Carl Edwards still retired, though admits to nostalgia for NASCAR grind

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Carl Edwards will leave a doorway open only an inch. A man like Edwards never wants to be indicted of fibbing about his future.

He won’t contend he never will competition in a NASCAR Cup array again. His answers are always redeeming with difference like “probably” or something similar.

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  • But over a groundbreaking change or an implausible change in attitude, Edwards doesn’t sound like a motorist who has a outrageous titillate to lapse to racing in NASCAR after his sudden retirement in Jan 2017.

    Here are some samples from his review with a media Saturday, when he was inducted into a Texas Motorsports Hall of Fame:

    • “I’ve had a integrate of conversations with people, though nothing in a final year or so. we consider everybody flattering many understands that I’m not unequivocally meddlesome in entrance behind and doing anything too critical right now. It’s been off my radar for a prolonged time.”

    • “I do skip pushing a cars, and we have a feeling that something will come adult that will be unequivocally fun and healthy to go do and I’ll get to expostulate a small more. But I’m unequivocally not going to pointer a three-year agreement to go run for a Cup championship or something like that. Not right now.”

    • “[The race] would have to be something that unequivocally vehement me. The thing that we like a many is pushing a highway courses. I’ve talked to some people about maybe doing some contrast during highway courses. … we skip those marks where we slip around a lot. That naturally competence be a mud lane somewhere or a road-course exam or something. we don’t make any rules. Who knows? we don’t know how I’ll feel in a year or two. we don’t have a plan.”

    Edwards, 39, had not been during a NASCAR lane on a competition weekend given Jun 2017 when he over a unite requirement during Sonoma Raceway. He came to Texas for a initiation ceremony, that benefited Speedway Children’s Charities.

    The leader of 28 Cup races during a 13-year career during Roush Fenway Racing and Joey Gibbs Racing, Edwards knows he is blank some things though feels calm with how his career ended.

    “It was a unequivocally elementary preference — if we didn’t caring about income and we didn’t caring what anyone else thought, what would we do?” Edwards said. “The answer was unequivocally simple: I’d like to step divided from a small while and concentration on other things.”

    But he has found out that he misses meetings, even when things could get heated. The times when his team’s passion came by is what he can’t get divided from during a racetrack.

    “Even a tools where you’re undone with people, you’re still invested, you’re into it, it matters and it’s fun,” Edwards said. “I didn’t comprehend it was fun during a time. But looking back, it’s all fun. It’s a sport.”

    He also appears to have come to grips that some of his biggest races didn’t finish in delight as he came adult brief in a 2011 and 2016 championship events during Homestead-Miami Speedway.

    “You can’t go behind and change anything; that’s a approach it is,” Edwards said. “I would adore to be a two- or three-time champion. That’s what we work toward.

    “The some-more life we live, a some-more we see, a some-more we comprehend a genuine present of racing to me was a day-in, day-out bid and a teamwork and a learning. … I’d be ridiculous to try to change something.”

    Edwards has spent partial of his time traveling, including dual cross-Atlantic boating excursions. Other than that, he tries to live a life in that he spends time with family and friends. He joked that a TV uncover about him would underline cycling in a morning and selling in a afternoon.

    He isn’t profitable many courtesy to NASCAR right now.

    “I’m so invested in it and it’s been so tighten to me, we don’t consider we can follow but wanting to participate,” Edwards said. “It would be unfit for me. we try not to compensate too many attention. … If I’m going to follow each week, afterwards we competence as good come and we competence as good drive.”

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