Clyde Frazier says Kevin Durant gets ‘asterisk’ for fasten Golden …

Aug 30, 2018

New York Knicks fable Clyde Frazier pronounced Wednesday on SiriusXM NBA Radio that he’d give Kevin Durant an asterisk on a list of all-time good players since of his success with a Golden State Warriors.

“Durant, we mean, as good a actor as he is, we would still reason behind because, man, he assimilated a group that unequivocally didn’t need him. You know what we mean?” pronounced Frazier, a radio researcher for Knicks games on MSG Network. “He’s right there with LeBron [James], substantially will transcend LeBron as a best actor in a diversion soon. But for him doing that, we still don’t give him a full credit that he substantially would have deserved if he stayed with [the Oklahoma City Thunder] and won a pretension with that team.”

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  • Frazier was asked either Durant’s success with Golden State — dual NBA titles and dual Finals MVP awards — would impact where he’d arrange him on a list of all-time good players.

    “He’s going to be down a list for me since of that. There will be an asterisk by his name,” he said, chuckling.

    The Knicks devise to have adequate income to pointer a tip giveaway representative in a summer of 2019. In July, Durant sealed a two-year agreement with Golden State that contains a actor choice in a second season, so he can turn a giveaway representative subsequent summer if he desires. The Knicks — and many other teams in a NBA — will have seductiveness in signing Durant subsequent summer.

    Frazier was asked on a radio uncover either it was picturesque to consider that Durant, Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler — all intensity giveaway agents in 2019 — would pointer with a Knicks.

    “Probably 50-50,” Frazier said. “You never know what these guys are meditative today. It’s not something that we would have done. we would have never assimilated [Jerry] West or [Bill] Russell or [Wilt] Chamberlain. we wanted to flog their butt.

    “It’s something that today’s players, they have this camaraderie, they wish to play together. [Carmelo Anthony] going to Houston with Chris Paul, they’ve had that going on a prolonged time that they wanted to be teammates. It’s a probability that these guys competence get together and come to New York.”

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