Chicago Cubs face questions in Carl Edwards Jr. and his role


The Chicago Cubs have a late-inning item in Carl Edwards Jr. But with Wade Davis in as closer and several other pivotal bullpen pieces returning, what is his purpose this season?

Late in a 2015 season, a lanky right-hander done his big-league entrance for a Chicago Cubs, bringing with him a high-90s fastball that was incomparable than he was. He pitched reduction than 5 innings, before returning to Wrigley Field again final year.

In 36 games for a Chicago Cubs, Edwards Jr. posted a 0.81 WHIP and 2.91 FIP. He also put adult an considerable 13 strikeouts-per-nine for a North Siders, rising as a pivotal square of Joe Maddon‘s service corps.

The former 48th-round collect has silenced his critics to-date, overcoming his 170-pound support on his highway to overpowering vital joining opponents. Heading into his age-25 campaign, Edwards Jr. still has many to prove, though in what ability he will infer himself stays to be seen.

Aroldis Chapman, who hold down a ninth in a second half final year, over for a New York Yankees around giveaway agency. In his stead, a Chicago Cubs traded for former All-Star closer Wade Davis to fill a void.

Davis will authority a ninth unless damage arises this year. On usually a one-year deal, his destiny with a Cubs past this deteriorate stays unknown. Given his makeup, Edwards Jr. might be an choice relocating brazen for such a role.

What purpose will he play in a 2017 campaign?

As noted, quickness has been his crony to-date. In his initial display with a Cubs, his rise quickness came in during 96 mph. He upped a ante final season, lifting a symbol to 97.6 mph while obscure both his FIP and WHIP.

While questions dawdle about a years to come, a some-more dire matter is a 2017 season. With Davis resolutely confirmed in a ninth, it appears Hector Rondon and Pedro Strop will share a bucket in a seventh and eighth innings.

That creates sense, notwithstanding Edwards Jr.’s apparent potential. Rondon could be a closer on many big-league teams and Strop is no slouch, either. Both averaged some-more than 10 strikeouts per 9 final year, mixing for usually over 1.0 WAR between themselves.

Middle of a pack?

This seems to appropriate a String Bean Slinger to a middle-inning gig in 2017. Which, come October, might indeed assistance a Cubs in their query for another title.

Major League Baseball saw what a widespread bullpen can outcome in when a Kansas City Royals done back-to-back World Series in 2014 and 2015. With a starting revolution as plain as Chicago boasts, usually wanting 6 or 7 innings from them would spell doom for opponents.

A overpass that leads from Edwards Jr. to a likes of Strop, Rondon and Davis isn’t a trail many hitters would frankly tread. And, while a youngster is expected fervent for a possibility to infer himself in a incomparable role, he’s confronting several roadblocks.

For now, design Carl Edwards Jr. to see a lot of sixth and seventh-inning work. With some singular ninth-inning outings sprinkled in. He’s operative adult from a bottom of a totem stick – and it takes time to get to a top.

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