 biggest sports giveaway agents in a 21st century, suspicion about politics given they all done it some-more expected that their new group would win a championship. Colin Kaepernick isn’t impoverished given he took a knee during a inhabitant anthem, he’s impoverished given he took a knee during a inhabitant anthem and isn’t good adequate during football for owners, GMs or coaches to disremember his domestic beliefs and a disastrous courtesy they move to a team, a city and a state. Put simply, Kaepernick is still a football giveaway representative because his problems surpass his talents.

This is not difficult to understand. Most NFL teams have so distant motionless they don’t need a daze that would come from a fill-in quarterback like Kaepernick. NFL teams wish fill-in quarterbacks to be like children in a 19th century, they wish them to be seen, though not heard.

So given can’t a left wing, magnanimous sports media caping for Kaepernick usually know that?

Because a magnanimous sports media doesn’t cover sports stories any more; sports are an event for many “journalists” to disciple for possess their left wing domestic opinions by a universe of sports. That’s a usually approach to explain how Kaepernick is one of a 5 many lonesome giveaway agents in a 21st century.

So distant there are 3 quarterbacks who started games in 2016, haven’t retired, and remained unsigned: Kaepernick, Shaun Hill, and Robert Griffin III. None of these 3 group renowned themselves as tip moody vigilance callers on a margin in 2016. It’s given all 3 are unsigned. So given have we listened zero about Shaun Hill and RGIII compared to Kaepernick? You might remember that RGIII and Kaepernick’s careers demeanour strangely similar. Both debuted to good success as athletic, regulating quarterbacks and have struggled to ever retrieve a sorcery of their initial seasons. Yet we hear zero of RGIII this offseason in giveaway group and are overloaded with Kap news.


Politics is a usually reason.

Heck, given was Jay Cutler’s giveaway group roughly totally unclosed this past offseason before he motionless to retire and do TV? Brock Osweiler started an NFL playoff diversion and we have no thought what’s going to occur with him. Neither do you. Hardly anyone has created about him.

So given has Kaepernick perceived a thousand times a coverage of all of these quarterbacks combined? Why has Kaepernick so perplexed a sports media? Why is everybody in a magnanimous sports media constantly arguing on interest of Kaepernick?  I’ll tell we — given this is an event for amicable probity warriors who used to write about sports to instead inflict their domestic opinions into sports.

Colin Kaepernick’s criticism was reticent and illogical. It done no clarity from a impulse he began a protest, though many in a sports media were possibly too reticent to see this, fearful to publicly censure him given they were fearful of being called racist, or, many expected of all, they concluded with Kaepernick’s criticism themselves given it reflected their possess inequitable universe view.

Kaepernick protested a murdering of black group by military officers while wearing hosiery depicting a military as pigs and arrangement adult in a Fidel Castro tshirt. While he never elucidated a awake domestic truth motivating his preference to kneel, Kaepernick apparently wanted a United States supervision to take a murdering of black people by military some-more severely and safeguard that military coverups weren’t function when minorities were shot by police. (I’m a usually chairman in sports media who forked out that bees, wasps and hornets killed some-more unarmed people each year than police. Or that white people were some-more expected to be shot by military than black people. Or that trains, TRAINS!, kill 5 times as many unarmed people each year as police. Look out for lighting, it kills roughly as many unarmed people too.)

But these are usually contribution that denote how full of crap Kaepernick’s motivations were. More critical than all of this is that Barack Obama, a churned competition black man, and Loretta Lynch, a black womanlike profession ubiquitous streamer adult a probity department, were already carrying a sovereign supervision control their possess sovereign inquiries into military shootings of minorities. Kaepernick’s criticism done no clarity given he was protesting and perfectionist an movement from his supervision THAT WAS ALREADY HAPPENING. This was a criticism homogeneous of walking into McDonald’s during 12:30 PM and holding a knee to direct that breakfast be served all day.

Except, theory what, McDonald’s already served breakfast all day.

How reticent would we demeanour if we protested McDonald’s not portion breakfast all day by holding a knee and McDonald’s was already portion breakfast all day? Well, that’s accurately what Kaepernick did. Yet instead of insulting him for a irrationality of his protest, many argued he was a Muhammad Ali of his generation.


If you’re not going to hang to sports, shouldn’t we during slightest have to hang to rationality?

How many people in sports media were indeed peaceful to impugn Kaepernick? Three or four? Less?

Kaepernick was so politically engaged, HE DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO VOTE IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

Given that Trump won a choosing by roughly 77,000 sum votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, we can even disagree that Kaepernick’s criticism might have flipped a choosing to Trump. we mean, is it unequivocally improbable to consider that 38,500 football fans, reduction than half of a throng in a singular Big Ten football stadium, could have flipped their votes from Hillary to Trump formed on their offend with Kaepernick’s criticism and a flattering coverage he perceived from a magnanimous sports media?

I don’t consider so.

In fact, we consider we can make a decent box that Kaepernick got Trump inaugurated president.

Which creates this all a some-more conspicuous — Kaepernick stopped his criticism after a election. So Donald Trump won a election, potentially given of Kap’s protest, and Trump immediately rolled behind sovereign slip of military shootings and strong a government’s charge of minority offenders for teenager offenses underneath a new profession general, and KAEPERNICK STOPPED HIS PROTEST.

If anything, a magnanimous sports media should be ripping Kaepernick for carrying a bravery of his philosophy usually when his agreement was guaranteed.

But of march a magnanimous sports media isn’t going to do that.

They’re too bustling praising a Smithsonian for putting Kap’s jersey on display.

Seriously, this is unequivocally happening.

Colin Kaepernick isn’t a tip giveaway representative like LeBron, Manning, Favre or Durant nonetheless he’s being lonesome like one. Heck, he isn’t even a tip thirty quarterback in a NFL, nonetheless he’s now substantially a many lonesome NFL giveaway representative in a story of a sport. All given of a left wing beliefs of a sports media.

How violent is this? And how violent is it that no one else has forked out this insanity?

If everybody in a left wing sports media thinks Kaepernick’s so estimable of employment, given don’t all of we start seeking these media people an engaging doubt on amicable media — given don’t a CEO’s of your companies occupy Kaepernick? Instead of ripping a NFL and a teams, shouldn’t we be ripping your possess bosses for not employing him too? we mean, if Kaepernick’s so clear and dauntless and outspoken — a complicated day Ali — shouldn’t ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox all be fighting to pointer him for their possess NFL coverage?

It’s a no brainer, right?

The fact that even MSESPN won’t occupy Kaepernick should tell we all we need to know –Kap’s not employed given his problems surpass his talents.

Even in TV.

There’s no grand swindling operative opposite Kaepernick in a NFL, he’s usually not good adequate to be a starter and his criticism creates him too most of a daze to be a behind up.

Anyone in a sports media arguing anything else isn’t unequivocally arguing about Kaepernick during all, they’re usually regulating sports to disagree for their possess left wing domestic opinions.

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