Checking in on my ex-Spurs

As an ex-college coach, we like to try to keep lane of my players. Especially for a four-year player, though even with ones who usually played a year or two, we spent a lot of time together. Two-hour practices 4 or 5 times a week, pre-game meals, games – and highway trips, even if usually on a bus. During a season, we used to tell my players we spent some-more time with them than we did with my wife. (I did not tell my mother that.)

Sports fans also spend a good understanding of time with a players on their favorite teams. Those of we who watch any Spurs game, either live or on television, spend over dual hours with a players several times a week – infrequently behind to back. And that doesn’t embody a profitable time we deposit reading Pounding a Rock!

All in all, we all make a genuine investment of time and tension in a players, that means I, for one, continue to caring about Spurs players even when they are no longer Spurs. That ongoing love is a primary reason we leapt during a possibility to see “Spurs North” a.k.a a Toronto Raptors when they came to Los Angeles to play a Lakers Sunday night.

It was generally good to see my man Danny Green again. While it was peculiar to see him in a black and red Raptor colors, he had a classical DG night: Great defense, nicest man on a justice (shaking hands with any central before tip-off), 8 shots taken, all of them three-pointers, 5 of them Tar-Heel Triples. By a way, he is sharpened roughly 46% from 3 for a season. And a Raptors won – as Danny Green teams generally do.

Unfortunately, his teammate and ex-Spur (some man named Kawhi) did not play since of injury. While we know that many Spurs fans have bad thoughts about Kawhi Leonard, we do not. we wanted to see him go opposite LeBron James since we could re-live a excellence days of OUR immature Kawhi relating adult (literally) with a biggest actor in a world.

Though he did not play, we was propitious adequate to run into a relations of his, wearing a classical Leonard San Diego State uniform. After we told her we wrote for a Spurs (and showed her my Spurs shirt to infer it), she was good adequate to concede me to take a picture.

I also ran into a few other Raptor fans, one wearing a red Leonard #2:

And another with a Raptor uniform of a Spurs’ newest star:

After a Raptors (again, though Kawhi) positively dejected a LeBron Lakers, we motionless to check in with several of a other Spurs populating a Association.

The Oui Frenchman, of course, is personification for Coach James Borrego in Charlotte, and is doing well. In 18 mins a game, Tony Parker is averaging 10.6 points and 5 assists — a 36 notation homogeneous of 21 points and 10 assists. Boban Marjonovic is abounding in singular mins with a Clippers, sharpened 70% from a building while averaging 9 points and over 5 rebounds per diversion in 12 mins per diversion — a 36 notation homogeneous of 27 points and 15 play per game. Great Duncan-type numbers, that might be because a Clippers have started a large fella their final dual games.

Elsewhere, Cory Joseph continues to do profitable Cory Joseph form things with a good Pacers team, and he still always demeanour like he is carrying fun doing it. Kyle Anderson is starting and creation a lot of income for Memphis, though his numbers aren’t really good: 3.7 points, 5.9 boards, 2.1 assists per game, and usually sharpened 33% from a floor. But a group is doing improved than expected, that we can assume is partially formed on Slo-Mo’s swiss army blade skill-set, and his good (if odd) defensive abilities. Jonathan Simmons is removing some run in Orlando though sharpened even worse than Anderson during 28%. we am certain he will fire better, and chuck down some energy dunks on a way.

Finally, we attempted to find some information about Brandon Paul, though couldn’t find anything current. we wish he is personification good somewhere, and revelation his disbelieving teammates that not so prolonged ago, Coach Gregg Popovich reserved him to ensure James Harden in tangible NBA games. And that he did really good during it.

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