Carmelo Anthony giveaway group update: Melo not statute out a lapse to New York Knicks

Former New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony will be looking for a new NBA home over a summer, and he isn’t statute out a intensity lapse to his ex-team. 

When asked about a probability of returning to a Knicks in a offseason if they were also means to land Kevin Durant in giveaway agency, Anthony didn’t fire down a idea

“I have to see what’s going on,” Anthony said, around SNY. He combined that he didn’t have any inside information per Durant’s preference creation per his giveaway agency: “You’re seeking a wrong person.” 

Anthony, who will be a giveaway representative and means to pointer anywhere he would wish to over a offseason, final played in an NBA diversion as a member of a Houston Rockets on Nov. 8 — an 98-80 detriment to a Thunder. In that contest, Anthony struggled mightily, scoring only dual points on 1-of-11 sharpened opposite his former team.

Things didn’t finish super uniformly for Anthony in any of his past 3 stops however (New York, Oklahoma City, Houston), and there have been some suggesting that a former scoring champ calls it a career. However, Basketball Hall of Famer — and Anthony’s former Nuggets teammate — Allen Iverson thinks Melo has some-more left in a tank

“No approach Melo should retire,” Iverson pronounced final November. “I unequivocally consider he should keep going. He got a lot left in a tank, man. It’s only got to be a right conditions … He’s going to find his approach to adjust to a diversion and a best spot. we trust in him, and we know he’s clever enough. He has a clever substructure behind him as distant as his family and friends. we unequivocally consider he’ll be alright. I’m in Melo’s dilemma all a way.” 

While Anthony’s days as an All-Star-caliber actor seem to be behind him, he can still score, and could potentially minister to a group in a haven role. He’s clearly not nonetheless prepared to call it a career, so it will simply be a matter of if a Knicks — or any other group — are meddlesome in his services over a offseason. 

Anthony played for a Knicks for 7 seasons from 2011-17 and averaged 24.7 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.2 assists per diversion during his time with a team. He is seventh in all-time scoring for a authorization with 10,186 points.   

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