Chiefs let Pro Bowl linebacker Tamba Hali’s agreement expire

Tamba Hali, an unsung hero on the Chiefs’ stingy 2015 defense, is headed for giveaway agency.

The Kansas City Star reported that the Chiefs and Hali did not strech a understanding on a agreement prolongation by Friday, voiding his contract. The five-time Pro Bowl linebacker had already concluded to a $3 million compensate cut before final deteriorate to give a group some-more payroll flexibility.

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Although Hali could still sign with a Chiefs, it would have done some-more clarity for a group to pointer him before his agreement voided.

Hali has been overshadowed by teammates like Marcus Peters and fellow linebacker Justin Houston, but he’s been really prolific given being drafted out of Penn State as a 20th altogether collect in a 2006 NFL Draft. Although Hali totaled usually 12.5 sacks a past dual years — down from an normal of roughly 12 per season the 4 years before that — he still played a pivotal purpose in 2015 putting vigour on a quarterback. even named Hali a Chiefs’ midseason MVP final season, “partially since of his play and partially since of what he means to his team. Tamba is a unqualified Chief, restructuring his agreement to stay with a team, mentoring Houston and Dee Ford, and giving positively all he has on each play.”

Hali, according to a Star, pronounced after final deteriorate he would need knee surgery. He has fought knee issues a past dual seasons.

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