Coach: Yevgenia Medvedeva asked if Alina Zagitova could be hold out of Olympics

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Coach: Yevgenia Medvedeva asked if Alina Zagitova could be hold out of Olympics

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Lindsey Vonn and Gus Kenworthy traded insults about their Olympic careers on TBS’ “Drop a Mic,” though Vonn had no answer for Kenworthy’s culmination … bringing a puppy on stage.

The full transcript:

Vonn: “I was told we’d have dual Winter Games champions tonight, so I’m still watchful on theatre for Apolo Ohno to arrive. You adore a spotlight, we contingency be in heaven, suppose your ego if we placed aloft than 7 [Note: Kenworthy was 12th in PyeongChang]. Sure, we didn’t medal, it’s OK, we fell short, given freestyle skiing isn’t even a sport. That lick from your beloved done we famous during last, though now you’ll be famous for kissing my ass.”

Kenworthy: “I was anxious to conflict someone we cruise a friend, though given we swat like we ski, we should retire again [Note: Vonn has never late though skeleton to do so after subsequent season]. I’ve scored ideal 10s, you’re some-more like a six, we somehow make me even reduction into chicks. And we tweeted you’re waste on Valentine’s Day, we consternation what decisions have left we that way.”

Vonn: “Let’s speak impassioned skiing, we consider that it’s clever, your competition is doing what snowboarders do better. But we consider you’re so brave, and we honour your career, it takes a lot of bravery to be such a bad skier. Gus, we overtly feel contemptible for we because, clearly, skiing is a usually freestyling we should do. I’m happy immature kids can demeanour adult to your picture to uncover them they can do anything solely win a Olympics.”

Kenworthy: “The approach she talks about Olympics, we would never know, it’s been 8 years given we brought home a gold. Keep your chin up, don’t be deterred, during slightest in swat battles, we can’t finish third. You’ve got so many injuries, it’s such a bad thing, I’m astounded when you’re rapping, we don’t lift your hamstring. You’re a biggest beating during a small girls’ celebration given nobody wants a knock-off Ronda Rousey Barbie.”

Vonn: “You make fun of my career, and I’m seeking how, you’re an contingent theme for Where are they Now? You’re in X Games, bro, I’m famous worldwide, we save all those dogs, though who’s saving your pride? Made fun of my injury, what’s adult with that? You demeanour like a whack-tattoo Spencer Pratt. I’ll give we a final word, how’s that sound, given I’m a biggest f—— skier bruise for pound.”

Kenworthy: “I have Olympic silver, not as many medals as you, creates sense, I’m 26, you’re what, 62? You’re so tedious and basic, both things together, a form who saw “Hamilton,” and it altered we forever. You might have sponsors, and we do a few ads, though if we wish to stay on-brand we should foster rabble bags. You brought behind a gold, though we have my own, everybody accommodate Gold Medal, approbation we did move him home [handed puppy].”

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