Check, mate: Penguins, Capitals players contest even on off days — about who pays a cooking tab

8:43 PM ET

PITTSBURGH — A two-day mangle in a series, like what a Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals had between Game 4 and Game 5 of a Eastern Conference semifinals, can be good for players recuperating from injuries.

It’s also a possibility for guys to spend time with their families or maybe get together for a nice, loose cooking with teammates. It’s an event to do a small fastening but worrying about carrying to play a subsequent day. And, even if it’s an off day, there’s a flattering good possibility that a many entertaining, or during slightest adrenaline-filled, apportionment of a dusk will come when a check arrives.

Professional hockey players aren’t like a rest of us. They don’t bust out a calculator to figure out who systematic a salad before their meal. They don’t only order a final check equally with everybody during a table.

Nope. Like all else they do, profitable a check becomes a competition.

The traditionalists play credit-card roulette: At a finish of a meal, any actor puts his credit label in a shawl and a server pulls them out one by one until there’s a singular credit label remaining. The owners of that label pays a full tab.

Penguins brazen Conor Sheary was a new plant of that diversion and had to compensate a check for an Italian cooking in Toronto nearby a finish of a unchanging season.

“But it was a Canadian dollar,” pronounced Sheary, 24, laughing.

The sell rate gave him a small break.

Armstrong pronounced he has one that’s never lost. “I have this red credit card. we called it ‘The Diablo,'” Armstrong said. “It was undefeated. we never mislaid with The Diablo.”

Those who play a diversion adequate swear that it evens out over time, yet not everybody agrees.

“I’ve listened of guys who have paid 9 out of 10 times,” Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner said. “I was one of those guys who paid 4 out of 5 times and it wasn’t value it. I’d rather compensate my 50 bucks for my dish instead of profitable $400.”

Alzner pronounced a use has depressed out of preference with a Capitals. Now many players only separate adult a check. If guys wish to play roulette, he opts out. He pronounced a Capitals are cold with it since they’re not using adult large tabs anyway.

Had Alzner finished it while personification with Armstrong’s Penguins, though, there competence have been issues.

“I don’t raise on,” Armstrong pronounced of teammates who opt out. “But in my head, I’m judging secretly. And afterwards maybe a subsequent day, there will be a hail for him — [we’ll call him] ‘alligator arm.'”

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