Chauncey Billups removing career recommendation from Knicks front bureau …

Chauncey Billups wants to be Scott Perry one day.

Billups, a former All-Star ensure for a Pistons, Nuggets and Knicks, spent 3 days progressing this week shadowing Perry during a Garden.

The Knicks’ first-year ubiquitous manager has famous Billups given he was in high propagandize and Perry was an partner during California, afterwards during Michigan. They fake a low bond when a Pistons finished dual true NBA Finals in 2004 and 2005.

“I adore Scott — I’ve famous him given we was 16,” Billups told The Post in a phone interview. “He was there underneath Joe Dumars’ care and tutelage. We grown a good loyalty by those years. You can tell he’s unequivocally good during what he does. … we consider he’s going to do a good pursuit there.”

Billups is a lead panelist on ABC/ESPN’s NBA studio show, yet he’s biding his time until potentially alighting in some team’s front office.

Perry recently hired 5 new crew group for a Knicks basketball operations dialect yet this Billups tutelage bears watching. Billups recently incited down a Cavaliers GM job.

From Sunday to Tuesday, Billups was a guest of boss Steve Mills and Perry, attending games opposite a Pacers and Hornets during MSG.

“Just me training from my guy,” Billups said. “I got good honour for him and got a possibility to accommodate with Steve. I’m perplexing to keep myself in figure for maybe an event we wish to get to be in a position of Scott or Steve. Sharpening my tools, man. I’m unequivocally blissful we did it. It was a healthy few days.’’

Chauncey Billups, with a Knicks in 2011AP

The Knicks’ report this week happened to enclose uninterrupted opponents representing Perry’s final dual stops. The Knicks horde a Kings on Saturday after they played during Orlando on Wednesday. Perry was let go from a Magic final Apr and assimilated a Kings days after as executive VP of basketball operations.

In an rare whirlwind, Perry, with an offer for some-more income and some-more clout, left a Kings in late Jul to turn Knicks’ GM and work with Mills after Phil Jackson’s ouster.

Jackson is a most-decorated manager ever yet couldn’t penetrate it as an NBA executive. Billups pronounced he believes Perry has those collection to emanate a some-more fast culture.

“It’s connectability,” Billups said. “Scott’s going to bond with all a guys on a team, guys in giveaway agency, breeze picks. That alone is critical for a player. we know what it meant to me to come to Detroit and have a male like Joe [Dumars], who connected with us so easily. we consider Scott is means to do that.

“He’s unequivocally organized, unequivocally professional. He’s seen it finished a right approach with a championship [in 2004]. Scott and Steve have finished a good pursuit with a environment.”

With a Knicks overachieving during 6-5 notwithstanding Perry resolutely saying rebuilding plans, Billups thinks a bar will hang around .500 this season. The former Knicks ensure pronounced it was “healthy” for a group to inform itself of Carmelo Anthony. Billups came to New York from Denver in a trade that netted Anthony in 2011.

“I’m not unequivocally astounded that they’re around .500,” Billups said. “They got what’s going to be one of a good players of this era in [Kristaps Porzingis]. They got a lot of players around him like [Enes] Kanter — an involuntary double-double. [Point guard] Jarrett Jack hasn’t gotten adequate credit for his maestro care and only being a pro.

“The suggestion of a group is good and they don’t have a Melo play around a team. It’s good to see Melo in a good conditions yet healthy for a group as good to get that done.”

Billups didn’t mention because he pulled himself out of a using for a Cavaliers’ GM job, yet it’s an intensely difficult position if this indeed is going to be LeBron James’ final deteriorate in Northeast Ohio.

“It was good for me to be in a running. we got good honour for [owner] Dan Gilbert,” pronounced Billups, vocalization from Austin, Texas, where his daughter was participating for a Texas women’s soccer group in a NCAA Tournament. “I appreciated him saying me in that way. That is a enterprise of cave to run a group and build something special. we took a low dive into that and looked all by it. It was a good event yet felt a timing wasn’t right for me to take on that job. It was a good practice to go through.’’

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