Chicago Cubs: Why Carl Edwards, Jr. is my favorite stream Cub

When a Chicago Cubs traded for Carl Edwards, Jr. in a summer of 2013, he was dictated to be a centerpiece of that deal, carrying posted stellar numbers via a teenager leagues. But digging deeper, a story behind Carl Edwards is one that creates we wish to hearten for him.

Carl Edwards was drafted in a 48th round, behind when a breeze was still fifty rounds in 2011. He motionless to pass adult college round during Charleston Southern University, and instead, pursue a career with a Texas Rangers. The reason since Edwards upheld adult college ball? His best crony that he had grown adult with, and played high propagandize round with died in a automobile wreck. Both of them had wanted to play college round together, too. You can review some-more on that story, here.

Imagine being a man like that, being always told he’s too small. Teams desiring he didn’t have tip tier talent, and he never let that stop him. Edwards has constantly worked to improved his craft, constantly kept pulling to get where he wanted to be. He didn’t concede a singular home run until after he got traded to a Chicago Cubs. Bear in mind, Edwards was a starter for his initial dual seasons. That is violent that he faced that many hitters over a march of scarcely dual full seasons, and gave adult one singular home run.

Another thing to admire about Edwards is how he has no complaints about his role. He takes a round whenever he is asked, regardless of a situation, or where a diversion is. You have to admire that about a guy. Edwards is such an easy man to hearten for, since of all these reasons.

Aside from carrying a feel-good story, Edwards has been officious widespread for a Cubs. In 68 career vital joining appearances, Edwards has pitched to a 2.73 ERA, in 66 innings. In those 66 innings, Edwards has given adult only 26 hits, 20 ER, with 92 strikeouts, and walked 28. Edwards, Jr’s competition batting normal is only .119. Those are only officious widespread numbers. In 2017 alone, Edwards has a 38.2 K%, and an roughly unheard of .122 BABIP. Aside from being a feel-good story, he has a pitching skills to go along with it.

When a Cubs acquired Edwards, a devise was for him to be a starting pitcher. It looks like right now a Cubs done a right choice in converting him to a reliever. The Cubs only might have found their closer of a destiny for 2018 and beyond. Edwards certain is a fun man to base for, and even some-more fun to watch pitch.

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